Zutto Issho ni



She holds her pinky out and her lips lift into a soft smile as she waits. The two others stare for a moment before one lifts his hand and locks his pinky with hers. He smiles. Time stops. His smile is different to hers. It's a smile that showed all his white teeth and makes his strange whiskers curve. She laughs softly and then pastel green eyes move to the one other. The boy with the whiskers, the blonde hair, the brilliant blue eyes, turns too. They wait as the other figure slowly lifts his hand too and curls his pinky into the embrace.

"Always, ok? Never forget. Promise we're friends forever." Her eyes dance in the afternoon sun as she looks at the two boys in front of her. One is watching her fondly, smiling gently. The other is blushing slightly with his dark eyes staring into the distance.

"I promise!" says one.

"Promise," echoes the other. She's so happy she can feel tears escaping from her eyes but no one says anything. The three of them stand in the fading sun as the day ends.

"Love you, Sasuke. Love you Naruto. I love you so much."

She waits expectantly until they speak, smiling, her face messy with happy tears.

"I love you too Sakura. Love you Sasuke." There's a moment of silence.

"Love you guys..."

Their little fingers unfold and they stand and watch each other.

The girl; who is their safe harbor, who they can retreat to, who can heal them with her love, childish games and simple promises. Her pink hair moves gently in the breeze, her eyes shining with tears.

The first boy; who is their energy, who is always smiling, who gives them warmth. His blue eyes are blazing as they always are, his smile gentle for once.

The second boy; who is their strength, who has been through so much and finds it hard to open up but somehow is with them, promising, who holds them up with his stable ability. He's watching the other two with mature eyes, smirking a little.

It's a promise. We'll always be together. We'll always be friends. Never forget us. We are three parts of a whole...