Rewritten with the help of my Beta Reader X-Kate-X



"And that Honey, is how Galileo, Scaramouche and Pop saved all of the kids on Planet Mall from the evil Killer Queen"

"Wock om" the little girl cheered clapping her pudgy hands. Mercury Figaro was one and was every bit as bohemian as her mother and father

"Really Gaz, is that really the right sort of story to tell her to try and get her to sleep?" Scaramouche shook her head and picked up her daughter.

Galileo looked at his wife carefully, she was concerned about something, it was clear, she usually didn't care what story Mercury was told at bedtime. He noticed how tightly she was clinging onto the tot; as if worried that something would happen to her if she let her go, oddly her voice shook as she sang:

Who wants to live forever?

Ok now he knew that something was amiss,

"Scara, babe, what's wrong?" he asked putting his arms around his two girls, the smaller of whom was now sleeping peacefully in her mother's arms

"N-nothing" she stammered, turning away from him and studiously ignoring him "Why should anything be wrong?" she shot defensively

"Come on Scaramouche" he stroked her arms, "We've been through this; I can't help you if you don't let me"

Scaramouche repositioned Mercury in her arms and sighed deeply, "There have been more raids- the police are taking our kids now"

"Scara, don't worry, love" Galileo pressed a kiss to her temple, "I'll die before I let anything happen to you two- and I'm sure Pop feels the same" he nodded towards the old bohemian who was passed out in the approximation an armchair in the corner

"I'm just scared for her, you know" she pressed her purple head into Galileo's shoulder.

Since the Killer Queen had reformed the police force three months earlier; Scaramouche and Gaz, along with Pop had been travelling to find a safe place. They were heading for the new Heartbreak Hotel to reunite with the bohemians and hopefully come up with some sort of plan to stop the age of GaGa again.

"I'm going outside to have a look around, love" Galileo shrugged on his jacket and left the hidey hole.

Not for the first time since they'd been forced to hit the road, Scaramouche stared at Mercury, as if memorizing her- her late twin sister, Rhapsody, was buried not far from the seven seas of Rhye, where they'd been born.

Mercury already looked almost exactly like her mother except she had her father's eyes- wide and blue-grey. She had a lot of dark brown fluffy hair which was tied back with small ribbons, bits of coloured wool and even a piece of nylon guitar string. She was dressed in a severely oversized black ACDC T-shirt secured with a frayed red scarf.

Scaramouche half wondered whether her other daughter would have looked the same, or whether she'd have been looking into her own eyes when she gazed down at her, not Galileo's.

Scaramouche didn't get far with her daydreams of the past. The door banged open and a frightened Galileo burst in- Pop looked around, dazed, having been startled out of his armchair and Mercury started to cry.

"Shh Merc…" Galileo whispered, "Calm down sweetheart…"

"Gaz? What's wrong?" Saramouche demanded, as Galileo ripped off his jacket and made her wrap Mercury in it

"They f-f-f-found us." He looked every inch the burning man. He was trying not to show his panic although his stutter gave him away. Scaramouche leapt into action, spurred on by her alarm at seeing Galileo so shaken, the thrust Mercury into Pop's arms.

"Pop. Take her!" she snapped, the panic evident in her voice

"But…?" Pop was confused, and more than slightly hung-over.

"We can't let the Killer Queen get her." Galileo growled, "She'll kill her!"

That jolted the old man into action, he loved the little chick as much as her parents did, "Where?"

"Take her on to the Heartbreak Pop." Scaramouche's fear nearly got the best of her and her voice cracked, "She'll be safe there-we'll come as soon as we can. Go!"

Pop ran, sheltering his goddaughter in his arms into the night.