I've decided that I'm gonna end this fanfic here, but there will be a sequel up some time in the next few months.

Hope you enjoyed it

Chapter Eleven

Mercury woke in her own bed. Her hair felt weird and her skin itched; the last thing she remembered was collapsing, exhausted, in the main room of the Heartbreak- so how had she managed to get to her room?

Who had carried her? Brit or Bowie (most likely the former)

When she decided that it was time to get up she found that both of her feet were swaddled in bandages. How badly had she cut them up on her run through the wastelands? She picked her way across her bedroom floor and over to the nearest bathroom- three doors down from her room.

She caught sight of herself in the mirror and discovered the cause of the itch and the weird feeling on her skin; her hair was stiff, held fast by the hairspray that she'd been attacked with the previous morning, still held in the uncomfortable Gaga 'style'. Her face, though scrubbed clean of the makeup, had erupted with dozens of angry spots.

Mercury sighed, one hand snaking up to scratch at her cheek, and turned on the shower.

Bowie was shocked to find Mercury's room empty. His girlfriend had been out for the count just ten minutes earlier when he'd left her side to get something to eat.

Scaramouche was catching up with Pop (he had been astonished to discover that the old drunk he'd brought back from the Wastelands was Mercury's Godfather) and Gordon Jones, no, not Gordon, Galileo Figaro- Merc's father. He'd have to get used to that. Galileo was still unconscious in the room next to his daughter's.

The dreamer was taking his time recuperating from whatever the Pigs had done to him when they'd captured him.


Bowie started, and looked into his chick's face. Mercury stood in the doorway, wrapped in a towel, her hair hung in a dripping curtain down her back. Her feet were free of the bandages that Scara had swathed them in. Bowie winced at the sore looking appendages, yes the cuts and scratches had healed over, but how she managed to stand, much less walk on them was beyond him- and testament to how strong his baby was.

"You're awake" he smiled stupidly

Mercury smirked, rolling her eyes indulgently. "Seems that way, don't it?"

"We were worried about you" Bowie told her, pulling his damp girlfriend into his arms; his nose wrinkled slightly at the lingering, sickly sweet smell of hairspray that had mingled with her natural scent and soap.

"We?" she asked, a little coyly. "Or you?"

"Everyone" he replied. "Your mum, Cosmos, Meat and Brit, Pop…"

"Pop?" she asked, disbelievingly. "He's here? Really?"

"Yeah, he's with your mum at the moment"

"Sweet" Mercury smiled. "Now clear off so I can get dressed"

A strange air had settled over the Heartbreak Hotel since they'd liberated the dreamer from the clutches of the Killer Queen. The atmosphere was a strange combination of celebration and tension.

That night was for celebration, which they'd been holding off on until young Mercury had recovered, but there was a battle looming- a battle with Galileo's mind and the years of brainwashing Globalsoft had put him through.