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My Country House.

Chapter 1

Hermione was driving along the country road deep in thought. So much had happened in the last twelve months. She divorced her lousy, abusive husband of 7 years and then to top off an already horrible year, her parents died in a car accident.

Her parent's death had absolutely crushed her, she was close to her parents and the devastation she felt at the loss of them, was unbearable. Even though she was in the process of being divorced, her husband Joe had been of very little support to her during this time of crisis, so she made up her mind that is was right to continue her life without him.

It wasn't only his blatant disregard for her feelings but also the many times that they could not see eye to eye on things. He was very demanding, mean and at times, quite violent. Hermione had been really unhappy for quite a few years, but the death of her parents proved to her that she had to go. Joe made the divorce quite nasty and Hermione was thankful he never wanted to have children, which was one of their ongoing arguments.

Luckily Hermione knew that her husband was after her money and had instructed her solicitors to hold back on her parent's inheritance until after her divorce was finalised. Everything fell into place very well and she only had a week to wait. He still managed to swindle her out of their house and most of their furniture.

Hermione had been treated very badly by her husband but had decided to put all of that behind her and was now looking for a quiet house in the country where she could write her fairytale stories. Hopefully he would never find her again and she could live a peaceful life.

As she drove along the winding roads of the country side, she thought about her life. She had a lovely childhood with her parents but it was very lonely at times, not having any siblings and the other kids at school used to tease her about being a bookworm and truth be told, she never did fit in with those other kids. She hoped that when Joe came along, life would change for her and at first it did, but after a while he just turned into a real jerk and life returned to normal.

One thing that was strange was that she never felt as if she fit in anywhere. She used to dream about magical worlds complete with witches and wizards and beautiful castles. She would have friends and they would be nice to her and she would finally feel like she belonged some where. Unfortunately she would wake up and be in her same lonely bed, leading the same lonely life.

No witches or wizards or magnificent castles.

As she turned a corner, she spotted a stunning white horse, he was huge and his muscles were rippling as he galloped along the road. As she came closer she noticed a nicely built man riding the beautiful beast. She glanced over at him as she overtook him. He had pitch black hair that was flying in the wind and fair skin with glasses. That was all Hermione could make out as she drove on.

A few kilometres down the road, Hermione spotted a beautiful old house. It had overgrown trees and vines and a derelict fence that held up the for sale sign.

Hermione pulled up and got out of her car.

This was it; this was the house for her.

This would keep her mind on something and what a job it would be. The window shutters were falling off their hinges and there were broken windows in a few places. She looked around the back of the house and saw it wasn't any better than the front. It was hard to see how big the interior of the house was ,because she could not access it.

Hermione took note of the real estate agents number and called them to arrange an inspection. The following day Hermione met the agent outside the two story house at 9am. She had arrived earlier to have another look with a clear mind. The estate agent drove up and Hermione could tell he was relieved she was a lady, he probably thought she would be a pushover.

Little did he know, Hermione bought and sold property for her parents and she handled all the affairs when she bought her first house, this agent was in for a ride.

"Good morning, Mrs Smith."

"Good morning, to you too," Hermione turned and followed the agent who's name was Joseph, typical, had to be the same name as her ex.

He opened the front door and Hermione was surprised to see that the inside did not mirror the ruins outside. The wooden floors were only in need of sanding back and a good polish. The walls were all in one piece and had no holes or major construction work needed. The living room and dining room only needed cosmetic changes but the kitchen was in need of urgent work.

There was water damage where the broken windows had let the rain in. It was going to be a total makeover. There were four bedrooms upstairs, with a large bathroom and ensuite to the main bedroom. The main bedroom had a large balcony and a sitting area. The land around the house had some lovely, large established trees but the ground needed to be cleared from the overgrowth.

The real estate agent didn't know what hit him, once Hermione started pointing out all the repairs that needed to be done, his head was beginning to turn, and then she hit him with the haggling of the price.

She was quite pleased with herself when he called her the next day, saying her offer had been accepted. She had managed to cut $50 000 off the $175 000 original price and organised a quick settlement even though the agent thought she was being foolish, she managed to get what she wanted in the end and the savings would pay for some repairs.

Hermione headed back home to finalise her affairs and advise her friends of her new address. She didn't have many friends as the friends they had, were mostly Joe's. Hermione spent a couple of weeks finalising her old life and was excited to be moving to the country. Maybe it would be time to meet some new people and have a good life.

Hermione walked into her new home and sighed, oh dear, what had she gotten herself into. Since the house was empty, the owners gave her permission to start on the kitchen while she was finalising her old life. This way she could move into the house and it would be liveable. The workmen had finished the kitchen the day before and she was really pleased with her choice, she had chosen wooden cabinets with a red stain and stainless steel accessories. The kitchen was large enough to hold an eight seater table with plenty of room.

At least she had one room to be proud of.

Hermione decided to start on her bedroom next. Since the rooms weren't too bad, she gave them a good coat of paint and lots of furnishing.

A month had passed by and Hermione was really pleased with her progress, she had the kitchen done, thanks to the professionals, all four bedrooms done, thanks to a good coat of paint, the library completed and now she was trying to get the dining room done. Hermione heard a knock at the door and she stopped, she stood staring at the door for a few minutes, who could possibly be here visiting her. She decided it must be a wrong address so she opened the door to see a tall, dark haired, man standing there, he looked vaguely familiar.

"Hello, can I help you?" Hermione looked at the man and glanced behind him to see the beautiful white horse she had seen that day, while driving.

"Oh, you're the man I saw riding that horse a couple of months ago," Hermione looked at the man and he asked her the weirdest question.

"Oh, can you see Julius?" the man looked at Hermione and she thought he was a little weird.

"Umm, of course I can see the horse, it is right next to my car. What is it you wanted anyway?" Hermione looked at him as if he was losing his mind, why else wouldn't she see a horse.

"Ok, let's start again, Hi, my name is Harry and I live on the property behind you."

"Hi my name is Hermione Smith, nice to meet you Harry," Hermione had a sweet smile on her face and Harry thought she looked angelic.

"I was riding Julius and I saw a car parked out front and thought the new owner must have moved in, so here I am, and I wanted to welcome you to Godric's Hollow."

"Thank you, that's very sweet of you, would you like to come in?" Harry nodded and Hermione showed him in.

"Please excuse the renovations, it is a slow process," Hermione showed him into kitchen, since it was the only room downstairs completed, besides the library.

Harry passed by the lounge room and the dining room and saw the plastic drop sheets and work equipment strewn across the floor. He followed Hermione into the kitchen and was pleasantly surprised.

"Wow, this looks great, Hermione, you've done a great job," Hermione blushed.

"No, I can't take the credit for this room, I only picked the colours and the equipment, the builders did the rest." Hermione was putting on the kettle as she spoke to Harry.

"Well, the kitchen looks good and so will the rest, how much have you done?"

"I got permission from the owners to start on the kitchen as soon as the papers were signed, so that saved me lots of time. Then I started on the four bedrooms upstairs, they didn't need much, just a coat of paint, a few windows replaced and some furniture. After that I tackled the library down here and now I am up to the lounge and dining, as you could see when we passed by them." Hermione couldn't believe how easy Harry was to talk too, he seemed really lovely and not too bad on the eyes either.

Hermione offered to show Harry the library and he was amazed at the work she had done. The room was really bright, with a huge double window at one end. The bookcases were all timber and went from the floor to ceilings. The carpet was plush and she had put a huge cushy lounge with a wooden coffee table in the middle of the room. The bookcases were almost full and Harry noticed a book on the coffee table

"Is this book written by you?" Harry had picked up the book which was upside down on the table. It had her picture on it. He turned it over to see the name, Hermione Granger, written on the cover. "Yes it is, I write fantasy for children and teenagers."

"That's amazing Hermione, I don't recall that surname when you introduced yourself earlier?"

"Oh, Granger is my maiden name." Hermione missed the look that passed over Harry's face. Harry placed the book back down on the table and decided to change the subject.

"I see, so how is that lounge room coming along?" Harry turned and walked out into the main hallway where the lounge room came off.

Hermione followed and wondered why she had not clarified with Harry that she had been divorced for almost a year now. Harry and Hermione talked about the house for quite a while and when he noticed the time had gotten away from him, he told her it was time he left.

"Thanks for a lovely afternoon Hermione, it's been nice getting to know you," Harry was walking out to his horse. Julius had plenty of time to rest and drink and was at this time nuzzling into Hermione's hand. Harry was shocked that Julius was taking to her, he never took to anyone.

"He is the most amazing horse, Harry where did you get him?"

"My Godfather gave him to me when I def.. graduated" Harry seemed to stumble when he said this, as if he had to change his choice of words mid sentence.

"Well, I think he is gorgeous."

"He seems to really like you, maybe you can have a ride, if you want too, that is?"

"Really Harry, can I?"

"Of course, please feel free to have a ride now, I am sure Julius won't mind."

Harry smiled and watched as Hermione's face lit up with excitement as she mounted Julius. Hermione rode the stallion around for a few minutes while Harry admired the view. Hermione dismounted Julius and was so excited, she forgot herself and hugged Harry.

Harry was surprised but just laughed at her excitement.

"Oh I am so sorry, that was very rude of me, I haven't ridden for so long, and I love it so much."

"No Hermione, no harm done, just as long as your husband doesn't come home soon?" Harry laughed but it was slightly strained.

"Well, actually Harry, I'm divorced, I have been for quite some time now. Sorry I didn't say so earlier, I wasn't sure what your intentions were," Harry couldn't really keep the grin off his face if he was paid too, he stepped closer to her and whispered in her ear,

"So, what are my intentions?" Harry was being cheeky, he knew it, but he had never met anyone like her. Hermione giggled and swatted Harry's arm.

"Stop being a prat, Harry."

Harry faked a look of dejection, and Hermione laughed at his antics.

"Hermione, it's OK if you say no, but I was wondering if I could read one of your books?" Harry looked a bit shy and was waiting for her answer. Hermione was surprised, what would an adult want with her teenage novels.

"I don't mind Harry, but I am not sure if you would find them interesting, they are fantasy for teens."

"It's OK, I would just like to read one, if you don't mind that is?"

"Sure, why not?" Hermione was so happy, as no one, except her parents and obviously her publisher, ever paid any attention to her writing.

She always asked Joe to read them, but he didn't and he made it clear that he didn't like her writing, she should have been out, working like a normal wife.

Hermione raced inside to the library to get a couple of her stories, hoping Harry would like them and not think she was foolish. Harry waited by his horse and was patting him down.

"Well, Julius, do you think we have found a good one here?, she doesn't seem magical though, but how could she see you?, I have charms on you, so you and I are invisible to anyone, but magic folk. This is interesting!"

"What's interesting, Harry?" Harry spun around at the sound of her voice,

"Oh you startled me, I was saying to Julius I am looking forward to reading your books, they should be interesting," Harry looked at her face, and to his surprise she didn't realise he was lying. She seemed really excited.

"I have a few here, please take your time, I understand if you don't like them, they are for younger people." Hermione was looking at her feet and seemed a bit shy.

"It's about a young girl who discovers she has magical powers and can go through to this different dimension and be with people of her own kind." Harry was staring at her with his mouth slightly opened.

"Anyway, Harry like I said, if you don't like them, please don't feel bad about returning them, I know its all make believe, as if there's such a thing as magical powers?" Hermione laughed and handed the books to Harry. He packed them into his pouch and turned to say goodbye.

"Well Miss Granger or Mrs Smith, which do you prefer?"

"It's Miss Granger, but Hermione will be fine, it's something I have to get used to again," Hermione laughed a nervous laugh, and Harry leaned forward and took her hand. He kissed it lightly and bowed down deeply.

"Well Miss Granger, thank you for your hospitality and I look forward to seeing you again, soon." Harry was listening to Hermione laughing at his dramatic goodbye. Harry mounted Julius and started to turn to leave, when Harry stopped and turned around to Hermione.

"Hermione would you like to come for dinner?"

"I would love too, thank you Harry."

"That would be great, how about Saturday night? I live in the white house behind you, it's just further down the lane, and then take a right."

"That sounds great, see you then?" Harry rode away and you couldn't wipe the smile of his face all the way home.

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