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warnings: slight vouyerism (if that's how ya spell it, idk), yaoi, incest, and all around smut. plus a bit of Sakura-bashing, just cuz I hate 'er.

this is slightly AU, in that Itachi did not murder their parents, rather they died in some horrible incident when they were both children, and Itachi had insisted that he was old enough to raise Sasuke, so there are no adoptive parents or any parental figure at all, really, except the nins who teach them. i.e., Kakashi and Iruka.



btw, you should pay attention to whose POV I say it is. it's Itachi's at first.

And without further adieu, allow me to introduce...

Watch, Desire, Action

Chapter 1: The Watching Begins

I watched as his hands ran down his own pale, porcelain skin; matching the droplets of water that traced down his body. My eyes followed every move that the 15-year-old made. His onyx eyes closed, his pink lips slightly parted, and his black hair slick and wet against his cheeks and neck. The water rushing from the showerhead pushed those silken locks away from the teen's face. I continued watching his hands, and one went up to reach for the soap. That hand returned to his body, and this time, small bubbles were left in his hands' wake. My eyes traveled down the lithe body, and I couldn't help but notice that my baby brother's cock was fairly big for his age, even being flaccid. Then again, so was mine at that age... And it's even bigger now. The small smirk I allowed myself quickly fell from my face as I resumed watching.

As my brother opened his eyes, he looked down, and my eyes widened as his hand went to his cock. He gripped it, whimpering at just that feel, and he quickly stroked himself til his cock was standing fully erect. I smirked, wanting to be in that shower with him, but I would settle for this small pleasure of watching my little brother in the shower. Soon, he reached behind himself and his head tilted back, a moan escaping his lips as he pressed one single finger inside himself.

It really surprises me that my baby brother is such an uke... And to see him so willingly finger-fucking himself is a huge turn on... I felt myself getting hard at the sight; my baby brother, leaning against the tiles in the shower, panting and moaning wantonly, stroking himself and fucking himself with his finger. And he kept doing it, for a good solid 10 minutes. His stamina... Is certainly impressive. Just makes me wonder what his stamina in bed is like... Oh, Kami. I don't need to be thinking about my brother in bed.

Sasuke gasped and moaned when he came, the spurts of semen landing on the tiles to be washed down the drain. I had to admit, my brother was smart... At least he knew that the shower was the best place to jack off. I watched him finish his shower, then I shut the door silently as he turned the water off.

I had a plan to work on, and I certainly wasn't going to let him catch me watching him in the shower. That wouldn't exactly be beneficial to said plan.

~*~*~*~*ItaSasu*=a few days later=*ItaSasu*~*~*~*~

As we sat at dinner, Sasuke chattered about school and his friends while I ate in silence. I watched him, and I wondered if he realized that I had something in mind, because once he caught my eye, he became suddenly silent. We finished our dinner like that, and I took our plates to the kitchen to be washed by our one maid, of whom I had ordered to leave early tonight. This would be the night that my plan would be put into action.

"Otouto, I have a little bit of studying to do, but do you think we could do something fun tonight? Like, maybe watch a movie? We haven't done anything for a few days." I asked Sasuke this plain question, knowing just how casual it is. He smiled, nodding and saying, "Of course, Aniki! I'd love to watch a movie with you!" His adoring eyes and smile were just what I was looking for. And if my plan succeeded, I would prbably never see those again. "Good, Otouto. So, come to my room... In maybe a half hour, alright?" He nodded enthusiastically. I smiled, a rare smile, and poked his forehead once. He blushed and rubbed the skin, frowning playfully. I chuckled a bit then headed upstairs. I quickly changed into my tight skinny jeans, no shirt, then went to lay down on my bed. After waiting til I was certain only 5 minutes remained until my brother came in.

I closed my eyes and unbuttoned my pants, pushing them just down far enough so that my bare hips and my cock were exposed. I slipped my fingers around myself, and started stroking. It didn't take long to get hard, especially when I pictured Sasuke's soft hands on my length rather than my own. My breath picked up, and my head tilted back into my pillows. I thrusted up into my hand, and bit my lip hard so I didn't moan. Then, a small creak, a soft gasp. I opened my eyes and looked at the door to see Sasuke standing there, wide-eyed and open-mouthed. God, how I just wanted to kiss those beautiful parted lips... "Sasuke..." His name escaped my lips as I watched him watching me jack off. I shut my eyes and pumped myself to completion, cumming into my hand and onto my stomach. I opened my eyes to look at him, still standing there in shock. I smirked slightly at him, then sat up and went to my closet, grabbing a small towel I kept there just in case, and cleaned myself up quickly, zipping up with all my parts back in place. I went to Sasuke, who still stood at the door, shock on his face.

"I bet that wasn't the sight you were prepared to see, ne, Sasuke-chan?" I chuckled and went back to my bed, grabbing my book to read while he fled my room.

---Sasuke's POV---

I ran into my room, the image of Itachi jacking off stuck in my head. His clouded, obsidian eyes; his long, dark brown hair, that fell into said eyes... And his hand, pumping away at his cock. It was all burned into my memory.

I shut and locked my door, afraid my Aniki would come to get me and talk to me about the most awkward -- and strangely arousing -- moment of my life. I looked down at my nether regions through my clothes, finding myself semi-hard. I closed my eyes and focused on an image of Sakura in my head, and the slight problem went away fairly quickly. I sighed, and faced the fact that I had just witnessed my brother jacking himself off. I sat on my bed and hung my head, knowing he was probably angry at me for walking in on his... Special time. Yeah, we'll go with that.

But then, why would Aniki tell me to go into his room if he knew he would be-- No, he wouldn't have done that. It was probably a mistake. But... Why did he say what he said? God, what was it... 'I bet that wasn't what you were expecting to see'... Something like that. But it was almost like he had expected me to walk in on him jacking off... What if he planned it? No, Aniki wouldn't do something like that to embarrass me so deeply. I shook my head. I didn't want to think about this, and I was just suddenly tired. Mostly because I just wanted to get this all out of my head.

~*~*~*~*ItaSasu*=next morning=*ItaSasu*~*~*~*~

I woke from my dreamless sleep with the sun still down, and the sky a light gray. I sighed and looked at my clock, which read 5:28 am. I stared for a moment, until it changed to 5:29. Then I got up and changed into my regular clothes. I sat down on my bed then, and thought about what had happened yesterday. Walking in on my big brother jacking off... Was certainly something I had not expected to do. And the more I thought about what I'd seen, the more I realized I had a problem. That made me think even more.

Am I attracted to my Aniki?? I couldn't be! I mean... The sight of him was very... Arousing, but I... I couldn't be... But it all made sense. I wouldn't have a problem like this if I weren't attracted to my Aniki. So I laid down and closed my eyes, admitting to myself the attraction, and the very real possibility that I could be in love with him... In a not so brotherly way. And after a few moments, I found the need to take care of my 'problem,' and I did so with my Aniki in mind.

The one thing I moaned when I came was, "Itachi...!" And I fell into a light sleep, simply passed out from having orgasmed after just waking up.

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