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Itachi's POV, at start. There is much more M-rated content in this chapter, so if you are sensitive to that sort of stuff, please turn back and do not read it.

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Watch, Desire, Action

Chapter 3: The Actions Cause the Beginning


I walked into the bathroom to find my little brother already in the shower. I smirked, and went to the shower. "Sasuke, can you put these in there for me?" I handed him some bottles of various kinds of body washes, different smells and textures for each. He took them silently and put them on shelves, examining them as I undressed.

I pulled off my shirt first, quickly, and watched my brother's form through the glass as I pulled my pants off. I fought back those thoughts that flooded my mind, begging me to just take him as soon as I got into the shower. I ignored those, because I definitely didn't want to hurt my Otouto. I pulled my boxers off and slipped into the shower with my little brother.

I saw Sasuke smile contentedly, and I raised an eyebrow at him when he looked back at me. He blushed and didn't look away. I wondered what was going through his mind... I reached past him and grabbed my favorite body wash, cinnamon scented, and with 'warming beads'. He read the label and smiled, then murmured, "Aniki, will you actually wash my back this time?" I nodded and opened the bottle, and he looked at the tiles in front of us. I squeezed some of it onto my hand, then put the bottle down and rubbed my hands together a bit. I pressed my hands to his upper back, his shoulder blades, and he relaxed visibly. As I slid my hands over his skin, his back arched slightly. He let out a little surprised gasp as the warming beads took effect. I smirked, my hands pressing and massaging at his muscles, loosening and relaxing his body. My hands travelled basically of their own accord, moving lower slowly. When I reached the small of his back, I heard his voice whispering my name... "Itachi... I..." I kept kneading at his muscles, and he let out a moan of appreciation that went straight to my groin. I shut my eyes for a moment, though I continued my actions.

GOD, that killed me. Fuck, what'll he do when I have him in my bed, scream? A shudder coursed through my body. ... I definitely did not need to think of that. I pulled my hands away, my task done. He looked back, keeping his gaze on my face, and smiled.

"Thanks, Aniki... That felt good." I smiled a little for his sake. "Ano... Can I wash your back now, Aniki?" I nodded, letting him call all the shots for now, and turned around, looking back at him over my shoulder. He picked one of the bottles, and I recognized it as chocolate scented. I rolled my eyes at my little brother, who so pretended to hate sweets but I knew, better than anyone else ever would, that he loved them. I looked at the tiles in front of me as his hands pressed to my skin, and he gave me much the same treatment that I'd given him, though he was much more tentative. His hands felt wonderful on my skin as he gently kneaded away knots in my muscles. He took much longer to finish than I did, and when he was done, I had been gritting my teeth to not turn around and fuck my little brother into oblivion. No, I couldn't do that quite yet.

Sasuke pulled his hands off of my skin, and I felt his reluctance. I looked back at him. "Turn around, Sasuke." He followed my command, and I grabbed the shampoo. I got some on my hand, then began washing his hair. I massaged his scalp while he couldn't do anything except close his eyes and enjoy it. I took my time with this as well, and got my chance to look his body over in person. I looked over his shoulder, noticing that he was already getting hard from my ministrations. It was his body's natural reaction, but it still turned me on that he was turned on by what I was doing to him. I whispered in his ear, "Enjoying yourself, Otouto?" He nodded, as if denying the truth would taint this perfect moment. I smiled and whispered against his neck, "I'm glad that I can make my Otouto feel good." The shudder of delight that ran up his spine was DEFINITELY worth this.

I washed his hair of the shampoo, gently pushing him into the spray of water, and I watched as his body was soaked by the water from above. I smirked and reached out, chuckling at the jump he made when I brought my hands up to his sides and stroked them slowly. I pulled his lithe body from the water, and whispered into his ear once again.

"Tell me how it makes you feel when I do this..." I nipped at his neck, and he shivered, and his voice called to me, drawing my attention as he replied.

"I... Aniki, it makes me... hot." I smirked at that. But I pulled back, wanting this to be entirely up to him. My plan was already faltering, as I'd planned to make HIM have to work at this, not me... He turned around after a moment, facing me, and his eyes were clouding with lust. The sight was delicious: his smooth skin, dotted with droplets of water, and his black hair, darker from the water that soaked it. He came closer to me, raising his hands to my chest, and whispered, "Please, Aniki... Touch me more." I smirked, raising my hands to his hips.

"Tell me, Otouto. Why should I?" He looked up at me desperately, murmuring, "I need it...! Aniki, I need you..."

That was my breaking point. Suddenly, my mouth was on his, and I was kissing him passionately. His lips were soft, and I suckled on them, thoroughly enjoying the feel of his skin against my tongue. I traced his lips with my tongue, and he moaned, opening his mouth to me. I slid my tongue into my little brother's mouth. This felt so wrong, but so good. I tangled my tongue with his, sliding my tongue along his. He eagerly leaned into me, and I felt his tongue respond to mine after the first moment. I pulled back to look at him, to look at his beautiful and flushed face, and to listen to his quickened breathing.

"Aniki... Fuck me... Please." His eyes met mine and I stared at him. He brought my hand up, bringing my fingers to his lips, and sucked on two of my long fingers. His eyes stared up at me as he sucked on them, swirling his tongue around them. That just showed me that there was one more thing that he wanted... He looked up at me, and for one moment I met his gaze.

"Anything that my Otouto wants, I shall give to him."

His eyes fluttered shut, and he moaned around my fingers. When he opened his eyes, he pulled my fingers out of his mouth, then pushed my hand behind him. I smirked and placed my hand on his hip, pulling him closer, then let my hand slide around to the firm muscle and smooth skin of his ass. I gripped his ass in my one hand, and he let out a needy whimper. I smirked, sliding one finger between the two mounds of skin, and he pushed his ass back into my hand, arching forwards at the same time. I put his small suffering to an end and slid my finger inside him. He moaned at the feel of my fingers, much longer and thicker than his own. I pressed my finger all the way into his tight little hole, and he looked up at me as though he were desperate for more. His fingers dug into my chest and he rested his head against my shoulder, blushing more than he already was. I pumped my finger slowly in and out of him, his whimpers growing in volume and frequency fairly quickly. When I slid a second finger inside him, his whole body shuddered and he tightened more around my fingers.

"Sasuke, stop clenching... You're making it hard to do this right." He noticed the huskier tones of my voice and laughed a bit, which caused a jerk around my fingers... It would've felt heavenly around my cock.

"Mmm... Aniki... Do I turn you on?" His devilish little face looked up at me, and I growled, curling my fingers inside of my little victim, my young, soon-to-be lover. He moaned, his eyes rolling back a bit. The sight was intoxicating. I pressed my finger into that spot inside him. He moaned as I assaulted his senses and that little bundle of nerves. He shifted endlessly around my fingers, and the heat around my fingers was so very alluring.

"Sasuke, if you don't think you turn me on, then why would I be doing this..." I fucked him with my fingers while I spoke, accenting my words by shoving my fingers deep and fast into his far too willing body. He just moaned in abandon. "Hmm... Imagine what that feels like, but with something much bigger and longer inside you..." He shuddered and whimpered my name, breathing heavily. I slid a third finger inside him, and he looked up at me whispering, "Stop... Just for a second..." I stopped to let my baby brother adjust to the third finger. He shuddered lightly, then murmured, "You have... really big fingers..." I smirked a bit and kissed his forehead in a quick show of affection. I wanted him to know this was more than just a physical relationship... But I wanted him so bad that I couldn't stop myself from continuing this sinful act. I wanted my brother in every way...

"Sasuke... I want you to show me how much you want me." He looked up at me, and nodded, eager to show just that. I pulled my fingers out, and he whimpered. "Get on your knees and suck my cock. Show me what you want, and taste it." He stared at me, shocked for a minute. Then he smirked a bit, and that eagerness came back. He dropped to his knees, licking his lips.

*__________________________Sasuke's POV_________________________*

I looked at my Aniki's cock, and it made me lick my lips. I saw the precum bead at the little slit, and leaned forward to lick it away. I moaned softly at the taste, salty but not unpleasantly so. I took his tip in my mouth, sucking gently on it, and looked up at my Aniki. His eyes were shining with lust, and it sent a shiver down my spine, along with an undeniable spark of my own lust to my groin. I closed my mouth and took more of Itachi's cock into my mouth, wanting it to fill me up in every way possible. I moaned softly around his shaft, swirling my tongue around him. I leaned forward more, relaxing my throat. I let his head slide into my throat, and I shut my eyes in concentration. I'd never done this before, and I was trying to impress my Aniki. His groan when his head slipped into my throat was reassuring, as was his hand in my hair, the fingers digging into my scalp, causing a delicious sort of pain to shoot down my spine. I moaned around his cock, and his fingers dug harder into my skull. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, hardly able to. He stared down at me through narrowed eyes. I decided to try something: I swallowed around his cock, and he groaned, pulling my head back from his cock completely. I whined, wanting it back in my mouth. He yanked on my hair until I looked up at him.

"You are not to do that, understand, Sasuke?" His commanding and husky voice was so hott, and it turned me on more. I nodded, whispering, "Yes, Aniki..." and he let me go back to his cock. I licked it gently, loving the feel of the velvet skin under my tongue. I dragged my tongue up the underside of his cock, tracing the vein I'd found there. I sucked hard on the head when I got there, and tasted more precum.

Suddenly, I was tugged to my feet, the pain in my scalp absolutely amazing. I looked up at my brother, breathing heavily. He narrowed his eyes.

"You are a menace, Sasuke. Your mouth will be the death of me." I smiled, knowing I'd pleased my big brother enough that he had to stop me before he came. I licked my lips in a sudden feeling of need, to taste my brothers cum.

"Aniki, I didn't get to taste you..." He shuddered under my hands, which had lifted to his shoulders and soon slid around to loop his neck. "I wanted to... So bad, Aniki." Itachi narrowed his eyes more. "I want to taste my Aniki's cum--" His lips pressed to mine, and I moaned, my hands flying to his hair. He pushed me against the tiles of the shower, and pulled back.

"I thought you'd rather have my cum in your tight little ass when I came inside you." This time, I shuddered. God, it sounded erotic... It sounded really fucking good.

"Aniki, I want those both... I want your cum in my mouth and in my ass..." He smirked at the desperate sound of my voice. He picked me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I licked my lips in anticipation. My mind tried to catch up with my horomones. Since when do I act like a whore for anyone, let alone my brother? I ignored my own thoughts, instead letting a craving fill my being. I let my eyes slip closed as I leaned back against the cool tiles, a contrast to my burning skin. I felt his tip at my puckered entrance and I bit my lip pressing down as best as possible in this position.

*__________________________Itachi's POV__________________________*

I positioned myself below my little brother, my hands on his slim hips, and I waited one moment before pressing my cock into his tight little ass. Sasuke moaned at the feeling of finally being full, and I stared up at him, shocked at just how tight my little brother was. It was... Delicious. His ass swallowed up my cock, just as his mouth had done only a few moments before. I somewhat slowly pulled out of my brother, then thrust up into him. I set a slow, but hard pace. Sasuke moaned and pleaded for me to move faster, but I just glared at him, my eyes swimming with lust and my mind fuzzy around the edges. I thrust into my little brother's so willing body, and eventually my eyes slipped shut and I obliged his pleas of faster. I heard Sasuke moan in relief and felt him tug on my hair, and he pushed his hips down into my thrusts as well as he could. I paused to shift his body so that my arms were holding his legs up, and I got a completely different angle. Sasuke let out a strangled scream as I thrust directly into his sweet spot, and I knew he wouldn't last long if I did that every thrust, which I had every intention of doing.

I felt a groan escape my lips as my little brother screamed at the repeated assault on his nerves, and I felt him tighten as he came, little spurts of white cum landing on both of our bodies. It didn't take long before I groaned his name and came inside him, my cum filling my little brother. I felt his body go limp in my arms, and I stood, panting as fast as Sasuke.

After a moment, I pull out of him, and set him on the ground, where he leaned against the tiles as he caught his breath. I washed his body and mine of the cum on our chests and stomachs. I murmured, "Sasuke... Come with me, now." He nodded, and stood straight, a little wobbly. I turned off the water and grabbed the towels, handing one to him. He took it and quickly dried off, drying his hair with crazy speed. I pulled my hair into a ponytail, and dried off quickly. Then I left, going to my room. I heard his rushed footsteps; he was following me, as I wanted. I entered the room, then shut the door after he came in. I looked at Sasuke.

"Go to the bed, Sasuke. Lay down." He nodded and did as I said. He looked at me, watching as I strode closer to him. I crawled over my little brother, who lay so wantonly on my bed, and murmured, "Now show me where you want me." He blushed and lifted his legs, showing me exactly where he wanted me. I leant over him, looking down at my brother's ass. He looked anywhere but at me, so he had no way to expect the feel of my tongue sliding across his entrance. He gasped and arched, the small puckered hole clenching and releasing as I watched it for a second; begging me for more. I licked his hole again, then teased him by tracing the small ring of muscle. After that, I penetrated the hole, tasting both my little brother's taste and my own cum. It made me moan. This was so erotic, what I was doing, and it was more erotic that I could taste our essences mingling. I slowly tongue-fucked Sasuke, much to his delight. He moaned, clenching around my tongue. I sped up, tongue-fucking him as fast as possible.

I listened while Sasuke moaned in abandon, relishing in the feeling of my tongue moving inside him. And, just as suddenly as it had started, it stopped. I pulled back, and kissed my way up my brother's body. I rolled us over, so that he was straddling my lower stomach. I smirked up at him.

"Ride me, Sasuke. Ride your Aniki's cock, and show him how good it feels. Don't hold back."

*__________________________Sasuke's POV_________________________*

I stared down at my brother, his words echoing in my head. Ride me, Sasuke... Ride your Aniki's cock. I shuddered. I nodded at him, and he narrowed his eyes in approval. I reached back behind me, gripping his hard cock in my hand, and lifted myself up over him. Then I licked my lips and guided myself down to his tip. I let it slip inside me, then I dropped down to his lap, a moan escaping my lips. I sat there for just a second, looking down at my Aniki, the man I so wanted to please. I rocked my hips back and forth, my Aniki's cock pulsing inside me. The feeling made me moan softly, and I lifted myself up a bit, then dropped back down, pushing back on his dick. I repeated, rocking my hips back and forth as I moved up and down on my Aniki. He groaned every now and then, and reached up with one hand to toy with my nipples, pinching them and rolling them between his fingers. I moaned while he did that, arching more and letting my head fall back as I panted softly.

"Ah-Aniki... Nnn... I'm not ff... Fast enough..." I was barely able say to my brother, and he flipped us over, fucking me harder and faster than I could move above him. I moaned, "Yes, Aniiikiii...! Oooh... Only you can... Do this to me...!" I whined as his thrusts turned shallow, and I looked up at him, demanding, "Deeper, dammit!!" He smirked and his eyes flashed with slight amusement, and I growled, "Itachi, you fuck me harder or I'll give you nothing for three months." He stared at me, smirking, then thrusted deep into me. I moaned and let my head fall back, the need to cum returning to me quickly. "Itaaachiii...!!" I moaned, trying desperately to move back into his thrusts.

He thrusted harder, thrusting into my sweet spot endlessly. That same gut-wrenching, nearly heart-stopping pleasure overtook my senses, and I screamed his name as my muscles contracted, cum spurting from my cock. I whimpered softly as he thrust into my spasming muscles, and I watched his face as he orgasmed. He was beautiful, his eyes burning with passion, and his face set in an impassioned stare, with his mouth slightly ajar as to breathe. I sighed contently, loving the fact that this beautiful man was mine.

I waited until he pulled out of me, then I sat up and looked at him, while he stared at me, his gaze sort of far off. "Itachi-kun... I love you." I smiled at him. He blinked.

"Of course, I love you too, my little Sasuke-chan." I smiled more when he smiled back at me, then I moved so he could hold me. I held my arms around his neck, and he held his around my waist. He murmured in my ear, "I always have. And now is no different... Actually, it's much different. I love you so much, Sasuke, and in such a way that brothers never should. But I cannot stop myself..." I buried my face in his neck.

"Aniki, you've always been my life... Even before Kaa-san and Tou-san died. I was always trying to impress my Aniki, and make him proud of me... I always wanted to be the only one on your mind..." I blushed at the confession. "And when they died, I needed someone so bad, and you were there... You've always been there for me, Aniki... I want you to always be with me, be there for me..." I kissed his neck softly, and I felt his soft chuckle. He pulled back a bit.

"We love each other." I nodded. He leaned in and kissed me softly, and I returned this kiss, timidly. He suckled on my lip, then pulled back.

"We should get some sleep. I'm sure you're tired, because I know I am." I giggled softly at my brother. He layed us down, and I cuddled into his form.

Somehow, I knew that no matter what happened to us, we would be alright.

If not because I had the strongest nin in Konoha with me, then just because Itachi would always be by my side.

Forever watching me, desiring me, and acting on his desires.


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