Back the Hard Way

*Title: Back the Hard Way

*Author: Farwalk

*Fandom: Law & Order: SVU

*Pairing: Eventually Olivia and Alex

DisclaimerI don't own them. Law and Order SVU and characters belong to Dick Wolf.

Breeze. Cool fingers of the wind touching every part of her skin. A faint smile draws itself across her perfect face. She draws a deep slow breath and blows it out even slower than its intact. The water reaches her now causing her toes to grasp the sand. She gently wiggles them free of the small particles and lets the cool sea water cleanse her. Another deep slow breath, this time she smells the fresh warm air. She begins to drift to sleep.

It is mid summer; tourist time. Although the financial climate would seem to keep people away, quite the opposite was occurring. Alex had come to the beach, like she did every year, to relieve herself of the past nine months of the city. It filled her pours and made her feel unclean and at times turned her into a person she found hard to recognize. Her appearance even changed. Hardened, ashen truly not a person she likes. That is when she knows its time.

Alexandra Cabot. Alex to her friends. Only her sister and mother can get away calling her Ally. Usually means they want something from her. Usually means they will get it so that they will stop calling her, period. She had no ill feeling toward her family. It had been the three of them since her father past away ten years ago. Those ten years, however, took their toll on the souls that he left behind.

Her father, Samuel Cabot, was a man of means. He made as many fortunes has he lost. When he died, he had made his biggest, leaving his family very comfortable. Beneficial since she and her sister were both college bond and her mother only knew how to spend money and not make it.

Drifting in and out of a cloudy fog, Alex allowed her thoughts to be once again over taken by her past. Her mother, Cathrine, and her sister, Traci, had not taken her father's death nearly has hard has she had. Traci was, of course, consumed by finishing med school. She would intern at Cedar Sine. Nothing would stand in her way of her quest to be the youngest Chief. Traci was driven. Head turning beautiful. However, her beauty stopped with her appearance. There was no way to put it nicely when it came to Traci, Alex chuckled to herself. She opened her eye and quickly sheltered them from the sun with her hand.

She studied the motion of the waves. They appear to be the same, but they change. Is that possible for people?

"What are you thinking so hard about?" a deep but gentle voice asked.

"Waves of change my love," she raised her hand to pull the object of her interruption down to her.