Back the Hard Way

*Title: Back the Hard Way

*Author: Farwalk

*Fandom: Law & Order: SVU

*Pairing: Eventually Olivia and Alex

Disclaimer: don't own them. Law and Order SVU and characters belong to Dick Wolf.


The Loft

He hit the door with such force, that it bounced back quickly pushing him back against the frame. "SHIT!" He rubbed the back of his head where it hit the door frame. His words echoed through the nearly empty garage.

"AHGGGGGGGGH!" He screamed. "Son of a bitch. SON OF A BITCH!" He ran towards the Mustang. He raised his fist and started to pound the hood.

"Careful, Detective. Wouldn't want to damage the memory any further." A cold voice said from behind a near pillar.

"Shut up!" He drew his gun. Pointed it in the direction of the voice.

"Tsk, tsk detective." The figure appeared from behind the pillar. His hands up in a mock surrender. The distant click of bullets being put in their chambers.

"Call off your dogs." Elliott said holstering his gun.

A snap of his fingers and the guns were uncocked.

"What do you want?" Elliott said bitterly.

"I just came to look at the building. Inquire if it is for sale."

"It's not."

"Name your price."

"Its not for sale." Elliott said through clenched teeth. "Now take your boys and get out of here."

"Is this the way to talk with friends?"

"Xu, you and I ain't friends."

"We share a common bond."

"Really, what's that?"

"How quickly you forget." Xu walked with hands in his coat pockets towards Elliott. Elliott's hand hovered above his gun. "Maureen, such a pretty girl. Smart. She will make a good nurse someday."

"Leave her out of this." Elliott's hand now on the gun.

"But she was so gracious in putting us together."

8 months earlier

"She's being threatened." Cregan said to Munch and Finn. They were looking through the observation window at Olivia lying in the hospital bed. Elliott and Kathy sat at each side of the bed. Tubes, wires and monitors surrounded the three.

"By who?"

"By whom, Finn."

"Whatever, John."

"Boys!" Cregan scolded. "The Flying Dragons. Victor Louie to be exact."

"Victor, he's a real bad ass. Thinks he this great killer like his cousin Nicky." Finn said matter of factly.

"The three thugs from the Red Egg are his underlings." Cregan added. "Vincent Chin is his wife's cousin."

"Shit, that's a lot of hate headed her way."

"Its our job to protect her." Cregan said. "She's family."

Munch turned from the window. Pulling his phone from his inside coat pocket, as he walked down the hall.

"Cassidy. "

" We need you." John said authoritatively.

"I got it on good word that this was more then a shake down." Cassidy unraveled himself from the two woman sandwich. Holding up one finger as the pair began to protest.

"Speak to me."

"Not were I am." He looked around. His "boss" was no where. "I check in tonight. I'll see you then."

John broke the line. He scanned his phone for another number. Pressing the number he began to write the message.

Pappa Bear wants you back.

Alex propped herself up. No more tears. No more tears from anger. No more tears from sadness. No more tears of pain. She reached for a kleenex on the bedside table.

Pink. Smelling of Lavender.

"Olivia has every detail." She smiled. She blew her nose in the tissue.

6 years ago...

'Was that a duck?' Olivia said puzzled.


'That noise just then was that a duck?'

'Very funny.' Alex said throwing a tissue in the trash can Olivia so nicely placed next to their bed. Alex's cold had now been present for a week. She didn't feel any better.'Is it hot in here?'

'No.' Olivia answered as she rolled over to face her lover. She smiled .'You're beautiful even with a red nose and snot.'

'Gee Benson, you sure do know how to sweet talk a girl.'

'Yeah. I've been told.'

'Oh you have, I am sure of that.'

'But I only want to sweet talk you.'

'Keep going.' Alex coaxed.

'You are the most brilliantly sexy district attorney on Jack McCoy's payroll.' Olivia moved so that she was nearly on top of Alex. 'Your hair is..' she gently pulled a strand of the blonde locks. Leaning in she took a deep breath. 'the smell of honey.' Olivia moved even closer and began strategically placing kisses on Alex's neck. 'Your skin is soft like rose petals.' A trail of kisses followed Alex's collarbone. Olivia sensing Alex's body responding to her delicate kisses, gently moved on top of her prey. Now face to face, Olivia traced Alex's face with her eyes. 'So, beautiful. So, so beautiful.' She leaned in to capture the soft pink lips.


'Gross!' Olivia quickly rolled off of Alex. Quickly wiping her face with the sheets . 'Now I have your cold on me.'

'Just marking my territory.' Alex said with a smile.

The Loft

She raised the envelope to see what was inside. Just paper. Folded. She ran her hand over her name printed neatly on the front. In her handwriting. Perfect letters, carefully placed. She held the letter to her chest. Squeezed tightly. It didn't replace what she was missing.

In The Street

"You know this is dangerous." Ian said quietly. He wasn't expecting an answer. He sat in the back of the sedan. "You think doing this is going to help your kid?" Cold eyes stared at him in the rear view mirror. "I can help." Ian placed his hand on his gun.

"I don't need help." The car lurched forward into traffic.

"That's what Olivia said." The car slammed to a halt.

"Don't you ever mention her again." Spit flew from Elliott's mouth. "You have no right."

"If it effects my sister, I do."

"Your sister. Your sister. Everything would be different if your sister had stayed away." Horns blared behind them. Elliott rolled down his window placed his red light on the roof. Turned it on.

"So you had nothing to do with it? If you were half the partner she thought you were, you would always have her back. You were too wrapped up in your own problems." Ian was leaning forward. With each syllable his breath hit Elliott in the face. Without thinking, Elliott raised his fist and punched Ian. Ian took the first hit in the nose. The second however, was caught by Ian. Taking the fist that he now held in his hand, he pushed enough to cause Elliott to feel off balance. Ian's ice cold stare out frozen Elliott's own. He shivered.