The Shadow And the Flame

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Mind speak

Harry Potter was a very smart child, He learned to walk and talk much earlier than other children. When his parents were killed and he was left with the Dursley's, he quickly learned his first lesson. Never show your true potential. He was punished severely for beating Dudley at anything, and would be locked in his cupboard for up to a week. He did not waste his time there though he practiced reading and would smuggle library books into his cupboard and hide them under the cot.

One day when he was seven years old he had been in his cupboard for almost twelve hours and he needed the loo badly, he placed his hand on the door wishing he could get out, when he felt a tingle rush through his palm and the door swung open. He blinked in shock before rushing to the bathroom. Later he sat on his cot thinking he had to lock the cupboard again or else the punishment would be severe. He thought to try and produce the tingle again; he placed his hand on the door and concentrated on the feeling in his palm and the desire to have his door locked again. After five minutes he felt the tingle through his palm and heard the click of the lock before he collapsed exhausted on the cot and fell into a deep sleep.

He immediately began to see how far he could push the tingle and what he could do with it. By the time he was ten he could lift things in the air and summon them to him, he could conceal the bruises left by Dudley and his friends. He could create some small things, up to the size of wooden chair, and he could manipulate and freeze things. He had no idea that what he was doing with the "tingle" was things that even Dumbledore needed a wand for.

After his eleventh birthday trip to diagon alley trip with Hagrid, Harry was left with more questions than answers. He decided that the best course of action was to go back to diagon alley and do more research on his own. He wanted to visit Gringotts and to purchase several more books. He planned to go the morning of august 4th.

On the day of his excursion to diagon alley he removed one of his cloaks from his new school supplies, he also covered his scar with some of aunt petunias make up, since it seems that that is how most people would recognize him. When he was nine years old he had discovered something he could do but it did not work like the tingle, he had always had an affinity for shadows, he felt most comfortable there. He had been trying to escape from Dudley and his gang when he ducked into the shadows, he wished he was in the library and he appeared in a shadow in the back of the library. The best he could figure out was the he used the shadows to travel where ever he wanted to go as long as there was a shadow where he was going. He visualized the shadow outside of the leaky cauldron and stepped back into the shadows in his room. A second later and he stepped out of the shadows before the Leaky cauldron. He headed though the pub and into the alley tugging the hood of the cloak up over his head as he went.

His first stop was Gringotts, He had a couple of questions about his parents will, he doubted they had wanted him placed with the Dursleys. When he entered the lobby of Gringotts, he greeted the nearest goblin. "Excuse me sir, but I had some questions about my vault and my parents will. My name is Harry Potter." The goblin looked up in shock, almost no wizards are polite to goblins and this was Harry potter no less. "Come with me Mr. Potter I will show you to the manager, he can help you." Harry nodded and followed taking note of shadows that could be possible escape routes. The goblin opened the door. "Mr. Potter This is Ragnot manager of Gringotts." Harry stepped forward and offered his hand to the goblin. "Nice to meet you Mr. Ragnot I'm Harry Potter." The goblin smiled a toothy smile "Pleasure to meet you Mr. Potter please be seated. What can I help you with?" Harry smiled slightly "I wanted to know the balance of my vault, and the contents of my parents will please."

Ragnot sighed "I'm sorry Mr. Potter I cannot release the contents of your vault until you of age or become emancipated, but rest assured you have more than enough in your trust vault to live very comfortably. As for your parents will, it was signed to have been fulfilled by Albus Dumbledore and no one has seen it since." Harry absently thanked Ragnot and left the bank in a haze. He knew it had been Dumbledore who had left him at the Dursleys, and he wondered why. He knew the headmaster was not yet someone he could mess with. He would make sure he would not raise suspicions just yet. He knew he would cause a stir though something told him that he was not Gryffindor material.

He moved swiftly through the alley purchasing a new much more appropriate wardrobe, wand holster that strapped to his forearm, and was invisible to everyone but himself. He purchased books on becoming an animagus, the mind arts occulmency and legimancy, and dueling, wizarding etiquette, and many books on history. His final stop was Knockturn Alley; Hagrid had quickly turned him away from the alley, and warned him that only dark wizards frequented the alley. Harry had decided that was a load of crap and he was going into the alley to find a suitable pet. He loved Hedwig, but he was hoping for a snake. He had already figured out that parsletounge would be considered dark, so he would be keeping the snake and his ability a secret. He tugged the hood farther down over his face and headed into the first pet store he found.

The moment he entered he headed towards the back of the store where he knew the snakes were kept. He stepped up to the tanks and quietly hissed "which of you would like to come and bond with me as my familiar." He stood back and listened, amused, as the snakes debated who would go with him. Finally a large 5 foot black snake with a vivid green stripe down his back slid to the front of the glass.

"I will bond with you master." Harry nodded and extended his arm to the snake who slithered out of the tank and coiled around Harry's body. "What is your name, and what breed are you?"

"I am called Diagones master, and I am a magical snake, once I bond with you I can shrink my size and blend into your skin so I appear as a tattoo, I can bond with you now" At Harry's nod Diagones sank his fangs into Harry's wrist, the wounds glowed white for a moment before healing and leaving two small scars. "It is done, now may we leave this horrid place master." Harry nodded and headed to the counter. The man gave harry an appraising look but thankfully said nothing and accepted Harrys money.

Leaving the store harry hissed to Diagones to shrink and turn himself into a tattoo. Harry experienced a strange tickling sensation as the snake turned himself into a tattoo that curled around his bicep and headed up his shoulder. He headed back towards the main alley intending to get Hedwig some owl treats before heading home to read his new book


Ginerva Weasley was the youngest child of Molly and Arthur Weasley. She was the only daughter and youngest in a family with six older brothers. She had learned to protect herself from her brothers teasing at an early age, and was very secretive and mischievous.

Her secrets were not petty little girl things. Her biggest and darkest secret made her very different from her family, Ginny could use wandless magic, and she had been using it proficiently since she was six years old. Her brothers had charmed her favorite stuffed dragon pink, and she hated pink, she held it closely to her petting it wishing it would turn black. Her palm tingled and the toy changed to its original color. She made short work of studying her brother's old text books and moved rapidly through the spells. She began pranking her brothers, who never suspected her; she started a three year prank war between the twins and Charlie.

Another of her secrets was that she had an affinity for fire. As a child she loved sitting and staring into the flames, she slowly began to realize she could manipulate the flames to make shapes, and to follow her actions. She had accidentally set the end of Bills ponytail on fire during Christmas dinner one year; she had been staring at the candle too long and lost control. Her mother had punished the twins. By her tenth birthday Ginny was able to wrap the flames around her like a cloak and use the fire to move herself anywhere she wanted. She would sneak out of her house at night bypassing the wards and practicing in the forest.

August 4th her mother decided to head to diagon alley to get Ron's school supplies. Ginny was burning with jealousy at the fact that Ron got to attend Hogwarts before she did. Ron couldn't hex his way out of a paper bag.

In Ollivander's something very odd happened. A wand shot from the shelf into her hand. 13 inches of yew with a core of shadow wolf fur and blood. Her mother gasped in shock but Ollivander simply smiled and said they could expect great things from her in the future. Molly tried to refuse the wand but the old man said it would not work for anyone else and they should take it home and keep it until Ginny went to school free of charge. They left the wand shop and headed to get treats for Errol the family owl.


Harry hurried towards the pet store he needed to get home soon, he wasn't sure but he figured Dumbledore had some way of monitoring his activity. As he turned the corner someone slammed hard into him and knocked him down and landing on top of him. He groaned and tried to sit up but the weight on his chest prevented him from doing so. The girl on his chest looked up brown eyes meeting green. As harry met her eyes he felt a surge of emotions run through him, he felt love and comfort, he felt completely safe for the first time in his life. He could also feel that the girl, for some reason he knew her name was Ginny. He heard her family turning the corner and he hurried to sit up, just as her family appeared he stood and offered her his hand. She took it and he pulled her off the ground. He offered her a brief smile and asked "are you alright" she nodded and smiled back "I am okay it was my fault for rushing" He turned away and nodded slightly " Good day miss Ginny" She nodded in return "Good day Harry"

He turned to enter the pet shop when he heard in his mind

"He's so cute"

He smiled thinking to himself "She thinks I'm cute"

He heard a gasp he turned around but know one was there.

"Ginny" he thought. He heard another gasp than an answering "Harry"

"Ginny what is this" there was a pause for a second then "I don't know Harry I think this must be some kind of bond."

"Okay let's just keep calm and try to figure this out but don't tell anyone about this lets just keep it our little secret."

"Alright harry you and I both have many secrets one more won't hurt."

Later that night

Harry was lying in his bed attempting to sort through his memories to begin the process of learning occulmency when he came across memories that were not his own. He watched red headed twins sneak into a bed room and pour water on an older red head boy. He saw Ginny playing with fire shaping it into a rose and holding it gently in her hand.

He quickly reached out to Ginny feeling her mind meet hers. "Ginny we need to talk."

"Okay what happened why do you feel upset." Her voice sounded sleepy and he realized with a pain that he had woke her up.

"I'm sorry I woke you Gin, I just found out I have all of your memories. Gin my memories are not pleasant and I have to ask you to promise to keep my secrets." He realized with a shock that he didn't mind Ginny knowing his secrets, it was actually nice having someone to confide in, and if her memories were anything to go by she had some secrets of her own that were very similar to his own.

"Harry I will protect your secrets, as I trust you to keep mine. Besides, I feel very safe with you I think this is the effect of whatever bond this is."

"I feel the same way, I feel like I trust you. Just promise me that you will not tell Dumbledore."

"Harry I saw your memories I never trusted the man although my family worships him. The nerve of him leaving you with those damn muggles." She sent her anger through the bond and harry felt a shiver go down his spine, Albus Dumbledore would rue the day he angered Ginny Weasley.

"It's okay Gin vengeance will come in due time, but for now it's time for bed, I know I woke you up." He smiled slightly "good night Ginny."

He felt her link to him blur as she fell asleep. He heard a faint "goodnight Harry" before his eyes fell closed.


The next few weeks passed quickly harry and Ginny spent most of their time talking about their lives and Ginny's family. Harry was very excited to meet the twins, Ginny knew about the map they had and Harry had a few memories of his father's friends calling him prongs. They talked about their abilities and realized they were both at the same level in wandless magic and both resolved to practice harder and increase their skills as much as possible.

Both of them felt the bond deepen every day. They maintained their bond while sleeping and they would often share dreams. Neither was embarrassed by the others presence in their head. They were completely dependent on each other and spent every spare moment talking. Both realized that they had a desire to be closer to each other and they had strong desires to hold hands and to hug each other. Ginny had given Harry a list of books that she thought would help and he was going to order them from school once he was sure it wouldn't attract attention. Both had a feeling that something big had happened between them.

Ginny was also very good at finding out about Albus Dumbledore's plans for Harry. She learned a week before school started that the headmaster had come to the burrow and asked Ron to become friends with Harry and to report anything unusual to the headmaster. Ginny had sat and tried to calm harry with her presence as he conjured and destroyed hundreds of glass plates, in an attempt to vent his anger. Eventually he calmed down enough to listen to Ginny and focus on what she was saying. They decided Harry should avoid Ron at all costs, and that he should be cautious of people offering their friendship Dumbledore could get to them as well.


The day the train was set to leave for Hogwarts Harry arrived early and slipped through the barrier, Ginny had explained how to go through, and sat in a compartment in the back of the train carefully warding the door so people would not realize there was a compartment and leave him alone.

He spent the pleasant train ride reading his occulmency books to Ginny and helping her to sort her memories. They were very unhappy with the distance that school would put between them. Although Ginny was excited to be attending Harry's lessons with him, she would be bored at home alone with her parents. After changing his robes and ordering Diagones to hide himself as a tattoo Harry left the compartment and joined the other first years staying back in the shadows. Harry ended up in a boat with boys who Ginny recognized as Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Neville Longbottom. As they got their first view of Hogwarts he transferred it to Ginny so she could see it too. "It is magnificent." Harry agreed. Hagrid knocked loudly on the Castle doors and they were opened by a strict looking black haired woman. "That's Professor McGonagall Harry she's head of Gryffindor house." Harry could see that having Ginny around was going to be very helpful.

The first years were all led into a separate chamber and said to smarten themselves up for the sorting. Both Harry and Ginny giggled at the sight of Ron frantically trying to rub the dirt off his nose. Soon the professor came back and led them all into the great hall in front of the current students. Harry hung in the back of the room hiding slightly in the shadows. The sorting hat was placed on the stool and it sang a song describing each of the four houses. Hannah Abbots name was called first and the list continued on in alphabetical order.

"Harry Potter" the hall exploded with whispered conversations as harry approached the hat. The hat slid down over his eyes and he heard a the sorting hat, "My my what do we have here Harry Potter… and oh what's this hello dear." Harry's eyes widened and he pictured Ginny's doing the same. "Hello please don't tell anyone they may try and split us up." Ginny pleaded with the hat. "Don't worry Mrs. Potter" Harrys mouth dropped open in shock and he could hear Ginny's exclamation of shock. The sorting hat continued talking ignoring their shock "I would never split up a bonded pair don't be alarmed, Mr. Potter be alert for threats this year and do well in SLYTHERIN." The hat shouted the last word and dead silence fell over the hall. Harry stumbled blindly into a seat at the end of the table to shocked about the sorting hats revelation than his house placement; he had figured he would be in slytherin.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat loudly and picked up her scroll from off the floor from where she had dropped it due to shock and continued with the sorting. After Blaise Zabini was sorted into Slytherin she made to pick up the sorting hat when it suddenly spoke.

"I am not finished yet there is a student missing headmaster. Her name should have appeared on the list a few weeks ago."

Harry jerked in shock he had a gut feeling that he knew who the hat was talking about.

"Gin put on a set of robes and summon your wand NOW, Trust me just do it." He felt her nod of affirmation as she rushed to do what he said. He felt her magic surged as she touched her wand, at least she was armed now.
The hat continued to speak. "Her name was on the list headmaster and she has a right to be here. GINNY WEASLEY"

Several things happened at once all four red heads at the Gryffindor table began to shout at once about how she was still a baby and too young to attend, and Ginny Weasley appeared with a pop in the middle of the great hall wand drawn standing in an defensive position.