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Summary: Bella and Edward have been together since 8th grade. So when their graduation comes they finally loose their virginity to eachother. Bella soon finds out she's pregnant but doesn't want to tell Edward and ruin his dreams of becoming a docter. What will she do? Will she tell Edward? Will they be one big happy family? Or will she bail on the love of her life and not keep the baby? Or even worse run away from everything?

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"Bella, hurry up or we'll be late for the ball!" called my twin sister Alice. She and my best friend Rosalie just spent the past 3 hours poking and prodding at me to get me ready for the ball. And the worst part was they made me wear a dress! And heals! I can't even walk on a flat surface bare foot, let alone in heals.

"Just a minute" I yelled to them from the bathroom of my room at the school. We went to boarding school, where we have been for the past 6 years of our life. It was a huge school, very expencive too, and it wasn't easy to get into, I remember sitting about 10 test and going to about 4 interveiw with Alice before we were finally accepted.

Alice and I were homeschooled until we reached year 7, we didn't know why at the time, but our parents demanded we went to boarding school. We were, to be honest, very confused. We wern't trouble makers, and we thought our parents loved having us around, thats what they told us whenever we asked why we were homeschooled. The truth was, our parents were fighting, and didn't want us there, our father was having an affair and got the slut pregnant, we never spoke to him after we found out, nor have we met our half sister, Eliza. Mum kicked him out after we left for school.

We never regretted going to boarding school, it was here that we met the love of our lives, we all started off as friends, Me and Alice became friends with the Hale twins, Jasper and Rosalie, and Jasper was best friends with the Cullen twins, Edward and Emmett. It was weird how, on the first day of year 7, all the twins in the grade came together and became best friends, but it was the best thing that happened to us. We all became couples.

First it was Emmett and Rose who, as a dare kissed in year 7, they became a couple that same night. Then as the school year was ending, Jasper asked Alice to the prom because he didn't have a date, nor did she, so they went and after that night were inseparable. That was the night I got feelings for the love of my life Edward. I was at the prom with this annoying boy, Mike Newton, I didn't know how to say 'no' to him when he asked so I just went. Edward went with one of the sluttiest girls in our school, Jessica Stanely. We were both desperate to get away from our dates so we found each other and snuck out of the hall and hid behind the toilet block. I got cold, and he offered me his jacket. He was putting it around my shoulders when his hand brushed my arm, I felt this bolt of what seemed like electricity flow through my arm and I was pretty sure he was to because he pulled his hand away immediately and we both blushed a bright red. I looked into his beautiful green eyes, and he looked back at mine with a looked like he had just seen the most amazing thing in the world. We were broken apart when Alice called our names. We pretty much avoided each other after that until half way through year 8 when Alice forced us to talk and tell each other how we really felt. Since then we have always been together. I knew right then and there, hiding behind the toilets in year 7 that he was the love of my life.

"Isabella Brandson, if you don't hurry up I will barge that door down and drag you!" My annoying sister yelled. I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. I was wearing a midnight blue dress, Edwards favourite colour on me, which hugged my curves perfectly. I walked outside to the bedroom where I saw my beautiful blonde best friend Rosalie texting on her phone. And my twin sister glaring at me. Alice and I were, once, identical. But she died her brown hair black during summer in 9th grade, we got sick of people being unable to tell us apart. I thought black really suited her and I talked her into cutting her hair shorter, which she did, and it was amazing on her, Her beautiful hair was cut in a pixie like style. I left mine the same, brown, long, and wavy.

"Ok, lets go" I sighed.

"YAY! YAY! YAY!" my enthusiastic sister started jumping on the spot.

"Alice" Rose laughed, "You're going to ruin your hair!"


I was waiting for my beautiful girlfriend at the local club, which our school booked out for our senior prom. With me was my twin brother, Emmett, and my best friend Jasper.

"Can you believe schools just about over" Emmett said as he punched me on the shoulder, it what was meant to be a playful manner.

"Owch, bro that hurt" I complained.

"Oh stop being a baby." Emmett laughed. Although I was older than Emmett -ok it was only by 5 minutes, but I still used it against him whenever I could- he was still much larger than me. He had huge muscles, and if you didn't know Emmett you would be frightened of him immediately, but anyone who was close to Emmett would know he isn't as scary as he seems, he was actually a big teddy bear. Emmett and I were not identical, or at least I don't think so. He is very tall and buff, with short, curly, dark brown hair. He also had dimples, which he always tried to hide, because they gave him a more softer look. I was shorter than him, not by much, not as buff, but I do still have the muscles from my many workout sessions at the gym with him, and I had wild bronze hair, which was longer than his, but not very long. A perfect length, which my Bella loved.

"So what's going to happen next year with you and Bella?" I heard Jasper ask. Bella and I were both going to Yale, which was amazing! I was studying medicine while Bella was studying Law.

"We actually are planning on buying an apartment close to campus, we've lived on school grounds for far too long now. And I er.." But I stopped there, I didn't know whether to mention it or not.

"What is it?!" Emmett asked. Excitement building in his voice.

"Don't worry" I muttered.

"Awh Edward please!" He gave me his puppy dog eyes. FOR 18 YEAR I COULD NEVER SAY 'NO TO THOSE DARN EYES!

"Ok.. well.. I.. er.. was.. uhmm.." I couldn't seem to make the words.

"Oh Edward just spit it out!" Emmett nearly yelled.

"Fine. I was uhm.. thinking of.. proposing." I whispered the last word and my face turned bright red. I looked up at my brother and best friend who were staring at me with shock.

"You serious? I mean, were just graduating high school. Don't you think it's a bit soon?" Jasper asked. I knew, when we were younger, we never planned to getting married until atleast 23, it was always our plan, the 3 of us planed to get married at around the same time.

"Well, I know I said I never wanted this, but I, er, I just feel like its right, I love Bella, with all that I am and I want to well, make it official I guess." I told them.

"Whoa!" Emmett sighed, he looked at Jasper and they seemed to be having a conversation.

"What is it?" I asked

"Jaz and I kinda, booked a hotel room for you and Bella." He admitted. I looked at him in shock.

"Well, we have both done it with our girls, and we thought it was time you and Bella did it." Jasper said shyly. I just nodded and Emmett handed me the key.

"If Bella gets mad at me for this, you guys have to tell her it was you and not me!" I demanded as I took the key and put it in my pocket. They just smiled and nodded. I knew they were right. Bella and I had been together for over 4 years, it really was time we actually showed our love to each other in more than just kissing and making out. And we have talked about it before; we both decided we wanted our first time to be special.


The prom just seemed to drag on, we arrived 3 hours ago, and sure it was fun at first, but now I was finding it a bit boring. Alice and Rose and I were all dancing like crazy on the dance floor, and the two of them looked like they were having the time of their lives.

"Come on Bella! Get into it!" Alice yelled at me over the music. I stopped dancing and yelled back,

"I think I'm going to go sit down with Edward" she nodded and I walked into the direction of the table the boys were sitting at. Edward smiled at me hugely as I walked towards him and leaned down to kiss him before sitting on his lap.

"Hey Beautiful" He said as he wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. I smiled down at him, he looked nervous about something.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Lets go for a walk" He said. I nodded and stood up as he took my hand and lead me out to the garden, my heart sped up, not knowing what to expect. Maybe he was breaking up with me? High school was over now, maybe he didn't want me anymore. We stopped outside, next to a fountain and he pulled me against him, his arms around my waist and my back to his chest. He rested his head on my shoulder and kissed my neck.

"How would you... like to get away? I've got a hotel room." He whispered in my ear. My heart raced even faster, I always imagined losing my virginity to him on the night of our senior prom. I spun around in his arm and kissed him quickly before moving my lips from his lips and to his ear.

"I'd love that" I whispered back. He let out a big breath of relive and smiled my favourite crooked smile before taking my hand and leading me to his car.

Once we arrived at the hotel, which was amazing. We practically ran inside and into the elevator. Edward looked at his slot key to find out where we were and I looked at it with him.

"You got us a suit!" I practically screamed. He just shrugged and put the key in the slot of the elevator so it would take us to the suit. As we were going up I couldn't seem to manage to keep my arms of him, what started as a short kiss, led in to a make out session. I jumped up and wrapped my hands around his waist as he grabbed my ass.

"I love you Isabella Brandon." He said.

"I love you too Edward Cullen" I told him before I grabbed his hair and brought his lips to mine, my fingers tangling through his hair.

Once we got into the hotel room, we didn't even look around, we just went straight to the bed. I kicked off my heals as he kicked of his shoes and pulled off his socks, before he climbed on top of me on the bed. I slowly took off his Jacked and his tie as he undid the zipper of my dress. I got distracted as he moved his lips across my jaw and down my neck, where he bit hard, making me let out a loud moan.

"Edward" I gasped, "I need you"

"You've got me, all of me" He said before he place his lips on mine and licked my bottom lip, asking for access, which I happily granted.

Our tongues fought with each other as I undid his shirt and threw in with his tie and jacket in the corner of the room. He slowly pulled my dress off my shoulders. I lifted my hips so he could pull it completely off me and I quickly worked on the belt of his pants before I undid them and took them off and threw them in the pile. I was now laying beneath the love of my life, in only my bra and panties, and him in only his boxers.

"So.. darn.. beautiful." Edward moaned as he licked his way down to my breasts. I quickly spun us over so I was straddling him. I could feel his covered erection at my covered entrence and I moaned before pushing down on it, causing Edward to moan.

"Bella! Your so wet! I can feel it through your panties" Edward gasped before sliding his finger into them and rubbing my clit.

"Edward" I moaned. He smiled up and me before he plunged two of his fingers into my wet entrance.

"OH MY DEAR GOD!" I screamed. His fingers felt so good inside of me. He plugged in and out of me quickly before adding a third finger and getting faster, his fingers curving each time hitting my g-spot.

"Edward, I'm.." but I couldn't finish, I came all over his fingers. He smiled up at me before pulling his fingers from me and putting them into my mouth.

"You taste so good" He moaned before he reached up to finish undressing me. He reached around my back and undid my bra, which I quickly slid off my arms. He grabbed my breast in his beautiful hands and began kneading them before spinning us over so he was on top. He licked both my breasts before he looked up at me and slowly took my left nipple in my mouth. I moaned in pleasure as he sucked my left breast and kneaded my right.

Using my feet I pulled down his boxers while he used his free hands to pull down my panties which I kicked off quickly and he finished kicking his boxers off.

He pulled up from my breast and moved up so he was kissing me on the lips, our tongues tangling. I could feel his huge erections in between my burning legs, right above my entrance.

"Edward! Please" I gasped. He pulled back to look at me.

"Are you sure Bella?" He asked. I nodded.

"Positive" He leaned back down and kissed me as he thrusted into me. I gasped in pain. I could feel a tear running down my face. He froze where he was, inside of me.

"Bella? Are you alright?" He asked, concern buried deep in his voice.

"Yes, just give me a second" I told him. He nodded. I knew it would hurt, Alice and Rose had told me, but I never expected it to hurt this much.

After about 30 seconds the pain went away and I started to move my hips, Edward understood right away and kissed me roughly as he thrusted in and out, matching the rhythm of my hips. Our groans got louder with every thrust. He felt so amazing in me, it was perfect!

"Argh! Bella! Baby! You're so tight!" He moaned as he thrusted in and out of me. I was so close, and I knew he was to, so I moved my hips faster and within about a minute we were both screaming as we orgasmed.

"Ahh! Bella I'm cumming!" He screamed and I screamed out in pleasure, before collapsing back on the bed. He pulled out of me and collapsed next to me.

"That... was... amazing" He whispered as he would his arms around my waste and turned me over so he was spooning me.

"That.. was.. so.. amazing" I whispered back, before I fell asleep in his arms, having just experienced the greatest thing in my life.

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