Finally! Here we are! In the Age of Empires 2: Subtle War. Now, I warn everyone now, when it comes to sequels, I die a horrible, fiery death. This is probably not going to be a greatly written story and I'm not just saying that - I'm going on experiences.

Just so you all have fair warning.

Also, this chapter will have some explanations in it for anyone who has not read In the Age of Empires. Anyone who has read the story will know everything but I have a few friends who will probably not read the first one because it's so long. Lol.

Anyway, we start now a little over two years from when Edward defeated the French, in his daughter's POV...

Part One


(Belle POV)

I saw my target sleeping on his stomach with his face half in the pillow. This was going to be great. I bit my lip as I held the freezing cup of ocean water in my hand. Rosie and I had gone down to the docks to get it before anyone woke up.

I crept up slowly and pulled the blanket down from around his shoulders to his waist. He liked to sleep without a shirt. A grin broke my face as I lifted the cup, then tilted it to pour the water onto my sleeping brother's back.

His eyes suddenly burst open and he sat up faster than I had ever seen anyone do before, letting out a very loud yell. I started laughing, unable to stop.

"Isabelle!" he yelled at me.

I continued laughing and ran out of the room.

"Come back here!"

I ran as fast as I could to our mother's and father's room, knowing I was in trouble if he caught me.

(Bella POV)

I took in a breath as I woke up and smiled at the feeling of safety and contentment I got from waking up in my husband's arms. I turned to see him still sleeping, his messy copper hair falling in his eyes and over the pillows.

It had been nearly ten years since I found him, half-dead, on the side of the road and I had not regretted that moment yet. After everything we had gone through, I fell deeply in love with him and even let him take my hand in marriage.

I brushed his hair gently, liking how the bronze locks curled around my fingers in an intimate way. Our son had his hair, and his eyes, and even his personality. Meanwhile, our daughter took her looks and everything else from me. Our children were little angels. For a brother and sister, they got along well and were always there for each other. Maybe it was the fact they were twins and had barely left each other's sides since birth.

A kiss suddenly touched my lips, snapping me from my thoughts. A velvet, groggy voice graced my hearing, "Good morning, my beautiful wife."

I giggled, "Good morning, my Lord."

He smiled, his beautiful green eyes looking at me, and his warm arms pulled me close. He nuzzled my nose, "You look very lovely this morning."

I rolled my eyes, "You say that every morning."

"Doesn't mean I don't mean what I say."

I laughed a little but our moment was cut short by the door bursting open and our daughter, Isabelle, jumping into the bed, wriggling in between us. Her older, twin brother, Masen, jumped up onto the bed too and glared at her. He didn't do anything else because Edward and I were there.

"Isabelle," I asked, "Did you put cold water on your brother's back again?"

Masen growled, "Yes!"

She giggled, "It wasn't a lot of cold water."

Edward sighed with a smile and sat up, "Alright. There is only one way to resolve this. Masen, tickle your sister."

Belle screamed in mock terror as Masen dived down and started tickling his sister for vengeance. Edward and I laughed and pulled them apart after a few minutes. We settled and had a quiet family moment for a little bit. Masen and Belle cuddled in between us, their need for play fighting done for the moment.

A knock came on the door. It was Edward's birth mother, "Bella are you coming to help us this morning?"

Masen and Belle grabbed onto me, not letting me up.

I laughed, "Just give me a moment to get out of my children's grip."

She laughed, "Oh, it's one of those mornings, is it? Alright. We'll start without you." Her footsteps echoed down the hallway.

Elizabeth Masen and her husband, Edward's father, had been captured by the French when Edward was still a child. He rescued them a little after I met him and kept them safe in his port city ever since.

Edward smiled, "Alright you two, let your mother up so she can help make you some food to eat."

They both laughed and said, "No!"

Belle cuddled into my side, "I wanna cuddle with mother!"

Edward grinned, "And what about when you get hungry?"

They both stopped and got off me. I laughed, "Well, nice to know my children love me as far as how much I can make in the ways of a meal."

Masen grinned his father's crooked smile, "I love your cooking mom! I'm always full."

I rolled my eyes and sat up, "If it wasn't for the fact that you look identical to Edward, some would swear Emmett was your real father."

Edward smiled, "Not if they met young Rosalind at the same time."

I laughed and left the room, my family following me quickly.

We entered the kitchen to find the rest of the family. Masen and Belle went to play with Emmett's and Rosalie's daughter, Rosalind, and Jasper's and Alice's son, Brandon. Alice, Rosalie, Esme Cullen (Edward's adoptive mother), and Elizabeth were already cooking. I went to join them.

(Edward POV)

I sat down at the table to watch my children play with Brandon and Rosie. Emmett smiled as his daughter brushed out her hair just like her mother taught her too.

Jasper smiled too, "It's still strange to see you with a daughter Emmett. The great Emmett Cullen reduced to a cuddly little kitten."

Emmett growled and swatted Jasper's shoulder. I laughed, "You have to admit though, Rosie is hell in a fight. The combined strength of her mother and father come in handy."

Rosie smiled a devious woman's smile and just continued brushing her hair. Masen and Brandon grinned and Belle began to brush her hair too.

Later . . .

I looked out over the city and smiled. It had taken a long time, but we had a flourishing city now. Everyone had a home, the docks were workable, Emmett's uncle worked a successful smithy, and trade caravans always made a stop here while on their way to the King's city.

My mood suddenly fell. The King.

King Leo and myself never got along. He was jealous of my status with the people and used the excuse to believe that I was trying to steal his throne. He exiled me and had been trying to directly and indirectly kill me ever since.

A soft kiss touched my cheek and I turned to see the soft brown eyes of my wife. She smiled at me and I smiled back. After the first time the King tried to kill me, she found me and rescued me. I had been by her side ever since and fell in love with her. She was perfect and the only one who held my heart so completely.

"Thinking hard, love?" she asked, tracing my hairline, "You seem tense."

I sighed, "Just wondering when Leo will strike again. He was never fond of me."

She laughed a little, "And, for that, I'm not very fond of him."

I smiled and kissed her gently, "I love you."

"I love you too Edward. I always have and always will. You've made my life better."

"Have I?"

She nodded and hugged me, soothing me.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around her. She always had a way of soothing me and making me feel better. It was partly why I loved her, "I'm glad marrying me was the right decision for you."

A pair of arms wrapped around our legs. It was Belle. Bella smiled softly, "Hello sweetheart. How are you?"

Masen was behind her, "We're fine, mother. Uncle Emmett and Uncle Jasper took Brandon out for a ride and Aunt Alice and Aunt Rosalie are playing with Rosie. We wanted to come see you."

I motioned him closer and he came, hugging our legs with his sister. I smiled and closed my eyes, breathing in the moment of family peace. While having a strong son, a sweet daughter, and the most beautiful wife in the world, I couldn't complain.

Not even Leo could destroy this...

(Leo POV)

The assassins gathered in front of me once I dismissed the guards. The leader stepped forward, "You summoned us, King Leo."

I stood from my throne, "You sell your services to the highest bidder, am I correct?"

"You are."

Satisfied, I walked down the steps that raised my throne, "I have a job for you then."

"My men and I do not proceed with a job unless we know of the payment beforehand."

"You know of the wealth I possess. Do as I command and you and your men shall never have to work for any man again."

He smiled, "What do you command, my Lord?"

Well? Did this whet your appetite for more?