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Princess Lucia: Pilot? Perhaps...

Chapter 1: The consequences of my birth date.

Not much has happened for a while. And it seemed everyone was just content with the beginning of the school semester. Meeting people can be a nice fresh start, but for me was just the old same old for a student from a regular Japanese school. Oh that's right, I forgot to mention:

I'm Koizumi Yuta, 14 years old, and I got all the average aspect of a person from a boy of my age, save the odd fact I was born June 6, 1994 At 6:06.06. There is no problem with this birth date, well there wasn't any problem until that day come.

One week later:

It was a cool Monday morning, the summer was near coming and the temperature was already warm even in that time of the morning. My stupid alarm clock didn't wake me up on the right time, so I had to take a hurry to arrive at school in time. I just left my parents taking their breakfast save for bread I took while I was on my way out.

Today was the second Monday of the month, which means that the classes would end a little sooner in the morning so students who weren't enrolled in club activities yet could go and look for it and match with a club they found the most interesting. I was lucky to arrive in school just 10 seconds before the keeper closed the main gates, leaving the late students waiting there until the next hour. I got to the class and by accident I crushed in something and a lot of drawing material crushed in the floor. When I managed to get up I was there were two girls from the second year, and probably members of the art club, the one I wish to join later. One of the girls started yelling at me. Her name is Mikamoto El, a girl with a short temper and kind of a foul mouth. As she was about to give me a kick the other girl got up and asked El to stop this behaves since it was just an accident. How could I not know her name, Kasukabe Rie, the gentle and kind natured girl that I long for so long yet I didn't have the guts to talk this with her.

"Never mind whose fault was, but at least help us to pick those things up and take them to the club room". El said while rubbing her back in a slight demonstration of pain for falling in the floor with all the boxes over her body.

"I hope you don't get late for your classes Yuta-kun for helping us''. Rie said with a light blush. She picked some of the art material and put it back in the box El was about to carry.

"No problem, no problem at all''. I said laughing and trying to cover my blush while avoiding to take much of a explicit look on Rie's gorgeous body and El's chest that was on the view while she was crouching down to pick some of the ink tubes that where trown under the water drinker.

Little did I know that outside the window there was a girl watching our movements and at the same time analyzing a copy of some of the student's school records. After browsing most of them the girl took a good look at mine and had a small smirk on her face.

"This boy has the perfect date of birth that I was looking for. It took me so many months of research to found it by pure luck. June 6, 1994 at 6:06.06, the so waited dated I was looking for. Soon, very soon the demon real will be restored and those angels with know their place beneath us''

After helping the girls to unpack all the art material, Yuta was about to leave the club when he felt a soft hand on his arm. It was Rie's who was on front of him with a serious look on her face just like El got it suddenly, and slowing come close to the windows and quickly pulled the curtains off but nothing was outside the window.

"Dam it! These Angels noticed my presence. Well the first part of my task is complete I need to find a perfect opportunity of approaching while the angels aren't near.''