wish, Soun


The Sun was setting over the mountains, casting reds and purples over the night coming sky.

A regal gentleman sat on the roof of a tall, but low cost apartment building. his rent was up in the morning, but he no longer had anything to live for. his eldest daughter had married a local doctor after a very short courting period everyone else knew the truth,. His Middle daughter had entered into a business that required her to move to the Headquarter offices in America. And little Akane, sweet little Akane...

He had received word that she had been knifed in the yard of the prison.

he sipped the nectar from the little keg.

it was the good stuff. It cost more then a months rent just for this small jug.

He had sold the dojo to pay for Akane's legal fees. Nabiki had washed her hands of the family problems, stating that Ranma's death, and the year fallowing were too much for any sane woman to put up with. on the anniversary of His death, She said 'good bye' and left in a Limo, for parts beyond Soun's reach. Kasumi the week later.

For two years he lived in this small, one room, apartment. every week the same as the one before it. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, he would roof hop to the edge of town and watch Akane through field glasses until noon, then he was off to do odd jobs to earn pocket change for dinner. Tuesday and Thursday he provided 'Mussel' for 'Legal help' in some of the seeder places in Tokyo.

he sipped again.

The master would have loved this stuff. Even he paid for stuff this good, he stole the money, yes, but he paid the dealer for the 'nectar'.

He really missed his friend Genma, but since Ranma was found dead in the back yard of the dojo, and then the full story came bursting forth, Nodoka called the contract into play, and Genma tried to make a run for it. He made it three days before Nodoka caught him. then in true samurai fashion, she turned her blade on her self, breaking it deep in her guts, killing her, and destroying the blade.

he sipped deeply.

With the Death of Ranma, the Chinese Amazons had returned home, not in shame, but in sadness. there was nothing they could do...

he had just about timed it perfectly. he finished the saki just as the sun dropped below the mountains. he could already feel the poison striping away the strength from his limbs. It would serve the old hag who owed this building; having to climb all the way to the top of the building to find him dead, then to climb all the way back down to call the police, and if she survived the hassle and scandal of a dead man on her roof, she would have to pay for a priest to come and banish the ghosts...

He chuckled as the darkness took him.


A Dark and Twisted man leaned back into his throne. He had watched as everyone around this once proud man had either died or been stripped away from him. as he watched Death claim this last token from the board, a thought came to him. There was a way to repay this puny mortal for years of enjoyment he had received, it would cost him, but the enjoyment he had received, and would again


He awoke to the sound of Ki shouts from the open window over his head. 'Damn it Genma, could you not wait until everyone else was awake!' he pulled the covers over his head.

he bolted up right!

the saki struck again.

'It was good stuff, but ...'

A load Ki shout rattled his ears. in that shout he heard young male and female voices. He also heard Kasumi in the yard, counting off, in counter point to the Ki shouts.

"Is the Lord of the Manner feeling a bit delicate, this morning?" a honey voice purred from above, as her shadow fell across him. a smug smile on her face

Before he could guard his tongue, "Nothing a quick roll in the blankets wont fix." a kick snapped the covers around her waist, where he easily pulled her down to him.

after a few simple kisses and some minor petting, "you need to get to the furo, you have a class in, " she craned her neck to look at the clock, "twenty minutes." Prying herself from his grip, and rolling to her feet 'And you are going to teach it this morning. or risk losing your titles as 'Lord and Master'.


Fifteen minutes later he was walking into a slightly larger Dojo then he remembered. His Morning Class was arriving, while Kasumi's were finishing up. Her style was a Tai Chi and Aikidocross. her class learned and used it more for realigning their personal energies then for fighting, but could hold off an enraged attacker or two if needed. He stood quietly off to the side as the class finished their latest pass through the Kata and ended facing the shrine. as one they bowed, and broke up.

Nodding to a few people on their way out, Soun began to limber up, pausing only to kiss his daughter on the check, as she shepherded the last of her students out the door. Soun looked over the class before him. They were mostly police officers, who came here for basic unarmed combat instruction. This was the basic class, the advanced class would be here later, and included his youngest daughter.

"Now class, we will start with Kata, the first, and then into pairs for sparing." he turned his back to them, " Deep breath, and ..."