Wish Soun

Ch 1

Soun finished his morning Kata. He was feeling good. He could remember almost all of his School of Anything Goes.

As he exited the Dojo, he caught sight of his wife hanging the last of the laundry on the line. He smiled. She was beautiful, the wind pulling at her braid, the sun shining down on her glowing skin, Nodoka deeply kissing her sweet mouth, as her hands roamed her perfectly tight ass…

Nodoka doing what?

He looked again. Yes, there was his wife getting molested by Saotome Nodoka. And she was enjoying it!

'That's right, She turned to our wife when Genma and Ranma were reported dead. Just wish that they would let me join in on their weekly nights together.' The pervy Master smiled, then frowned, 'What is going to happen when Genma and Ranma show up?'

He dropped into his seat off the porch. Sorting through the Mail in front of him, he found a postcard from China. 'Oh shit, It is really going to hit the Fan. Oh well, time to get the ball rolling.'

"Kasumi, Nabiki, Akane!"

As the girls arrived, they assumed positions of relaxed attention.

"Girls, I have news, both good and bad. An old training friend is coming here, and is bringing his son." He took a deep breath. "In our joy of have such beautiful children, We swore that his son would take one of my daughters as his wife."

"No can do, Father. I am in the finial steps of locking down the male of my choice." Kasumi was cold, but gentle.

"Will need more Information on this 'boy' if I am to consider his value, or compare him to the other five who have asked for my hand in marriage." Nabiki was warm, yet calculating, yet still Soun shivered.

"How does he compare in the Art?" Akane measured all things in values of how it affected Her Art, her standing within Community of the Masters of the Art.

"I think you both will be both surprised and pleased." Soun smirked. "exact details I can not give. Akane, I am sorry, but your standing is going down, but then most of the other masters are dropping as well. You might be the true female of highest standing, but in the overall, everyone is taking a drop. Nabiki, Ranma is a Multi-Art Master, wanted as breeding stock if nothing else across the globe. Street-smart, but little to no common schooling.

"Now for the bad news; They have just passed through China, and picked up a curse each. Ranma will be needing a friend, not a Wife at this time. for the last few years, it has just been Ranma and his father, so he is going to be rather crude, by some standards. You both will spend time with him alone over the next two weeks. I am not asking that allow pervy behavior, but you need to learn what fears he has, as well as his dreams and hopes."


Ranma awoke with the coming of the Dawn. Looking about she saw that land was within sight of her floating island. Climbing to her knees, she began to paddle her 'board' into the current that would take them in. Soon she was able to catch a short wave and pick up speed.

About four hours before noon, she saw the harbor. Standing she caught the waves coming in, hopped the wakes of the ships heading out, and yet the panda showed no signs of waking.

As she worked her way into to the harbor, around the big ships and tugs, she plotted her way to the pier. As she neared, she aimed for a pylon. As the Wave crested, she shifted her wait to slam the Panda's head into the pylon, then jumped.

As she landed lightly on the deck, she turned and spit down on the slumbering beast.

"Hey Pops, Last one to shore buys Breakfast." She then turned and ran for the main gates.

Before She had gone twenty meters, she heard the heavy pounding of the Panda's feet behind her, and closing.

She just laughed and poured on the speed.


"Loving Wife, I have good news, and bad news. A suitor for the girls is arriving today with his father. It was a oath we took when we sealed away the Master; that his Son would take one of my lovely daughters as his wife. I have already spoken to the girls about this, and with the expiation of Kasumi, they are open to the idea. "

He sipped his tea, "Now for the bad news. I fear that your lover is going to royally pissed off by our guests. Promises were made, that if not broken, were not held to. I do not know the full range of the infractions, but there will be some violence on the part of Nodoka, and she is within her rights."

"Who would be coming?" she asked. "The only one who could piss her off was Genma, and he is dead."

"No he is not." Soun handed her the postcard. "They will be here just after noon. I am hoping."

"You are just now telling me that they are Alive?" her snarl allowing the sun to glint of her prefect teeth. "You are going to sit there and tell me that You knew all this time that They lived, That they were coming here?

"Would you believe that I knew nothing of their arrival until this morning, nor of their survival?"

She glared into his eyes. "Okay, I believe that you knew nothing, until this morning. What do you know now that you did not yesterday?"

"you mean other then Nodoka, being pissed? She is going to do something stupid, that could get allot of people hurt, if she is allowed to remain armed. She is going to feel betrayed and it will fall to you to act as a buffer. With the surprises that are coming, Nodoka will need to think a few things through."


"Hey Pops! this is the place!" a small redhead back flips, driving her dainty feet into the shoulder blades of the panda that just dove to tackle her.