Hi everyone! My newest one-shot is a little bit fluffy again… A hint of lemon maybe… I hope you'll enjoy it!
Summary: Set during the honeymoon in Breaking Dawn on Isle Esme. Edward doesn't want to make love with Bella again until she's a vampire because he's afraid of hurting her, but Bella's making it a little hard for him to resist her…

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I was lying with Bella wrapped up in my cool arms thinking about what we could do today. She'd be awake soon and I wanted to have something at hand, just in case she would try to seduce me again. I didn't know if I was going to be able to resist her again… Hmm, maybe we could go for a swim?
She began stirring in my arms and I knew she would open her beautiful brown eyes soon. Her whimpers trembled and when she saw me, she smiled a sweet smile.

'Good morning, love. Did you sleep well?' I said.

'Yes, thank you.' she answered as she snuggled closer, wrapping her arms around my neck and flinging one leg around my waist. Damn. I had to rescue myself from my far too tempting wife.

'Okay, let's make you breakfast. Eggs, I guess?' I smiled, she'd eaten almost nothing else but eggs during our honeymoon.

She giggled. 'Yes, please.'

I freed myself out of her grip and went to the kitchen to fry some eggs for her. After she'd taken a shower she came to the kitchen, wearing a pretty, yellow dress. At first I was awe-struck by her beauty and I wanted nothing else than to make love to her right there, but then I saw the bruises on her arms. They were beginning to faint, but they were still painfully visible on her creamy skin.
She must have seen the change in my expression, because her face went from smug to disappointed. I hated to make her sad but I just couldn't hurt her again. I placed the eggs in front of her and she ate it all. Her appetite had really improved since we came here.

'So, what are we doing today? I guess we're not staying in bed all day, are we?' she asked, smiling innocently.

I sighed and suggested she'd put on a bathing suit.

'Oh, we're going to swim today? Yeah, I guess that'll wear me out. I may even fall asleep tonight before I get a chance to seduce you. But of course, you already knew that, because that's the purpose of all these activities, right?' she said, not even bothering to hide her anger.


'No, it's fine. I'll go pick out a bathing suit. You just wait for me outside.' she sighed and turned around. Just before she went upstairs she pulled her dress over her head, showing the lacy underwear Alice had bought her. Was she trying to kill me or something? I raced outside and tried to even my breathing. I heard her chuckle upstairs while going through the bathing suits in her suitcase, also picked out by Alice of course.
A couple of minutes later I heard her descend the stairs. I turned around and gasped. She was wearing a red bikini, if you could call that a bikini. It revealed almost everything and my eyes lingered at her breasts. For an instant, all I could think about was her body, moaning and writhing underneath mine… Then I saw her smug smile and I quickly straightened my face.

'How do I look?' she asked as she made a pirouette.

I cleared my throat before saying: 'Beautiful, as always.' She looked a little disappointed and grabbed her towel while stumbling over the threshold. I chuckled and shook my head. My Bella.

We went into the ocean and swam around for a while. Then I swam towards her, wrapped my arms around her and kissed her, I just couldn't help myself. She was a little surprised at first but recovered quickly and wrapped her legs around me. Her hands went to my hair, tugging it gently. Well, to me it felt gently, but I guess she was tugging it pretty hard in this wave of passion. She moaned softly and I pulled back.

'I'm sorry, Bella…' I murmured. She pouted and I unwrapped her legs from my waist. 'Come on, I'll make you some lunch.' She sighed but surrendered and followed me back to the house.

That night I was happy another day of torture was over. She'd really become the death of me. When she came down that stairs with the tiny bikini I thought I would explode with lust.
But I wouldn't make love to her again until I'd changed her. And I would change her. She rolled over and moaned, whispering 'Please, Edward… Mmm, that feels so good…'
Soon. I would change her very, very soon.

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