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Erika knew something was wrong when he started following her car.

She noticed him a week ago when she was shopping with her friend Laura. Laura saw him first and thought that he was cute.

"Oh, look over there at that cute guy on the bench, Erika. He's soo cute! What do you say we go over there and talk to him? I'll bet he likes you," she said then giggled.

Erika looked over at him. He had dark red hair and light brown eyes. But even though he was kind of cute, when he looked at Erika and smiled, his smile did not reach his eyes and when she looked in them all she saw there was an emptiness that went to the soul and watching him made a shiver race down her spine.

"No," she said, "I don't really feel up to it." Laura sighed heavily. "I'm sorry but I really need to finish up shopping and get home. Besides," she gave one more look at the boy staring at her, "I don't really think I would have liked him very much. I'll bet he's at least twenty-two."

"So what? You'll be eighteen in nine days and then it wouldn't be illegal," Said Laura and looked over at Erika. The look she gave Laura made her cringe and giggle. "I didn't mean it, really. I was just joking!"

"Come on," growled Erika, also giggling," I have to get home by nine."

And after that, Erika saw him once or twice a day. She called the police twice, but they did not seem to even care and Erika was getting very frustrated and scared.

Today was different, though. It was four days until her birthday and today she saw him following her in a car. She knew that he was not just after her because he could have gotten her any time. He must be trying to find her house, Erika thought, and she was not about to let him have the upper hand.

When she sped up, he followed. She went well over the speed limit, then, and turned a few wrong corners until she could not see him and was sure that he was not following her anymore. She then went to a parking lot close to her house and got all her stuff, which was not much, out of her car and locked all the doors and started walking. Erika did this to make sure that if she had not lost him as good as she thought, he would not see her car in her driveway and know where she lived. It was only a matter of time before he finally found her house on his own.

When she was finally at home, Erika raced up the steps to her house. She found her mother, Maya, in the living room having a cup on tea while watching a movie. Erika walked over to her mother and said, "Mother I'm afraid we have to leave the house for a while, so you need to go pack some clothes."

"Whatever for Arabella?" Her mother always called her Arabella because that was her middle name and her mother loved that name so much that Erika did not mind her mother calling her that.

"I'm sorry, mother, but I don't have time to explain right now. Just go pack some clothes and get your 'lovely'," that was what her mother called her favorite piece of jewelry.

Maya did as her daughter asked. She did not like how her daughter had been acting these past few days before her birthday and she hoped this was not the time that she had been dreading for so long.

Only when they were finally in the road, with Erika driving her mother's car, did she finally start to relax.

"Now, Arabella, will you please tell me what this is about?" Maya questioned.

"There has been a man stalking me for five days now and today he tried to follow me home," Erika said, somewhat briefly.

"Do you know what is causing him to follow you," asked her mother. Erika detected a note of fear in her mother's voice.

"No. All I know is that the first time I saw him was when I went shopping with Laura Saturday. He could have been following me longer than that for all I know. I called the police, but either they didn't believe me or they just didn't care. Maybe you have seen him around. He has really red hair and weird looking eyes that gave me the shivers. I think he is about twenty or so." Erika noticed that her mother paled when she mentioned the man's hair and eyes. "Mother, I think you know something about what's going on. If you know something, anything, tell me. I can take it. After all, I'm probably the only person my age, who still believes in unicorns."

At that, her mother laughed. When she stopped, her expression turned very serious. "Do you trust me," Erika's mother asked.

"More that anyone I know," replied Erika instantly.

"Then go to Palms Park," Maya knew that the day had finally come for her daughter, and she felt a great sorrow for her daughter. For Maya knew that her daughter was going to go on the most wondrous adventure of her young life, but the fate of another world rested on Erika's shoulders, and she knew nothing of the purpose of the amulet or of her own remarkable powers that lie sleeping in her. But she will soon find out, thought Maya, and unfortunately I will not be there in person to help guide her, and she turned away from her daughter so Erika would not see the tears rolling down her cheeks.

When they reached Palm Park, five hours later, Erika parked the car where no one would notice. She then stretched her tense muscles and gave an exhausted sigh.

Maya also sighed and then said," turn around and I will braid your hair and get it out of your face." She did as her mother said and let her mother braid her long hair. "You know, I love your hair. It's so long and thick. It's already down to your hips. I thought you would have gotten it cut and dyed it like your friend Laura did. If I hadn't have named you Erika, I would have named you Raven because your hair is so black. And your eyes, you know, I've never seen anyone with that color green that you have. They are as green as summer grass. Now that I think of it, the only other person I have seen with eye resembling yours was you grandmother, Marie, but even her eyes weren't that green."

Erika knew her mother loved to admire her. Ever since her father died, she was the only other person her mother really cared about, so she didn't really mind when her mother got into one of her mothering fazes. She let her finish her praised without interrupting her and when Maya finished, they were both tired and sleepy from the long journey here.

"So what do we do now, mother?"

"Well there's not much we can do right now, since it's midnight and the park is closed now, but he will find out where we have gone, so we must get in now and sleep inside the park. That way, it will be easier to get where we are going."

"Where are we going, mother," Erika asked as she was getting out of the car. She opened the trunk and started getting her pack out. She opened her pack to make sure she had everything she needed. She was very glad now that she decided to wear her moccasins she learned to make from her nanny, Snow Flower, who was a nice old Cheyenne Indian. In her pack were some clothes, a hairbrush, some rubber bands, and other little necessities. She then checked her secret pocket in the side, where she kept all her small knives (????????????????????) She also had one hidden in her left moccasin, because she was left handed, just in case something happened. She brought her favorite bow, given to her as a gift from Snow Flower, and a quiver full of arrows.

Well, at least those years of learning survival and weaponry from Snow Flowers tribe wasn't for nothing, Erika thought. She was one of the best marksmen in the tribe. When they had gotten all they had needed from the car, Erika and her mother went to the eight-foot high fence surrounding the park. Erica helped her mother to climb over the fence first, and then Erika, almost effortlessly, climbed the fence. She was a natural at climbing. She had scaled two mountains with her friends before, so this fence was not much of a challenge. After that, they walked into the forest and found a nice spot to rest under an old Pine tree.

"Right now, Arabella, we go to sleep, but tomorrow we are going to a hidden underground cave as soon as we wake up. Also, about the man that has been following you. He is called a Hunter. He is after the amulet, and he is also after you. It will take too long to explain it all to you at the moment, but whatever happens, he must not get the amulet." Maya hands Erika the amulet. "Protect it with you life, Arabella. Promise me that no matter what, you will not let him, or anybody that is evil, lay their hands on it. Please, promise me!"

Erika takes the amulet from her mother's outstretched hand, "I promise, mother. I promise."

As Erika took the amulet, it vibrated and glowed as if testing its new owner. It stopped and somehow Erika could feel that it accepted her. She turned it around and looked at it. It was a very beautiful piece of jewelry. It was oval-shaped with five emeralds surrounding the center, it was solid gold and in the middle was a silver-white piece of braided unicorn hair encased in some sort of crystal-like substance. It was undoubtedly the most beautiful necklace Erika had ever seen.

"It is one of the five. It will get us to Luster to warn the queen of the hunters. Now get some sleep, Arabella. We have to get up early tomorrow."

"Good night, mother."

"Goodnight, Arabella. Sleep sweet."

"Sleep sweet, too mother," Erika said as she began to nod off.

Later in the night, when they were both asleep, Erika felt that something was going to happen. As Erika slept, she dreamed that the hunter was parking his car next to her mother's. The sun was just starting to rise and he was going through her mother's car looking for something. Erika knew he was looking for the amulet. Then he angrily slammed the car door, and getting his own pack, walked over to the fence and climbed over. As he jumped down off the fence and started walking in the direction of where she and her mother were sleeping, everything went black.



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