I can't stop with the ideas. Here is another fan fiction for Ulquiorra and Orihime, this time it's an AU, but they still have powers and Ulquiorra is still an Arrancar. The world around them is completely different though.

Author: Ongaku

Summary: Her eyes widened in shock as tears began to stream out. "I have been asleep for over 400 years? I wasn't supposed to be asleep that long!"

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.

Gravity – Chapter 01

"Brother, no!"

Explosions and screams could be heard in the background. Fire seemed to be everywhere. It was so hot and so horrible and the stink of dying bodies was overwhelming.

"Listen to me Orihime, it will be okay. As soon as I wake up I will come and get you."

The young woman's eyes brimmed with tears. "I don't like the idea of this. What if you never wake up or what if I wake up first?"

"Orihime," The young man began, "Don't ever say that. We will meet again. I promise."

Orihime nodded at her brother and got into the capsule. "That's a promise?"

"Of course it is. This will keep you safe and you won't have to be awake to see the world change."

Orihime looked around the capsule as she laid down in it. The technology had never been approved so she wasn't even sure it would work. "I trust you, Brother."

"That's a good girl, now close your eyes and have a good sleep."

Orihime did as her brother said and closed her eyes. She heard the click of the capsule being closed and then there was nothing else but darkness.

"Come on Ulquiorra, fight me!"

Ulquiorra ignored Grimmjow and continued to walk by.

"Hey! Don't ignore me, you depressing clown!"

Ulquiorra stopped at the insult and turned to look at Gimmjow. "Don't waste your energy on stupid and pointless battles, trash."

Grimmjow jumped up on the rock he was standing next to. "I think you are just too afraid to fight me."

Ulquiorra closed his eyes and scoffed. "Hardly."

"Come on! Just a little fight?" Grimmjow bounced around on the rock or to be more precise, the rubble.

The weight of his jumps must have been too much for the unsteady structure that it began to fall apart. Grimmjow grabbed onto the pole that was sticking out to keep from going down with the rubble.

"You are such an idiot." Ulquiorra was about to walk away when he noticed something strange.

A white tube was sticking out and there was a dim, blinking, red light coming from it.

Gimmjow followed his gaze and jumped to the ground. "Not another one of those!"

Ulquiorra walked up towards the tube and studied it carefully.

"Why do you even care? Those pathetic humans thought those stupid things would save them, but all it did was kill them. Every single one we found had a rotting corpse in it."

Ulquiorra touched the tube and was surprised to find it was warm. "Yeah, but this one is different. There is a light and the tube is warm."

"What?" Grimmjow looked surprised and came to see what he was talking about. Sure enough, the tube felt warm and the small glow was barely blinking.

"Do you think whatever's inside is still alive?"

Ulquiorra closed his eyes. "That's the general idea."

"Aw, man! What if the thing is so old inside that it dies as soon as we open it up? That would be so gross."

Ulquiorra looked at Grimmjow and saw him grimace. "You are being stupid. You kill humans every day and yet you get grossed out by an old human?"

Grimmjow just snorted. "You bet'cha!"

"Why do I even bother talking to you?" Ulquiorra looked around the tube to try and find a way to open it but there seemed to be no buttons or handle. "That's strange."

"What is?"

Ulquiorra looked straight down at the tube. "There doesn't seem to be a way to open it."

Grimmjow grabbed for the tube. "There is always a way, let's break it open!"

Ulquiorra grabbed Grimmjow by the arm to stop him. "Don't be an idiot; whatever is inside is probably fragile."

Grumbling, Grimmjow put it back down. "I don't know why it matters. It's just going to be another worthless human."

Ulquiorra looked Grimmjow in the face. "It might just be another human, but if it is still alive then there must be something about it. Plus, it might have something interesting to tell us about the past."

Grimmjow sat down on a pile of rubble nearby, laughing. "There you go again, you and your stupid curiosity about the past."

Ulquiorra choose to ignore Grimmjow's comment and placed both his hands on the warm tube. With his reiatsu he tried to figure out what was inside of it but to his surprise the tube made a loud release noise, as if a gush of air was being let out.

The tube's first layered opened up and it revealed a young and beautiful girl, incased in a strange liquid.

Ulquiorra took in her features, she had long and flowing orange hair and light skin, but it looked full of life. Her cheeks were rosy and her face looked smooth and peaceful. He knew right away that she was far from being dead; nothing could preserve a human so well otherwise.

Grimmjow walked up to get a better look. "Hot damn, take a look at those breasts!"

Ulquiorra sighed. "I thought you said it would be just another worthless human."

"Yeah, well, maybe she is, but at least she is a hot one!"

Ulquiorra continued to look down at the sleeping girl, wondering how he was going to get her out. He had no idea how long he had been staring at her until he realized that her eyes where open and filled with terror.

It caught him off guard so he pulled back a bit, which turned out to be a good thing because then the girl thrashed and ripped through the thin film that was covering her. She came out of it screaming at the top of her lungs. Ulquiorra, knowing that would attract some unwanted attention, clamped his hand over her mouth.

The girl looked at him and tried to get away but Ulquiorra grabbed her arm.

"Be quiet, you will put yourself in even more danger."

The girl nodded her head so he let go. She continued to look at him with a confused expression on her face. He was a slim man, but seemed to be very strong. His hair was jet black and face was pale white, which only seemed to emphasize the bright green eyes he had.

On top of his head laid a strange bone helmet that only seemed to cover part of his head.

On his pale cheeks were dark teal marks running down from his eyes. They looked so much like tear drops that she couldn't help but wonder why he was so sad.

Even with all those strange things, the thing that stood out the most about him was the hole that went right through his chest. She could see right through his body! There was no way he could be alive.

She then turned to look at the man behind him. He had bright blue hair, which was not a normal color for humans, so she wondered if he dyed it. Instead of a bone helmet he had a bone cheek, it was a strange sight. His eyes flickered gold with sparks of curiosity. Her eyes continued to stare him down until she saw the same kind of hole in his body, only it was lower, in the middle of his abs.

She turned to make a run for it, but as soon as she did she finally noticed her surroundings.

Everything was dead and so bleak. The only wind that came through was stale and hot, nothing was left except for rubble and sand. In the sky held a broken moon and a faint sun.

"Where am I?" she finally managed to squeak out, deciding to trust the people who found her.

"You're on Earth, stupid Human." Gimmjow seemed to find her question funny.

Her eyes widened and then panic came. "My brother! Where is my brother?" She looked around desperately but all hope was lost when nothing looked familiar to her.

A hand grabbed her on the shoulder. "Don't go running off or you will die. You're brother might be with the other humans, but most likely he is dead."

The young woman turned to the strange looking man and tried to hold back her tears. "But, he promised me. He promised he would be there when I woke up."

"Woman, the year is 2450. When did you live?"

Her eyes widened in shock as tears began to stream out. "I have been asleep for over 400 years? I wasn't supposed to be asleep that long!"

"What is your name?" Ulquiorra tried to have patience in his voice. He didn't want to scare her just yet.

She looked at him as if trying to decide if she should tell him. "It's Inoue, Orihime Inoue. You?"

Ulquiorra decided it was only fair that he tell her his name. "Ulquiorra Cifer, and this trash behind me is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez."

"What are you?"

"We ain't human, if that's what you mean." Grimmjow sat down, getting bored with the turn of events.

"We are Hollows, or to be more precise, we are Arrancars." Ulquiorra knew she wouldn't understand but said it anyway.

"Hollows? Arrancars? What?" Orihime grasped her thin robe in confusion.

"Yeah, but don't get us mixed up with the other human-like Arrancars. We are powerful and are known as the Espada." Gimmjow stood up and showed a mark on his back. It read the number six. "I'm the Sexta Espada, that emo clown is the Quarto Espada."

Ulquiorra glared at Grimmjow.

"What? She was bound to find out sometime or another."

Orihime was starting to feel self-conscious in her little outfit when she noticed Grimmjow's eyes were staring intently at her breasts. She wrapped her arms around herself and crouched back down in the tube.

"You said other humans? So there are others like me?"

"Well, not exactly like you. They have lived their lives in this world. You are the only one we have found to be living in one of these tube things."


Ulquiorra gave her a questioning look.

"It's called a capsule, it was something created to try and preserve mankind in case of disaster."

"I see." Ulquiorra placed his hand up to his eye. "I assume you can figure out what happened if you are inside that thing."

Orihime nodded. "Yes, somewhat, it was terrible really. The moon exploded, I have no idea why and people were dying all around because of natural disasters."

"There is more to it then that actually. The moon didn't just blow up on its own. A foolish human did it. The event brought upon us, the Hollows and Arrancars. We become Arrancars by eating other Hollows and then taking on a form that is more human except for the small amount of bone left on our head and the hole through our bodies"

Orihime's face paled. "Cannibalism?"

"You could call it that, but we are nothing more than dead beings and corrupt souls."

Grimmjow tossed a rock and grumbled. "What are we, teachers? Why don't you tell her the good part, like how we eat humans too."

Orihime looked from Grimmjow's face to Ulquiorra's. "Is that true?"

"Yes, but we don't tend to eat just any human, only the ones with a strong reiatsu, kind of like a powerful soul."

"Are you going to eat me?" Orihime frowned, thinking that it might not be so bad to be eaten instead of having to live in this awful new world.

"No, your soul seems worthless."

"Yeah, it would probably taste yuck, plus, it would be more fun to toy with you."

Orihime was scared but she couldn't help herself. "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?"

Grimmjow slapped his knee in amusement. "Very funny, you're a mouthy one. Too bad we aren't going to eat you."

"Shall I show you our world?" Orihime looked at Ulquiorra in awe as he reached for his face and then she gasped when his fingers entered his eye socket and emerged with his eye. It made a sickening noise, wet and ripping but he didn't seem bothered by it, as if he felt no pain.

"What are you doing?"

"My eye is all-seeing." He then put the eye in his hand and crushed it. Dust spun around and around until she started to see images.

She watched in horror as she saw people running from these horrible monsters. Then she saw more Arrancars, they came in all shapes and sizes just like the humans but some of them had awful tempers. She saw a huge one attack a simple servant and Gimmjow was laughing strongly while he was killing another Arrancar that looked female but proved to be male.

It would have amused her to know that they even had cross dressers in their species if the Arrancar wasn't screaming in pain and anger.

As the picture began to fade Orihime looked at Ulquiorra. "What was that?"

"My memories."

Orihime blinked. "What about your eye?"

Ulquiorra stared at her as if she grew another head. "I have fast regeneration."

Sure enough, his eye was already starting to heal.

Orihime was just about to ask what they planned to do with her when a loud roar could be heard in the distance.

"Damn it, they sensed you." Ulquiorra walked up towards to Orihime.

"They?" she was starting to get sinking feeling in her stomach.

"The mindless hollows that like to eat anything they can find. Human, that is."

Orihime stood up quickly. "What do I do?"

"Why should we care? I'm leaving, this is boring." Grimmjow took off and was gone before Orihime could even blink.

"Please don't leave me." She glanced in Ulquiorra's direction and almost felt like it was a lost cause when he suddenly grabbed her by the waist and took off to who knows where.

Orihime stood in a huge room. Despite being hot outside, it was freezing inside. The little outfit with thin material did nothing to help. Shivering, Orihime looked up to see what was going on.

A strange man was looking down at her with a cold smile. He had light brown hair and dark eyes, eyes so dark and cold that she could have sworn he was soulless.

Standing to his right was another strange man, his eyes where slit and his face was smiling slyly.

To his left, stood a tall and dark man, he wore a blindfold over his eyes which made her wonder if he was blind.

"So, your name is Orihime."

She nodded her head and then grabbed her arms when she felt like she was being crushed under a lot of pressure. Doing her best, she tried to stay standing but failed miserably as her legs gave out and she came crashing down.

"I'm so sorry."

The pressure was gone and Orihime looked around to see all the monsters snickering, except for Grimmjow, who looked bored, and Ulquiorra, who didn't even have his eyes open.

"I just had to test you and see how strong you are." He then began to laugh, which sent shivers down her spine.

"My name is Aizen, and I'm the ruler of this new world." Orihime looked at him with confusion. She had to take in a lot this day.

"You're the strongest Arrancar?" Orihime was afraid to ask but she couldn't help herself.

More laughter could be heard.

"Not at all, dear. I'm human, just like you."

Orihime cringed once again.

"Well, maybe not like you. I have strength and power, and the Arrancars and Espadas are my army."

"Army? For what?"

"To keep those weak humans in there place."

Orihime didn't understand at all. If he was human - and a strong one at that - shouldn't he want to help his own kind?


Orihime turned to look at Ulquiorra again. He had his head down and was bowing.


"Put her in one of our uniforms. In fact, I have the perfect one in mind. Then take her to the human town."

Orihime was confused. Why was he going to put her in one of their outfits? She looked around and noticed that all the people, or monsters, in his army where wearing white suits, all tailored and cut different, with black trimming.

Ulquiorra started to walk out the large doors that lead into the room. "Follow me, Woman."

Orihime took one more glance at Aizen and then quickly followed him out.

Once they were out of ear shot of any of the other beings, Orihime decided to start asking questions.

"Why would he want me to wear what you guys wear? I'm not an Arrancar."

Ulquiorra ignored her for a long enough time until they reached smaller doors. He pushed them open and walked in, not waiting for Orihime to follow.

Inside was one outfit. It was very simple and very modest. It would show no inch of her skin as the thing covered her from the chin down to her feet. Next to the dress was a pair a black boots.

Orihime had a puzzled look on her face. How on earth did they have an outfit just for her when they have never met before?

"The outfit was prepared for a special reason; I have no idea why he thought you should wear it. As for putting you in one of our outfits, it's to show that you belong to us and may be one of us."

Orihime looked at Ulquiorra and reached for the dress. She walked towards the curtains and began to put on the outfit. It was a perfect fit, which just amazed her.

"That surprisingly looks good on you."

Orihime gasped when she heard Ulquiorra voice right behind her. She wondered just how long he had been there and began to blush.

"What did you mean by you didn't understand why Aizen-sama would want me to wear this? Perhaps he just thought it would be a perfect fit. What was it supposed to be for?"

Ulquiorra stared at her for a long time. She was starting to get uncomfortable.

"Are you sure you want to know?"

Orihime only nodded, getting that sinking feeling in her stomach again.

"It's meant for his queen."

Orihime fell back in shock. "His queen? Do you think he is planning to make me his queen?"

Ulquiorra took her by the arm and started to lead her out of the room. "I doubt it, but since you are from the past he seems to have a bit of interest in you. Plus, I have a feeling he thinks you might be someone important."

Orihime didn't understand all that was going on, but decided not to ask anymore because he was starting to get impatient with her.

Orihime was once again in Ulquiorra's grasp, but it was in no way romantic. He handled her like a sack of potatoes.

"Do you think you could carry me a little nicer?"

He said nothing and Orihime grunted. "Fine, just ignore me."

The speed they were traveling at was amazing. She had never moved so fast, not even in a car. It reminded her a bit of a roller coaster, only it had no thrill and for some reason she didn't feel the intense wind, almost like he was blocking it with a strange power.

After about ten minutes of being held, they landed and Orihime struggled to be let go. Her whole side was starting to hurt, including her back.

In one of her hands she had a brown package and in the other a water bottle. When Aizen saw her again he told her that they would be bringing her back from time to time and keeping a watchful eye on her. Then she was handed the food.

It was really strange the way she was being treated and she wondered if it would ever make sense to her.

A loud clang brought her back out of her thoughts. Orihime looked around until she heard a man's yell. "Arrancar! An Arracnar is here!"

She heard the slamming of doors and the hustle of many feet.

"This is where I take my leave."

Orihime spun around to try and catch him and ask him what she was supposed to do next but he was already gone.

"Great, just dump me and leave me vulnerable."

She began to walk towards the village when a swarm of angry men circled her.

"Get out of here, you filthy Arrancar!"

Orihime froze. She didn't think about that. She should have known the outfit would make them think she was one of the monsters.

"I'm not an Arrancar."

"Like we can believe you! You are covered in head to toe and your bone could be hidden on your neck."

"No, I was, well the outfit is hard to explain but I'm not one of them. I can prove it." Orihime began to unzip the top part of her dress to show she had no bone on her head.

"Traitor!" Orihime turned to the direction of a young woman yelling.

"You wear the outfit of the queen!"

Orihime's eyes widened, so they already knew.

Before she could explain anymore she was hit by a rock. She looked around to try and figure out who did it but it was pointless because before long she was getting hit by many rocks.

"Please, stop! I'm not a traitor, I swear!" Tears began to fall from her eyes from the pain and from anger.

Just when she thought she was done for, a strong male voice boomed from the back. "Stop this at once!"

The rocks stopped hitting her and the crowd split up to let a young man with bright orange hair walk through.

Orihime looked at him in awe and her heart began to pound.

He reached down and held out his hand. "Are you alright?"

Orihime was so stressed out from the day's events that she could help herself. She grabbed him and began to sob into his chest.

"There, there, it's okay now." He patted her awkwardly but didn't push her away.

He then picked her up and began to carry her towards his home. The crowd just watched and then slowly began to break apart to continue the rest of their day.

To Be Continued.