Wahoo, another chapter already! Getting closer to the dark stuff so be prepared. BTW, I know that it seems like everyone wants Orihime, but that is only how it seems. This is not some harem story. Ha!

Author: Ongaku

Genre: Romance/Drama

Pairing: Ulquiorra/Orihime

Rating: M

Summary: Her eyes widened in shock as tears began to stream out. "I have been asleep for over 400 years? I wasn't supposed to be asleep that long!"

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach.

Gravity – Chapter 11

Orihime walked down the halls of Las Noches by herself. It was a rare time when she didn't have someone else with her. It was pretty quiet. The echo of her shoes could be heard all the way down the halls.

Orihime was in a mood.

It wasn't a bad one per say but she was feeling restless.

Ever since she told people about her feelings towards Ulquiorra she couldn't get him out of her mind. She even dreamed about him and would wake up with the feeling of his touch on her skin. She thought it was crazy how much her mind could make something seem so real. She had an itch that she couldn't scratch and it was driving her crazy.

Not to mention that it has been several months since she her ordeal with Ulquiorra and Aizen. She had been avoiding Ulquiorra like the plaque, but it wasn't easy.

Orihime turned the corner quickly and bumped into something hard, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Ah dang, that really hurt." Orihime mumbled and then looked up to see what she had run into.

It turned out to not be a 'what' but a 'who'. It was the worst person she could have run into.


She quickly got off the floor and was going to make a mad dart around him when he grabbed her by the arm. His grip was a bit painful making Orihime flinch.

"Ow, Ulquiorra you are hurting me." She looked at him and was surprised that he had already been looking in her direction.

Their eyes met and Orihime could feel her heart fall down into the pit of her stomach. She was in a lot of trouble.

"If you have something to say then spit it out already." Orihime tried to act tough and put on a brave front but she could hear the shake in her own voice so she knew he had to have noticed.

He pulled her into a nearby room and shut the door behind them. Orihime could feel her heart beating wildly. She wasn't even sure just how crazy this was. She had never been alone with him since the night of their- well she wasn't sure what to call it. It wasn't a passion of love but a passion of want and need that she had shared with him so many months ago.

Being alone with him was bringing all those memories rushing back along with her crazy dreams. If there was a God out there he was certainly punishing her for her dirty mind. She felt so wrong and he hadn't even done anything but grab her arm! She was beginning to pant and made a mental note to try and calm herself down.

There was rage but in the rage was something different, something Orihime could not put her finger on. She could feel it coming from Ulquiorra, the rage was to be expected. After all, she had ignored him and downright avoided him for so long. She had even surprised him with marrying Aizen out of the blue after they had sex together. She didn't even bother to tell him why or what she was planning. She couldn't imagine him being jealous but she could imagine that she had hurt his pride or some other animal instinct that he had to keep in check.

"Ulquiorra?" she said with hesitation.

"I can't any longer." His eyes flicker with the color of gold he had shown her once before.

Orihime awoke from her spell and began to get nervous. She tried to turn and run away but he grabbed her and threw her up against the wall, pinning her to it by her wrists. It hurt but not enough to do any damage. She got the feeling that he was still trying to hold back just to keep from killing her.

"Ulquiorra I-" her words where stopped when he put his lips on hers. Her eyes opened wide in shock. That was completely new. He didn't even do that the last time.

She felt herself get heavy though, as if she had taking a medication that would make you drowsy. Fearing for the worst she struggled under his grip. It was no use and he was too far gone to be stopped that way.

Finally she knew what needed to be done. She bit his lip as hard as she cold. He pulled back, anger on his face until he realized what he had just done. Orihime was panting and trying to catch her breath or perhaps her energy. She had fallen down to the floor and tears were streaming down her face now.

Ulquiorra was about to turn around and go when Orihime grabbed on to his pant leg.

"Don't go. Don't leave me."

He stood still but did not look at her.

Orihime got up once she found her strength and grabbed on to him, clinging to him with desperation. She had been scared but now that he was back to himself she couldn't just let him go. She still wanted him so she did the unthinkable; she pulled his head down to kiss him herself.

When she pulled away she was panting pretty heavily but she wasn't sure if it was just that she was so tired or because of her lust.

"I can't hold out any longer either. Please-" she wasn't really sure what she was begging for but he seemed to get the hint.

The hunger in his eyes was back but this time it seemed to have more control.

Orihime knew they both shouldn't be doing this. If anyone was to find out, especially Aizen, they would both be in a lot of trouble – maybe even killed.

There was no stopping them now. Ulquiorra moved her up against the wall again, but was not forceful this time. He unzipped the cape part of her dress, letting it fall to the floor. This exposed her neck and shoulder and it took him no time to move in on them. He licked from her collar bone and up to her chin making Orihime shiver from excitement.

She really had lost all her innocence after the first time. She never thought she would be that girl. There was no use caring about it, since there was no one there to judge her. She wrapped her arms around him and pushed herself against his groin.

She felt that he was already hard and this excited her even more. She wondered if she was really that desirable or if he was just that pent up. Maybe it was a little of both.

She ground her hips into him in excitement. It surprised her slightly when he made a low growling noise deep in is throat, but knew it wasn't a noise of anger. It was just a noise of pure lust and delight.

Getting frustrated by the fabric, Ulquiorra quickly turned Orihime around, breaking the kiss and surprising Orihime a bit.

"Ulquiorra… what?" Orihime strained to say but fully understood when he reached for her zipper and pulled it down. She was a glad that he wasn't just ripping her clothes off like last time but was a little concerned about the position she was in. She didn't want to be taken from behind.

With the zipper pulled down, her top of the dress fell down smoothly, exposing her breasts. Orihime blushed at this, unlike last time she had time to think about what was going on and having her body exposed so openly in a bright white room was a little hard to take.

To her relief he turned her back around and immediately dove in for her breasts. Her nipples seemed to grow harder at his touch. One breasts being fondled with his hand while the other being sucked on by his mouth. His touches where gentle but the repetition was enough to drive her mad, he really knew what he was doing.

Feeling a little tired of being the only one exposed Orihime went to take off his clothes. Unlike her, he didn't have a lot of layers, just one long zipper in the front, exposing his chest and the hole again.

This time she took notice of the four on his chest and traced the outline of it with her fingers. He stopped what he was doing to take in her touch. It was strange to him, she was just touching his chest but it seemed to bring all sorts of emotions he never thought he had.

He pushed down her pants at this point and thrust his hand into her panties. Orihime mewed quietly at his touch, swaying her hips in a silent plea for him to touch her more. His fingers dug in remorselessly inside her causing her to gasp in pleasure. She quickly covered her mouth with her own hand to keep from yelling out in the pleasure, throwing her head back as pushed another finger inside her.

She began to grind against his hand between her legs. It felt so good, but she wanted more.

He couldn't hold it any longer; there would be no more teasing and foreplay. He slid his hand out from her panties and pulled down his pants revealing a very hardened and swollen penis. Orihime felt her face get really hot and wondered just how red she was. She actually hadn't seen it the last time and now understood why it was so painful. He was large for someone who seemed small in frame.

She followed suit though, pulling down her last clothing of defense, her panties. She wrapped her arms around him and nodded her head. "Do it."

He did not need to be told twice. He pressed her up against the wall and slowly pushed his penis into her core. Orihime winced a bit, it didn't hurt like last time but it hurt some. She wasn't surprised, it has been months and she had only done it once before. She still wasn't completely use to it.

To her shock, once he was all the way in he just stopped. Orihime was expecting him to start pulling in and out right away. This gave her time to adjust. It was strange, having him treat her delicately this time. It just didn't seem like him. After a few seconds Orihime was ready. She experimented by wiggling her hips a bit.

This was his cue, knowing she was ready he pulled out of her and then pushed back in with a force that took Orihime by surprise. It did not hurt, just sent pure pleasure through her body.

She pivoted her hips, and rose up against him to try to take in as much of him as possible. He dove in deeper and deeper as she wrapped her legs around him.

They continued their rhythm, starting slow then speeding up as they started to reach their peak. She could feel the sweat on his back and wondered how hard it was for him to do this while they were standing. Her thoughts didn't last long because she was hit by an overwhelming climax.

She bit down on his shoulder to keep from screaming as he continued to pump her during her climax. She had no idea she could come so hard. It wasn't long before he followed suit, spilling seed deep inside her.

Not being able to stand anymore, her knees buckled and she started to slide down the wall. Ulquiorra fell to his knees as well, panting a bit, in front of her. They stared into each other's eyes, unsure of what to do next.

Orihime knew he was not the cuddling type, the thought of it actually made her want to laugh. Instead she chose to speak before he had the chance to collect himself and leave.

"We are in deep shit if anyone finds out."

Ulquiorra's eyes widened a bit by this. If Orihime hadn't been staring at him she never would have caught it. He was very good at staying stoned faced for the most part.

"Don't worry, I will not say a thing and I know you won't." Orihime grabbed for her clothes and started to put them back on now that she had got her strength back.

"I have to ask though, as stupid as it sounds… I can't get pregnant, can I?" She turned to look at him to see if he had heard her.

His eyes were closed this time, as if he was thinking about something. "No."

Orihime zipped up the top of her dress. "Good." She grabbed for her cape, but before she could take it Ulquiorra grabbed her by the arm.

But as quickly as he did, he just as quickly let go. Orihime was a little confused by this but instead of pressuring him for a reason she just put on her cape and heading for the door. "I'll try to stop avoiding you now." Then she went out the door and didn't look back.

As Orihime was walking down the halls shouldn't couldn't help but feel a little self-conscious. All the Arrancars bowed to her when she passed by. It was unnerving to have so much attention on herself. She wanted to just melt away and hide in a dark corner. She almost felt like they knew about her and Ulquiorra even though she knew that was impossible.

"Good Morning, Orihime-sama."

Orihime cringed when she heard that voice. She was not expecting to run into him so early in the day.

"Good Morning, Gin."

Gin was his usual self, smiling but not in a pleasant way. Orihime just didn't understand him. She knew he couldn't be all bad but he made it really hard for her to be comfortable around him.

"Aizen-sama wants to see you."

Orihime blinked a few time but quickly got over her initial surprise. "Aren't you a little high on the command ladder to be just delivering me a message?"

Gin just chuckled. "I was bored."

"Uh-huh" was all Orihime could think to say back. "I will head that way now then."

Orihime walked away but kept an eye on Gin. He didn't follow her though and soon he was out of sight. Orihime sighed in relief but knew that new stress was about to happen. If Gin made her uncomfortable then Aizen was like standing in front of a room of people, buck naked, and be expected to act normal.

It was a little odd for Aizen to be calling for her like this – after all they slept in the same room. He could just wait until they saw each other. She figured it must be something important though.

As Orihime opened the door to the room she spotted Aizen sitting much too comfortably on the sofa in their casual part of the room, the only part of the room that was not separated for the two of them.

"You wanted to see me?" she said slightly timid. She hoped this would be quick. Being around him was exhausting, especially because she was keeping big secrets.

"Come, have a seat."

Orihime sighed and made her way to the love seat that was across from him. Must keep my space from this man. She thought to herself. For a second she thought she saw a look of annoyance on his face, but it was so quick that should wasn't positive it happened.

It didn't matter though, she had made herself plenty clear to him on how their relationship stood. Married or not, she was not going to be intimate with him.

What surprised her more was that he stood up quickly and moved towards her. She wanted to run towards the hills but tried to keep a cool face.

"There is no need for you to be so distant with me. I'm not going to bite." Aizen took a seat next to her on the smaller love seat and Orihime could have sworn the thing got even smaller.

"Um… I… I'm sorry, I don't mean to offend. I'm just shy by nature."

"Just relax." Aizen said with a slight purr that made Orihime even more nervous. He grabbed her chin in his hand and pulled up her face to look up at him.

There was a gleam in his eyes that she couldn't figure out but did not like.

She was almost so distracted by the look he was giving her that she didn't notice him coming in closer. Panic began to fill her whole body as she knew she would not be able to pull away from his firm grip. She always hated the strength difference between men and woman.

Then, as if by some miracle she broke free from the trance and found the strength within herself to lift her hand up and slap him across the face.

Everything broke apart at that moment. Aizen had let go of her and had a smirk on his face.

Orihime was now wondering if she just stepped on a land mine, but couldn't stomach the thought of getting kissed by the man. She would rather choose death.

When he didn't say anything Orihime stood up quickly. "I'm sorry; I'm just not ready for that." Then she ran out of the room with no particular destination in mind.

A few second there was a knock at the door and Gin came waltzing in looking even more happy than usual.

"Oh man! You were asking for that one Aizen-sama." He laughed.

Aizen just relaxed on the back of the love seat. "You have a nasty habit of ease dropping still. I'm well aware I asked for that. It was actually the point." He laughed a bit to himself and closed his eyes.

Gin said nothing and just nodded his head even though he knew Aizen could not see him.

Orihime kept running in complete shock to what she had just done. Just how stupidly fearless was she? Were the incidents with Ulquiorra somehow making her think she was now invincible? It was all so stupid!

Not paying attention to where she was going Orihime turned a corner too quickly and ran into someone hard. She feel back and hit her bottom hard enough to get a wince out of it. The person she ran into, however, didn't budge, nor did he offer to help her up.


Talk about unfriendly and intimidating. Orihime was starting to really think she had bad luck. Especially since that was the second time in one day she had run into someone. She made a mental note to stop turning corners so damn fast.

"I'm very sorry I should have been paying more attention." She apologized, hoping she could get away quick and he wouldn't start lecturing her.

She couldn't stand his one sided justice. It made her skin crawl. It was obvious that both Aizen and Gin knew they were assholes, but this guy acted like he was a holy man.

Orihime picked herself off the floor and then started to walk around him. She didn't want to have any conversations with him. It was already turning out to be a very long day.

This, however, only seemed to anger him. He grabbed her roughly and pushed her up against the wall of the hallway. "Just because you are Aizen's pet, doesn't mean you can disrespect me."

Orihime glared at him but knew it was pointless after all, he was blind.

He could sense that she was not afraid though and this intrigued him. He was not expecting her to be so brave. He expected her to shiver in fear, maybe cry a little and beg him to let her go. He huffed and let her go.

"You better not disappoint Aizen." Then he turned and walked away.

Orihime stood still, watching him walk away. She wasn't sure how she got out of that one but was glad nothing worse happened. Still, she was a little confused by his last statement. Disappoint Aizen? She had probably already done that by the slap to his face. Oh, and let's not forget the times she had sex with his underling.

Orihime shook her head back and forth to clear her thoughts. She was wishing for her small cell of a room back, so she could escape everyone now. Instead, she ran into Gin again.

"The hell?" she whispered under her breath. She couldn't take much more of this and wondered if it was her punishment for earlier.

"I saw all that." Gin said with a sly voice. "Don't mind him he just permanently has a stick lodged up his ass."

Orihime snorted at this line.

"You really need to relax though Orihime. You were tense around me, Aizen and Tousen and just now you seemed rather annoyed to see me again."

Orihime winced, she didn't realize she was so transparent.

"I know! You need to get laid or something."

Orihime laughed nervously. If only he knew. "Haha, no thanks." She said to try and change the topic. Gin always gave her the creeps but something about him didn't seem all bad. It might have been because of Rangiku. Still, she knew she shouldn't drop her guard around him.

"No thanks? Did you think I was offering? I mean, not that I would say no but I wasn't."

Orihime felt her face burn up again. She couldn't believe him and she felt embarrassed by his boldness.

"Please, you knew what I meant." She really wanted to run away now.

"I'm just teasing you! It's so easy and so much fun. You know how boring it gets around here." Gin smiled and slowly cracked open his eyes.

Orihime sighed in relief. "I'm glad I can be a source of entertainment for you." Her sarcasm was evident.

Gin just laughed loudly at that. He walked up closer to her. "You are just something else." Then he reached down and pecked her on the lips.

Orihime pushed away quickly, getting ready to defend herself but nothing happened. Gin just started to laugh again and ran down the hall as if he was trying to get away from her retaliation.

She knew now, that he was just teasing her again. All these people were going to be the death of her.

She walked slowly down the hallway this time, watching to make sure she didn't run into any more trouble. She didn't think her psyche could take it.

That is when she noticed the very familiar green hair and sighed in relief.

"Nel!" she yelled to get her attention and picked up the pace to get to her. "Thank god, you are sight for sore eyes."

Nel smiled brightly at her. "Well hello Orihime, how is everything?"

Orihime was tempted to lean on her and cry. "Please help me, just let me hide out in your room or something."

"Is something wrong?"

Orihime just shook her head. "Not really, I'm just really tired and need to get away from everyone."

"Of course! I'm glad you can come to me." She took Orihime by the hand and started off in the direction of her room. "I hope you don't mind, but my room is not much considering I'm not really in the rankings anymore."

"It doesn't matter to me Nel."

Once they reached her room Orihime saw the bed and made a beeline to it. She plompt down, face first and felt the strong need to sleep.

"Aw, you poor thing. You do seem extremely tired."

Orihime yawned and turned over and sat up to look at Nel. "Yeah, I knew I was tired but not this tired. It has been a long day." Tears began to leak out of her eyes. She couldn't help it, everything that had happened to her started to hit her like a brick wall.

"I'm sorry. I'm not sure why I'm crying."

Nel sat down beside her and stoked the back of her head. "It is okay to cry in front of me. Orihime, you have gone through so much with no end in sight. It only makes sense. In fact, it has surprised me how strong you have been through all of this."

Orihime laughed at bit. "I'm not really. I have just been pretending. I don't want any of the arrancar to see how weak I am."

Nel grabbed Orihime by the face so she could look her in the eyes. "Orihime, you are far from weak. Even faking it takes an inner strength. Not only that, but you are smart and a fast learner. You might not be physically strong, but that is not the only thing that makes us strong."

"Thank you Nel that really helps me to hear you say that."

Nel let go of Orihime's face. "Oirhime, the Arracar have been talking. After the months of you being here they are starting to warm up to you. Most of them have even decided to stand on your side."

Orihime looked surprised.

"Really? But I haven't done anything."

Nel shook her head back and forth. "That is not true. You have been such a way to us that it seems to slowly be changing us. It is hard to explain. It is a kindness that we are not accustom too. During that meeting awhile back, you said stuff that made them scoff and walk out on you but you have been true to your word. This has gotten some of them thinking. There is still a ways to go for some of them but I just wanted you to know this."

"Thank you again Nel. You are like my best friend here. I hope you know that."

Nel smiled. "I'm glad, now get some rest. I will stand guard so no one comes to bother you."

Orihime just nodded her head and laid back down. It did not take long for her to fall asleep. It was like a great heaviness has finally been lifted.

Little did she know that Nel was watching her intently with a look of longing and love. Nel wasn't sure what she was feeling for the small human girl but she knew that she wanted to protect her at all cost. She would not let Orihime feel lonely or scared even if it meant she would get in trouble with others.

The girl had really brought out more of her human side then she ever thought she could have again. She knew that Orihime would never love her the way she was feeling for Orihime but that didn't matter as long as she could be around Orihime.

She wasn't stupid though. She knew Orihime has something going on with Ulquiorra. After all, she had been watching Orihime since the day she arrived. She decided then and there if Ulquiorra did something to hurt Orihime she would end him.

Meanwhile, in the small clinic of a small human town, a group of familiar people stood together in a circle talking about something serious.

"Ok." Said the orange headed male, "So, have we decided on the plan?"

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

"Good, then a week from now we execute the plan – Save Orihime Inoue."

To be continued.