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Author: Ongaku
Her eyes widened in shock as tears began to stream out. "I have been asleep for over 400 years? I wasn't supposed to be asleep that long!"

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Gravity – Chapter 09

Orihime walked slowly back towards the village. Ulquiorra had told her the truth. They had fed her and then sent her on her way. Her small amount of time around Ulquiorra was a little awkward for some reason. She wasn't sure if it was because she had opened up to him about her scar or if it was because she knew he used to be human.

Whatever it was it was subtle, but it was there. She just wished he showed some emotion on his face so she could tell if he were feeling anything. For some reason, she really hoped it wasn't just her but she wasn't sure why. Things were pretty much back to normal though.

When he dropped her off she stood next to him for a few seconds but then finally pushed away when she realized what she was doing. She turned around to start walking but then decided to talk to him one last time before leaving. Unfortunately that was all the time he needed to disappear on her. She felt a little disappointed. She had lost the small window of opportunity and though she knew he was just around - not far from hearing her call for him - there was no point in doing so when she had no good reason to talk to him.

She knew he would not be the type to like coming around just to talk. He wouldn't show up or he would be annoyed with her all over again. She was finally starting to warm up to him and she didn't want to make him pull away even more than he already was.

Finally inside the village, Orihime knew the first thing she had to do was go check on her friends to make sure they were okay. She realized they might be mad at her for running away after such a battle but she hoped they would forgive her.

Some people stared at her, a little weary of her, but some of the usuals at the restaurant she worked at waved to her and smiled. Her mood spiked up so she smiled back and waved, putting a little skip in her step.

Her mood slowly came back down when she saw Ichigo's clinic. She was nervous, almost so nervous that she wished she hadn't eaten so much earlier. She was starting to feel a little sick to her stomach. Taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out she walked into the building with as much strength as she could muster.

Right away she spotted Ichigo. He was doing some small chores for the clinic. When she walked in he turned to welcome whoever it was that came in but once he realized it was her he just stared, as if she were a ghost. She took a step back, waiting for him to lash out at her but then his face broke into a genuine smile.

Orihime felt as if a great weight had just been lifted off her chest.

"You are okay. We were all so worried." He walked up to her but stopped about three feet away.

Orihime said nothing. She wasn't sure what to say. She felt horrible for everything but she also wanted to cry at his kindness. The tears began to leak out, which surprised Ichigo.

"Whoa! You are okay, aren't you? What's wrong? Why are you crying?"

Orihime just wiped away the tears and laughed softly. "It's nothing, I'm sorry to make you worry. I'm sorry for everything. I'm just so relieved you aren't mad at me."

Ichigo relaxed when he realized they were tears of relief. "There is no way we could be mad at you. You helped us, and saved the lives of Rukia and Renji."

Orihime wanted to remind him that they were hurt in the first place because of her but decided not too.

"Um…" Orihime started. "Is there a way we can have another meeting with everyone sometime today? I have some important things to discuss with you guys."

Ichigo scratched the back of his head. "I- don't think that will be a problem. In fact-" he walked away to the back rooms for a few minutes and Orihime was wondering what he was doing.

He came back out shortly with a strange look on his face. "We can go round everyone up right now if that is okay with you?"

She realized why he looked so annoyed. He must have just talked to his father about leaving and then gotten an earful for it. She smiled, realizing what he was doing just for her.

"That would be great! Thank you so much!"

Ichigo looked a little embarrassed as he told her it was no big deal. Then they headed off, their first stop was Uryu's place.


The meeting and gathering of all her new friends was pretty awkward. They all seemed to be walking on eggshells around her. She wasn't sure what to make of it, but she was glad they weren't mad at her.

They had all agreed to meet at Rukia's place and as the last person walked in Orihime began to feel nervous all over again.

"What did you want to talk to us about, Orihime?" Rukia had asked her as they all got situated.

Orihime looked around the room to see that everyone else was very curious as well. She swallowed, trying to calm herself down. She wasn't sure how they would react to the news.

"It's about the Hollows and Arrancars."

No one interrupted her but she could see their faces change from curious to a little surprised. She supposed it was because they weren't expecting her to talk about them again so soon.

"I found out what they are. Well, more likely what they used to be and why they became the way they are."

She went on to tell them everything she had learned. From the time the moon exploded to the moments they lived now. Their eyes went wide from the overload of information but their reactions weren't nearly as big as she expected.

Until she told them that the last Hollow they fought was actually her brother. It took her awhile to explain to them that he was not aware of his intentions, that he was actually dead but he was an angry soul. They nodded at her, trying to grasp all the information but she was beginning to wonder if they really truly believed her.

It was a little frustrating but she supposed if she had been fighting them all her life it would be hard to look at them as if they were once human.

When she was finally finished they all sat in silence for a little while until Rukia spoke up.

"This is a lot to take in and it is a shocker but I don't really think this is going to change anything."

Orihime gave her a puzzled look. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, it doesn't mean we will stop fighting them just because we know what they are now."

Orihime looked around the room again to see everyone agreeing with Rukia. She felt a little out of place right then. "So, you don't even want to see if there is another way?"

"I don't really see how there can possibly be another way." Rukia continued. "They are attacking us, so all we can do is fight back."

Orihime felt sad. She knew that Rukia had a good point but she just wished there were something she could do about it. She was hoping they would be more into finding a new way to take care of them. She should have known better.

"I understand."

Rukia patted Orihime's shoulder for a brief second but it was all Orihime could do to keep from crying. She wasn't entirely sure why it made her feel so sad. Perhaps she was hoping she had more of a point to being brought back to life in this time besides being a weird pet to the Arrancars.

Feeling like the conversation was over, most everyone decided to leave. They all thanked her for the information but somehow she got the feeling they wished they had never known. She felt worthless all over again.

On the way back to her place Ichigo caught up with her, calling out her name.

Orihime felt her heart beat quicken. She wondered what he could possibly want from her.


Orihime stopped walking and nodded to show she heard.

"I wanted to tell you how sorry I am about your brother. I mean, I was the one who finished him off so I will understand if you have hard feelings towards me."

Orihime was shocked. She had forgotten that Ichigo was the one to end it all with her brother. She thought back to it and wondered why she didn't feel so angry but the answer eluded her.

"Of course I don't. After all you were just fighting to protect your friends and family. There was no way you could have known."

Orihime was starting to feel a little tired, her body ached and her head throbbed a bit. She was also starting to get incredibly sad when she realized she would be going back to her home - all alone - to really think about all that just happened.

Ichigo smiled with relief. "I also wanted to thank you for saving Rukia's life."

A twinge of jealousy rose up in Orihime's chest but right away she felt disgusted with herself. It was Rukia that jumped in front of her to take the fatal blow. Rukia was her friend and she shouldn't have been feeling jealous of her.

"You're welcome, but she wouldn't have gotten hurt if it wasn't because of me in the first place."

Ichigo shook his head at her statement and then told her he better be off to help close down the clinic. Orihime waved goodbye at him as he walked away but as soon as she turned around she felt the warm tears gliding down her face.

She hurt and she had no idea how to overcome the deep depression.

Many days had passed since Orihime's arrival back in the village. Things were pretty much back to normal with her job and her friends. She had a great time talking to Rangiku and even went over to her house once for dinner with Toshiro. She loved seeing the way they acted around each other and Rangiku was really different when she was drunk.

She wasn't really sure what to make of drunk Rangiku though.

Orihime had also spent some time hanging out with her first friend, Chad. He was such a quiet guy but he would always listen to her without judgment. It was nice to be able to just talk and sit in silence with a warm presence from time to time. She would tell him about her past life, leaving out some of the stuff he would never understand but explaining to him about school life.

Sometimes – when she was talking to Chad – she would get reminded of Ulquiorra. It was mostly because they were both pretty quite only Ulquiorra had a very cold air around him, or maybe a completely void one. Chad was obviously a warm hearted person compared to Ulquiorra but for some reason Orihime couldn't get her mind off of him.

At one point she asked Chad what made the Arrancar so horrible to them. He had told her that the Arrancar's home use to be their best and most thriving town. He also mentioned that in the past they never worked in a group until Aizen came into the picture.

He made them into his army and just took over the place, forcing all human life out.

Orihime was surprised to learn all about it. She knew of all the different wars from Aizen but of course he left out the bad details about himself. At least this way she was able to hear about the wars from both sides of the story, no matter how skewed each one might have been based on biased opinion.

She told him that she really didn't think the Arrancars were all that bad and he looked at her as if she had grown a second head. She was telling the truth though, most of the time the Arrancars just acted on instinct- like a wild animal. While it was horrible to be attacked by one it didn't mean they were evil.

Somehow she felt that they might have left most people alone - except for their source of food - if Aizen hadn't come along.

With the mention of Aizen, Orihime started to think about him and his intentions. He just gave her the creeps but for some reason she couldn't completely write him off. She just couldn't understand why he wanted her to be his queen so badly.

As the days continued on, Orihime started to feel more and more out of place. It almost made her think of high school when some mean boy had looked at her with her group of friends and said 'There is always someone who doesn't fit in.' That was really hard on her to hear, especially when none of her friend really stuck up for her, except Tatsuki.

She knew the reason this time though. It was because she had such a different take on the Arrancar and Hollows than they did. She didn't believe the Arrancar were that evil or that bad and she was a sympathizer with the Hollows. A lot of the time she would just try to stay clear of the topic because she knew she made her friends uncomfortable.

She also knew she was probably rubbing salt into all their wounds when talking like that because they had suffered so much heartache and death from the Arrancar and Hollows.

Orihime sat at one of the tables in the restaurant she worked in. It was at an odd hour so no one was there yet. Rangiku had even left to get some much needed chores done. It gave her too much time to think so she got up and got a rag to at least look like she was doing something and hopefully get her mind off the Arrancars.

It failed though. She kept thinking about Ulquiorra and his reactions to her because of the gold bracelet she was wearing. It jingled and gleamed in the sunlight as she tried to clean. She was surprised that he hadn't come by in over a month to take her away. She was also surprised that there hadn't been any hollows. A lot of the other villagers felt the same way. For some reason she wanted to meet with Ulquiorra again but she didn't know why. There was something about him that she just wanted to touch. Something he would never let anyone else see or touch but she knew was there.

She closed her eyes and pictured him in her mind. The first thing to come to mind was his deep green eyes. They were very startling and very pretty in her opinion. She wanted to look at them more even though it was a little nerve-racking to be eye to eye with him. She thought back to the lines under his eyes that made her think of tear marks. She wondered if he had them because he was actually very sad. It wouldn't be far fetched since he used to be human and had to suffer through so much pain. Aizen had told her that they didn't remember their human lives by now but Orihime was starting to wonder if that was really the truth.

"Hey girl!"

Orihime jumped slightly at Rangiku's sudden voice. She opened her eyes to look at her friend and smiled.

"Sorry to have startled you. What were you so deep in thought about?"

Orihime felt her face flush.

Rangiku's eyebrow went up. "Were you thinking something dirty?"

Orihime sat up from her chair quickly and tried to regain her composure. "No! I was-" she contemplated telling her the truth and stuck with a half truth. "I was just wondering when the next time will be when the Arrancars come get me."

Rangiku gave her a sad face. "I hope not for a very long time."

Orihime just nodded her head and agreement. She would never tell them the truth that she actually wanted to go back.

Orihime walked down the streets towards Ichigo's clinic and home. It had been awhile since she had stopped by to talk to him. The air around her smelled really nice. It was cooling off slightly as the sun was starting to set. She wondered if it was getting a little cooler at night now because it was actually supposed to be the winter season. She would never know for sure because she had no calendar. She did find it kind of good that they would have a slight temperature change besides scorching heat.

Of course, that was going to make bathing a little tougher if it actually got a lot colder. She hummed thinking about the conversations she would have with Ichigo. She wanted ask him about how cold the nights could get of course, but she also wanted to confirm some things with him.

She had been feeling that he would be the one to put her mood back to being happy. He was like her night in shining armor- the guy that would be there to help her feel better about herself and maybe even something more in the future. She also wanted him to be the one to take her mind off Ulquiorra.

She blushed slightly when she thought of that and then lightly hit her head. She needed to get those kinds of thoughts out of her head right away if she didn't want to be completely awkward around him.

Finally reaching his house, she saw a dim light coming from a small window and when she peaked inside, her heart dropped. No one else was inside except for Ichigo and Rukia. She was a little sad that she wouldn't be able to spend any time around Ichigo by herself but she started to make her way through the door anyway when she heard her name.

She stopped and decided to eavesdrop instead.

"I wish Orihime would stop talking about the Arrancars and Hollows."

Orihime could tell this was Rukia's voice. So she was right, she was making them uncomfortable.

"It's kind of weird. I mean, she really needs to stop seeing them as human even if they used to be."

Orihime felt hurt, she couldn't believe she would speak so harshly about her while she wasn't there. Finally Ichigo spoke up.

"Yeah, you are right but I won't be the one telling her that."

His words didn't make her feel any better- in fact she was starting to feel a lot worse. So much for her Knight in shining armor- he was starting to look more and more like a guy in aluminum foil.

"I understand. Orihime makes it kind of hard to talk to her."

At Rukia's recent words Orihime couldn't hold back the tears anymore. She couldn't believe she made them feel that way. Her heart felt like it was crumbling as she thought back to how she tried her best to seem friendly and open.

It seemed as though her life was destined to stay the same no matter what time period. She was forever to be an outcast.

Just as Orihime was about to run off she heard Rukia say something to Ichigo to make her heart stop.

"I think she may have feelings for you."

Orihime couldn't believe it. Had she been that obvious? She was starting to feel furious that Rukia would tell him something so personal like that.

All anger disappeared when she heard Ichigo's response.

"You are crazy! Even if she does have some sort of feelings for me it is probably because I was kind to her when she first got here. She would get over it quickly- besides, I don't like her like that, I like you."

Orihime could have sworn her heart was now completely turned to stone. She turned to get a little peek and saw the two of them kissing. She couldn't believe how oblivious she had been to it all. She felt so stupid and so humiliated. She didn't know what to do with herself. She didn't think she could force herself to face them- or anyone else- again.

Finally running off Orihime wanted to get as far away from the village as possible. She wasn't paying attention to her surroundings though and ran straight into Renji.

He grabbed her before she could fall back but seemed to get really uncomfortable when he realized her state.

"Hey, what's wrong?"

Orihime didn't look him in the eye. She didn't want to embarrass herself even more.

"It's nothing. I'm just a little homesick is all- I will be fine." She then darted away from him, continuing her run before he could stop her.

Feeling at a loss, Renji wondered what went on in Ichigo's clinic. It was obvious that was where she had come from. He halfway wanted to run after her but he was uncomfortable with it so he figured he would just ask Ichigo and Rukia about it.

"Orihime is such a sweet person though. I feel bad for her but I'm glad she is here and is our friend." Rukia said a few minutes after her embrace with Ichigo.

Ichigo relaxed a bit but nodded his head. "Yeah, I wish we could do more for her to make her feel comfortable. I sometimes get the feeling that she doesn't think she fits in."

Rukia nodded sadly.

"Hey you two love birds!" Renji yelled out, surprising the both of them and making them pull apart.

They looked at him embarrassed. He knew that they hated to show their relationship in front of other people.

"The funniest thing, as I was walking here I happened to run into Orihime. Thing is, she seemed pretty upset about something. Did you guys say anything weird to her?"

Ichigo and Rukia looked at each other with a surprised expression.

Renji was starting to put two and two together.

Both Rukia and Ichigo wondered to themselves what part of their conversation she had heard, realizing that it probably didn't sound too kind.

They all agreed it would be a good thing to go looking for her right away.

Orihime lungs were on fire and her legs were starting to feel like jello. She had been running so hard and so fast for such a long time now that it was just pure emotional drive keeping her going.

Feeling like she was far enough out of the village now, Orihime fell to the ground, panting and trying her hardest not to puke. She knew it was a terrible thing to do. Sitting after running for so long would only make her feel worse but she just didn't care.

The sun was nearly gone now, with just a hint of the orange sky left.

She sat there and cried her eyes out. She held nothing back knowing that no one would hear her except for any nearby hollows and Ulquiorra.

Taking a deep breath she raised her voice to call out Ulquiorra's name.

He showed up quicker than she expected, almost as if he had been waiting for her to call him. It somehow made her angry to think this. Wasn't he supposed to be the one to call for her? Why had he left her alone all those days?

Feelings she never knew she had started to spin out of control. It was like whatever small piece of string that was holding together her sanity had finally snapped.

"I'm so sick of this!" she yelled at him but he didn't even flinch.

"Why can't I ever fit in anywhere? Why am I always singled out and excluded?" Orihime was shaking all over. She wanted him to respond but he just stared at her as if she was a TV set on mute.

"Why don't you ever change!" with all her might she slapped him across the face, making his head turn slightly to the side. She knew it was a stupid thing to do. He could kill her in an instant but she wanted him to do something, even if it resulted in her death.

Dropping to her knees - because he still hadn't done or said anything - Orihime began to feel numb all over.

"That is because you belong with us."

Orihime looked up to see him looking down at her with the exact same facial expression he always wore. If she didn't know his voice she would have thought someone else had just spoke because he showed no signs of ever talking.

His words started to sink in a bit though. He might have a point, she was a stranger and an outcast but compared to them she wasn't anything weird. She even seemed to be treated special, which was something she was not use to at all except from her brother.

Orihime slowly got up from the floor and clutched onto Ulquiorra's clothes. He did nothing, just let her do what she pleased. Slowly, and carefully, she put her hand up to his face and was surprised by how hard - but yet - warm it was.

"Woman, what are you doing?"

Orihime ignored his question because she knew he wouldn't get it even if she did answer. She didn't really get it herself but for some reason the only way she was going to be stopped was if he threw her off of him.

She put her lips on his chin and decided it felt like kissing a warm cement wall. Ulquiorra's throat mumbled in a slight growl with irritation but he still hadn't pulled her away.

"Stop now."

His voice was demanding as usual but Orihime was determined to get some emotion out of him. She wasn't going to stop just because he told her to.

She unzipped his shirt, remembering where his hollow hole was. She was strangely curious about it. She did it quickly before he could stop her and looked through the hole. She reached for it, but Ulquiorra grabbed her arm – hard – before she could actually touch it.

She winced at the slight pain but it wasn't enough to make her cry out. She looked back up at his face to see he was now angry. She was starting to feel a little scared but intrigued as well.

"This is your last warning, Woman."

Orihime pulled her arm away but instead of stopping, she then reached for it with her mouth and licked the inside of his hole. It was warm like the rest of him and there was absolutely no taste - not even dirt - like she was expecting. It was also surprisingly very smooth, like glass.

Without warning Orihime was forced down on the ground, painfully. She gasped a bit as the air was knocked out of her for a split second and the rocks from the dirt dug into her arms and legs. Rage was surrounding Ulquiorra and Orihime know she had gotten her wish. He growled in an animal-like manner making Orihime feel like his prey as her heart pounded loudly in her ears. She wasn't scared though, which was really stupid. She felt more excited instead of being afraid for her life.

Ulquiorra was overcome with an anger he couldn't control. He didn't understand why she had such an effect on him. He prided himself on not letting many things get to him. He wasn't supposed to be feeling anger, and most of all, lust. It made him want to take her without any concern for her well being but it also made him want to kill her just for making him feel that way.

He wanted to ravage her with no remorse, break her body and soul. She made him so incredibly hungry, which was dangerous for her soul. He could accidently kill her even without thinking about it.

"You are such a stupid human." He spat at her, his eye color slowly changing from green to yellow and black. "You are just asking to be killed." If she wanted to be punished so badly he would gladly do so.

He had a fire in his eyes and Orihime could tell he wanted her. The light glow in the sky was now completely gone and all she had left was the moonlight. She struggled, starting to regret her actions but then found it futile. Still, she didn't feel scared. She just stared at him, as his skin glowed lightly in the night and his eyes shined with the lust he felt for her. It made her wonder if she were some sort of masochist because she could feel her own body getting excited.

Calming down, she realized that she might have wanted this all along. It might have been why she couldn't stop thinking about him and got anxious waiting for him to come get her. She looked at Ulquiorra in the eyes, no matter how scary they were, and he stared down at her, panting with rage and lust.

Then she smiled, which took him by great surprise. "It's okay, do what you want with me." She couldn't believe her own words coming from her mouth.

Ulquiorra's shock didn't last long before his animal instincts took over. He ripped her clothes off in one easy swoop, making her gasp in surprise and leaving the only remaining item on her, the gold bracelet. It took all he could to control himself to not accidently kill her and take her soul. The fire in him was almost too much to take. He licked her skin below her chin and loved the taste.

She moaned a bit and arched her back up which didn't help the situation at all. His long tongue trailed around her breasts and nipples making Orihime squirm. He placed his mouth over her breast and began to suck. Orihime didn't know what to do. She wanted to grab for him but he was still holding down her arms. After a while he got tired of her breast and slowly licked his way down her stomach to her womanhood.

Coming to her satiny box he inhaled her sent, getting excited all over again. Orihime was breathing really heavy, he noticed, but it didn't faze him in the slightest. He licked her and she moaned, giving a shiver all over.

He worked on her, prepping her as much as he could and liking her taste more and more, but he was starting to lose his cool. He couldn't take it anymore, he had to have her.

Orihime was in such bliss, she had no idea that someone could make her feel like this. She panted and tried to hold in her noises to the best of her ability but at times it was just too much. Just when she felt like she was about to come he stopped. She looked at him and saw what he was getting ready to do. She gulped in anticipation, remembering what she had heard about girls' first times.

He positioned himself and looked down at her face, releasing his grip on her arms. He noticed how red her face was and how heavy she was breathing. He also noticed that her eyes were glossed over as if she were thinking about something. He didn't really know what she was thinking but he knew it must have been very busy in her head.

Without much thought he dived into her causing Orihime to scream out loud from the sudden pain. He began to pump into her, slowly at first, but faster and faster with each thrust. She groaned in pain but it soon turned to pleasure and without even thinking she grabbed for him, holding him tightly and reaching up to meet his thrusts.

He was surprised by her sudden participation but found that he actually like having her cling to him like that.

Orihime was crying though, crying because she was losing the rest of her little innocence to something that wasn't even human, and liking it.

The climax came hard for the both of them, making them shudder from the adrenaline. Ulquiorra's eye color started to go back to his normal piercing green color as he slowly started to come back to his senses.

Orihime watched his face as it slowly went back to being blank, but before it did she could have sworn that he almost looked scared. She didn't know what to make of it. She wanted to get up but she was way too sore and in pain to move so she just laid there. She wanted to reach up to him so badly - to keep him from pulling away - but he moved off her, out of reaching distance.

Her eyes began to water up again as she feared he would go back to his old self. She wanted to hold him and comfort him even though she was probably the one who needed it the most.

Ulquiorra couldn't believe what he had just done. He didn't understand how he wasn't able to keep himself in check and now the one job he was suppose to do was ruined. He was supposed to keep Orihime from harms way, but now he was the one doing her harm.

He took off his coat and put it over her and the picked her up. Knowing he would probably get in lots of trouble for it, he had to take her back to Las Noches and be sure she was okay.

Orihime faded in and out of sleep on their trip to Las Noches this time, but she was determined to stay awake. When they reached their destination he didn't set her down - which she was glad for - and took her to a room she had never been to before.

Some of the lower ranked Arrancars were there but they said nothing, just bowed their heads as they walked by. She was glad for this because she didn't want to have to deal with all the questions, she also didn't want Ulquiorra to get in trouble.

Orihime was surprised that the room he had taken her to had a shower room. She wondered if the water was still running but she didn't have to ask because he had turned it on. He set her down next to it and Orihime watched him closely.

"Wash off, I will get you some clothes."

Orihime just nodded her head and watched as he walked away. She didn't know why she was feeling a little timid being naked in front of him now, after all they had just done. She gave her body a look over and saw that she was already starting to heal from any kind of wounds, such as bite marks and scratches from the rocks and dirt. She wondered if her hymen would heal as well and hoped that it wouldn't.

She knew that even if it did, she was no longer the same. She didn't feel regretful though. Instead she felt that this was a time for great change.

Orihime stepped out of the shower and had begun to dry herself off with a towel when Ulquiorra came back in. She covered herself quickly and if he noticed he doesn't say anything. She put on the clothes quickly, glad to be covered again but still wondered why there were so many clothes that fit her there.

Once dressed, Orihime turned around to look Ulquiorra in the eyes and took a deep breath. "Please take me to Lord Aizen."

Ulquiorra was a little taken aback by her sudden request and he wondered if she was going to complain to him about what he just did. He got over the shock quickly but he wasn't happy. There wasn't much he could do about it though.

Orihime tried to read his face but there was nothing she could pick up. It hurt her heart so she decided she needed to close it off. A small feeling of shame hit her like a rock when she realized that what she did might not have been a good thing at all. She was pretty sure that Ulquiorra had no real feelings for her so she didn't want to get attached to him.

Feeling almost angry again, Orihime knew her decision to see Aizen would be the right one. She needed to stay under his skin because she knew – no matter how she tried – that he would be forever under hers.

Still, she didn't want him to get hurt. She knew that if Aizen figured out what he did he would probably kill him. So there was only one thing she could do.

Accept his offer and become his queen.

To Be Continued.