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It hadn't taken long for Maria to get comfortable in London. She was happy living in a smaller house with her father, Helanna, Hywet, and Lilliana. Now it was an average Monday afternoon in the house, with Helanna cooking (and most likely burning the food due to Glozelle's funny comments that distracted her.)

"Lilly, will you go check the post?" Hywet called from the kitchen. (Lilliana now went by Lilly so she could fit in better in London.)

The little girl came running into the sitting room. "Maria, will you go with me?"

Maria looked up from her history book, "Just give me a moment." Maria pushed herself up from her spot on the floor.

The pair opened the door and walked out to the street and opened the letter box. Lilly peeked inside, "Maria, look at this. It's a letter from Prunaprismia!" Lilly ran inside before Maria had even closed the box. Maria sighed and dashed after her.

"Everyone! There's a letter from Prunaprismia!" Lilly shouted as soon as she swung open the door. The adults all came in from various places in the house and took a seat as Lilly handed it to Hywet to read.

Hywet tore open the letter, and cleared his throat. "Hello everyone! It is nice to see that you have settled in. My family has found a nice flat in France. It's beautiful here with plenty of things to do. I hope that sometime you all can come visit. I'll write again once we get comfortable. Love, Prunaprismia."

"It seems everything worked out for her!" Helanna took the letter from her brother and read it over silently. "Is that all?"

Lilly nodded, "Yes ma'am."

"Then come help me with dinner," Helanna stood up and walked to the kitchen.

Maria picked her book up and walked down the hall to the bedroom that she shared with Lilly, she had some spare time before dinner and she should use it best. "Wait, Maria!" Lilly called.

Lilly walked into the room and held out to other letters, "These were addressed to you. I thought you might want to read them in private."

Maria took the letters from her hand, "Thank you. Now go on and don't keep your mother waiting." Lilly smiled and ran off into the hall.

Maria took a seat on her bed and opened the first letter.

Dear Maria,

How are you doing? I was working in the offices at St. Finbars and I saw an application for next year and I just had to write to you! We miss you very much here, and I was so worried that you wouldn't be happy in London. But by the looks of it, you seem well adjusted. Lucy has been asking since I told her about you application if you were going to be attending next year. I think your chances are very good. Lucy says that she will write her own letter sometime very soon, but we both are waiting for you to reply. I hope to hear from you soon!

Sincerely, Susan

Maria grinned, ecstatic to hear from her friend. She placed the first letter down and picked up the next and saw her name written in a boyish handwriting. She smiled, knowing who it was from.


I should go ahead and warn you that I'm not very good at writing letters. So I apologize in advance. Anyway, Susan told me that you applied to go to St. Finbars, and that's right across from where I go. I think that means we will see each other soon.

I hope you are well adjusted in England. I know when we first came back from Narnia we didn't really accept it, but then we found ourselves back in a year's time.

I miss you. I miss your smile, your personality, and just having you around. We spent so much time together that I half expected to see you when we were in the tube station in London. To be honest, there are no words to describe what I want to say. I'm sorry again, I'm bad at this. I can't wait to hear from you and see you.

Yours, Edmund

Maria read the letter a few more times, each time her face lite up more. She finally left her spot on the bed to find paper and a pen to write back, as she was shuffling through the drawers Lilly walked in.

"Maria, it's time for dinner," she said, holding open the door.

Maria ran back to the bed and tucked the two letters under her pillow. She started walking down the hall with Lilly. "If you don't stop grinning so much I think your father will be worried." Lilly giggled. "So was it from Edmund?"

Maria turned away to hide her smile. "Come on," Maria gave Lilly a playful shove towards the kitchen. "Don't speak a word of this to my father."

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