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Eight and a half months later.

"Come on, get in the car," Lorelai ushered her six year old daughter as she balanced her nine month old son on one arm, and three bags in her other hand.

"But I forgot my teddy bear," whined Lily while she reluctantly opened the car door.

"We don't have time to get your teddy bear," replied Lorelai. "Rory's having the baby and I need to drop you off at Sookie's." She couldn't believe her baby was having a baby, it was so unreal. She could remember Rory in diapers, but now the young woman would be buying them for her own kid.

"Why can't I come?" she asked as she slid into the front seat.

"Because you'll be bored and you shouldn't be at the hospital anyway," she answered as she fastened Callum into his car seat in the back.

"Mamamama," he mumbled, staring up at his mother.

"What's up baby boy?" she cooed, brushing her nose against his. He gave her a toothy grin before focussing on the fuzzy toy dangling from the car roof. Lorelai shut the door and rushed around to the driver's side.

"I went to the hospital when Callum was born," said Lily, still whining about not being able to go.

"Will you stop talking about this please? You're going to Sookie's, end of story." Lily pouted.

"I wanna meet the baby," she whined. Lorelai rolled her eyes, but understood her daughter's excitement.

"I know you do, and after he or she is born, we'll take you to the hospital, ok?" Lily nodded, and the car went silent for a little while.

"Do you think the baby's born yet?" asked Lily, it had only been a half an hour since Rory's water had broken, but Lily didn't know the ins and outs of childbirth.

"Not yet," Lorelai replied. "It takes a long time to have a baby."

"How long?"

"It depends, it could be hours, could be days," she shrugged.


"Yeah, you've just gotta be patient."

"How long did it take for me to be born?" she asked curiously.

"A whole twenty three hours," she answered.

"That's nearly a day, there's twenty four hours in a day," she said proudly.

"I know, my little smarty pants." Lily grinned.


After dropping the kids off at Sookie's house, Lorelai raced into the diner and dragged Luke away from the counter. When she heard his protesting, she realised that she'd forgotten to call him.

"I didn't call you did I?" she asked, scrunching her face up slightly.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. "And where are the kids?"

"Rory's in labour," she said happily. "Her and Jess are at the hospital now, the kids are at Sookie's, and we need to get to the maternity ward of Hartford Memorial," she said in a rush.

Luke was stunned into silence, but nodded wordlessly, threw his apron at Caesar and followed Lorelai out of the diner, waving off all the calls of 'congratulations' and 'give her our best' from the townies. Lorelai's cell phone rang as Luke started up the car, and she hastily answered it.

"Hello?" she asked frantically.

"Hey it's Jess," she heard the slightly high pitched voice on the other line.

"How's she doing?"

"She's doing good, the baby's going strong so all we have to do is wait."

"Ok," said Lorelai, letting out a breath. When she heard Jess' voice, she thought something was wrong.

"I was calling to ask if you're still in Stars Hollow?"

"Yeah we're just about to set off; I just pulled Luke from the diner."

"Cause we forgot Rory's overnight bag, and all the baby things and...it was all a big rush." Lorelai chuckled to herself and shook her head.

"Jess it's ok, we'll pick the stuff up," she assured him. "Now go back and take care of my baby till we get there," she ordered.

"Ok, thanks Lorelai."

"No problem, that's what grandmother's are for." She thought for a moment. "God that makes me sound old." Luke laughed heartily at Lorelai's comment, earning him a slap on the arm. "You laugh now, grandpa," she murmured. She ended the call with Jess then told Luke to drop in at the Crap Shack. They pushed open the door and went into the living room, where a mass of opened boxes and piles of baby accessories littered the floor. "Wow, what happened to Rory's organising?" she asked, surprised at the mess that was her daughter's living room.

"They still had two weeks left," he reminded her. "This was probably what they were doing right before the labour started." Lorelai nodded and stepped over a pack 'n' play to reach the boxes.

"We need the car seat," she said, looking at the blank white boxes.

"Don't they usually have pictures on the side?" Luke asked. They searched through the boxes quickly until they found the item they were looking for. Lorelai raced upstairs and retrieved Rory's overnight bag, while Luke packed a few diapers and outfits, knowing what they would need from experience with his own children.

Finally, everything was packed into the trunk of their Jeep Cherokee and they were on their way to the hospital, both ready to become grandparents.


"Ow it hurts," cried Rory as another contraction came along. They were becoming more regular now, and the midwife said that's a good sign. Rory didn't think so though.

"Just breathe Rory, you're doing good," Jess coached. Rory did as he told her, and soon the pain had subsided. She fell back into her pillow and squeezed Jess' hand.

"Thank you for being here," she mumbled. Jess smiled down at her already exhausted form, secretly glad that she was still being nice to him and the insulting hadn't begun yet. Luke had warned him about that.

"Wouldn't miss this for the world," he muttered, leaving a light kiss in her hair. "Need anything?"

"Mom," she murmured.

"They're on their way," he assured her. "They were just going to pick up your overnight bag from the house then they were setting off for the hospital."

"Ok," she said sleepily.

"Try and get some sleep before the hard part gets here," he told her, leaving another kiss on her forehead this time. Rory had already dozed off slightly at the end of his sentence so he pulled the chair closer to the bed and perched on it, watching his wife as she slept.


Luke and Lorelai rushed into the hospital, arms laden with bags and a car seat. Lorelai led the way up to the maternity ward with Luke hot on her heels. They finally made it to Rory's room and Lorelai knocked lightly before barging in.

"Rory," she exclaimed as she rushed over to her bedside. Jess respectfully stepped out of the way and watched with amusement as the mother and daughter squeezed each other tightly.

"I'm glad you're here mom," said Rory sincerely.

"Wouldn't be anywhere else," she replied, unable to wipe away her grin. "How's my first grandkid?" she asked, lovingly running her hand over her daughter's bulging tummy.

"Tiring," Rory sighed, relaxing back into her pillows again. "Not another one," she complained as the now familiar pain took over her body again. "Ouch," she repeated over and over until it was over. Lorelai had held her hand and ran her fingers through her hair, knowing exactly what she was going through.

"How advanced are you?" Lorelai asked curiously.

"Four centimetres," answered Jess, not even sure that Rory remembered. "You've gotta get to ten right?" Lorelai nodded.

"Have you been reading up?" she asked teasingly.

"He bought one of those 'What to Expect When Your Wife's Expecting' books," revealed Rory. "He reads it every night before he goes to sleep." The girls giggled and Jess shot Luke a 'help me' glance. Luke just shrugged and looked back at Rory, who finally seemed to notice him. "Luke, I didn't see you there," she exclaimed. "Come here and hug me, I can't move." Luke awkwardly moved across the room and wrapped his arms around his daughter in law.

"You doing ok?" he asked softly. Rory pulled away and nodded.

"Could do with some sleep though, I'm exhausted," she yawned.

"Ok well we'll leave you to it," he said. "If I don't see you before the pushing starts, I wish you all the best."

"Thanks Luke," she said, her eyes filling with tears. Her hormones were all over the place at the moment.

"Love you babe," Lorelai said quietly, giving Rory a kiss on the cheek. Jess stayed behind and whispered a few loving words to her before following Luke and Lorelai out of the door.


A long, exhausting sixteen hours later, Baby Mariano was born. They handed the small bundle to the proud parents and the two looked down at what they created in amazement.

"It's a girl!" Jess exclaimed as he rushed into the waiting room. Luke and Lorelai stood in unison and Lorelai bounded into him excitedly.

"Congratulations," she squealed, elated with the fact that she had a granddaughter. "Can we meet her?"

"Sure, go ahead." Lorelai bounded off down the hallway and Jess went to follow but Luke's hand on his shoulder stopped him.

"Congratulations Jess," he said happily. "I'm proud of you."

"Aw you'll make me cry," he mocked.

"Shut up, I hope you know she'll have you wrapped around her little finger before she can even talk," he said pointedly.

"I look forward to it." The men shared a smile, then followed Lorelai down the hall.


"Hey," Lorelai almost whispered as she entered the room. "How're you feeling?" Rory was sitting up in bed; her tiny daughter lay in her arms.

"I'm great," she replied, smiling up at her mom widely. "Wanna meet your granddaughter?" Lorelai sniffled as she approached her daughter's bedside, mostly at the sight of seeing Rory holding a baby of her own. She looked down at the wrinkly baby and a wide grin overtook her face.

"She's beautiful," she whispered, reaching out a hand to stroke her cheek.

"She's perfect," Rory corrected, still not able to believe that this was her daughter.

"You've done great kid, I'm proud of you." Rory smiled sleepily up at her, and Lorelai kissed her forehead.

"Wanna hold her?" she asked. Lorelai nodded like a little child and eagerly took the bundle into her arms.

"You are so precious sweetheart, yes you are," she cooed, admiring the baby's tiny features. The baby opened her eyes and stared up at her grandma, and Lorelai was shocked by the intense shade of blue they were. "Their eyes don't usually come out as bright at first," she said, mesmerised by the mere sight of this new baby.

"She's special," she shrugged. Lorelai nodded and took her attention back to the baby. Luke and Jess reappeared, and Luke casually walked up to Lorelai's side.

"Meet our granddaughter, Luke," said Lorelai, her eyes filling up with tears of pride.

"Congratulations guys," he said softly. "She's gonna be a heartbreaker." The couple nodded in return then everyone took their focus back to the baby.

"What's her name?" Lorelai asked after a second, not realising she didn't know yet. Rory glanced at Jess, who nodded his head in consent.

"We've decided to call her Lorelai," she revealed. "Lorelai Amy Mariano."

"We'll call her Amy so the Lorelai thing doesn't get confusing," added Jess. Lorelai was completely surprised that they'd named the baby after her, and had started a little tradition.

"You know what that means don't you Amy?" she cooed. "It means you'll have to name your first daughter Lorelai too." Jess snorted.

"Not even an hour old and you're thinking about the kid's she's gonna have," he said with a shake of his head. The girls laughed at his annoyance, probably because of the fact that he didn't want to think about her growing up.


"I wanna see!" said Lily excitedly. Luke and Lorelai had been home to shower and change, before they picked the kids up from Sookie's. Now they were back in the maternity ward, taking their kids to meet their niece for the first time. Lily was sitting on the bed with her legs crossed, and Callum sitting in her lap. Rory held the baby out in front of them, and Lily smiled.

"She's pretty," she commented, seeming to be in awe with the baby girl.

"Ahahah," gurgled Callum as he pointed his chubby fingers at her.

"This is your new niece Callum," Rory cooed, ruffling her baby brother's hair with her free hand. "Do you wanna say hello?" Callum looked at her for a moment or two before waving his hand around in front of him as a signal of hello. "You are too cute," she chuckled, squeezing his cheek between her fingers.

"Did you say she's called Amy?" Lily asked.

"Yep, do you wanna hold her?" The girl nodded enthusiastically, and Luke lifted Callum out of her lap to make room for the baby. Callum started to whine and reached forward to get back to his big sister; the two got along very well. Rory made sure Lily had a good hold on Amy, and that her head was supported, before she moved her hands away and let her little sister enjoy some bonding time with her niece. The adults watched as Lily admired the fingers and toes of the newborn, and all smiled to themselves.

"This is what family is about," said Lorelai to Rory, as she wrapped her arm around her shoulders and continued to admire her growing brood.


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