Jenny looked from one man to the next. A frown present on her face as she looked at the dark haired man in his twenties, clothed in dark trousers and a jacket over a t-shirt, a ridiculously large quiff setting a shadow over his face, then back to the man in his late thirties or forties, blue suit and shirt, lacking the tie he had worn on her generation, but at least looking the same.

"I'm inclined to think he's my dad?" Jenny nodded at the older Doctor, apologising to the younger. "Plus, you're kind of unnerving. I mean, I may have been hanging around humans too long, but, your dad the same age as you?"

The older Doctor cocked his head to the side slightly, "He's actually older than me, Jenny. I'm the nearer to your tender years."

Jenny, as ever quick on the defence, whipped round, "I'll have you know my years are not tender. They are perfectly sufficient... But, who's the Doctor?"

The two Doctors went into a long winded and rambling explanation of what was going on, Jenny stopped them as they attempted to repeat the same thing for the forty-seventh time.

She took a deep breath in, "Okay. So, you're like me, he stuck his hand in a machine, and you came out-"

"No, he had his hand cut off-"

The younger-looking, older Doctor cut in waggling his hand, "By a Sycorax."

The older-looking, younger Doctor continued, after a brief nod in recognition of this, "-and he put regeneration energy into it to heal himself, but not to regenerate into a new form, and then Donna touched it, causing an instantaneous biological meta crisis, regenerative energies present within his severed hand" The older-looking younger Doctor waved this time his right hand, "combined with the Human DNA of Donna, making me!" His voice lilted up at the end.

"Wait, so he," Jenny pointed at the younger-looking, older Doctor, "had me? Yes? Then he and Donna had you? So you're my half brother?! And my dad?"

Both Doctors looked utterly perplexed, an expression that had not often appeared on either man, the last time having been walking in on Rose and Sarah laughing and pointing, I never did find out what that was about, both Doctors thought. Jenny threw back her head and laughed, "And this happened after I met him?" She pointed at the younger-looking, older Doctor.

"Yes." They both answered.

"And I'm the one with tender years?!"