Part of An Ohana

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Mika smiled as she had some news to tell Jumba which would make him happy. She was pregnant with a bundle of joy on the way but Nani and the others were very happy after the female alien had told them the news.

"That's great!

Have you told Jumba yet?" Lilo asked as Stitch had a paw against Mika's stomach feeling the baby kick strongly.

"Wow your baby's strong!" Moopey said as Mika smiled at her.

"Mahalo but I want to tell Jumba alone.

Nobody tell him until I do." she said to them.

They and the others agreed but hoped Jumba would take the news well but had a feeling he wouldn't.

Kira noticed her Uncle Jumba was very quiet as they were in the kitchen but had a feeling that it was to do with her decision to stay here on Earth with him and the others but saw tears fall which made her worried.

"Uncle J you okay?

Why're you crying?" she asked him.

"She used to call me that when she used to be here.

Jumba miss Alana a lot.

Wish she would've stayed but left Jumba behind and forgot about him.

I have the same feelings you have.

He miss Alana like you do but...." he admitted.

"But what?" she asked him.

"But Jumba happy Kira chose to stay.

You remind me of her so much, you have no idea." he told her but felt her hug him.

Mika smiled watching the tender moment but didn't want to ruin it.

"Kira can you give Uncle Jumba and me some privacy so we can talk?" she asked her.

Kira nodded as she left the room and wanted to see what Gaia was doing.

She found her with Lexi and the others playing outside and saw the silver furred experiment run into her arms seeing her friend.

"Where were you all this time?" she asked her but the look in Kira's eyes gave her a visual clue.

"You were with Jumba, right?" she said lowering her voice as Kira nodded.

"Yes but Mika's with him but I wonder why?" she answered.

Gaia smiled knowing what Jumba was being told......

Jumba was very shocked waking up from a faint spell after Mika had told him the news that she was pregnant but she smiled warmly at her husband reassuring him.

"You okay?" she asked him.

"Ih but your news surprised Jumba.

When did you find out?" he answered her.

"I went to an Earth doctor and she told me and showed me." she answered him as he felt his baby kick.

Tears of joy were in his eyes as he hugged her gently.

He couldn't believe he was going to be a father again but wondered how Kayden would take it but knew she had other things that were important to her like Kaimi along with Kia and Aoi.

"She's very happy for us but hopes that Kia and Aoi will be able to play with it when it's old enough." she told him.......

He knew Monte had left for an new life but hoped for Mika's sake, he'd return.

But right now his ohana felt whole but excited about the new arrival but had a feeling something was missing.

But soon he would find out what he was missing........ in due time....