A Friend's Secret

Summary: TJ has a secret that could forever make him uncool if it got out. Takes place when the gang is in sixth grade. Lawson got held back a grade, so he's in the story too.

Chapter One

The Hard Truth

TJ Dettwieler was now thirteen years old. Things had changed so much at Third Street in the past two years. Many sixth grade classes had moved on before them, and now this would be the gang's last year at this school. TJ didn't know how he would feel. This was the last year he'd be spending at Third Street, a place like his second home. Still he could not focus on that. This was the first day of school, and surely that was worth something. None of them were too happy that they'd gotten stuck with Ms. Finster as their sixth grade teacher too. Still TJ had to admit that he'd even miss her when this year was finished. It was finally time for lunch, which was lucky, because TJ was pretty hungry. Of course nothing had changed. The fat lunch lady with the hairnet serving them some mystery slop. TJ groaned as a pile of gray stuff slapped onto his plate. He grabbed his chocolate milk and took his seat with his old friends Spinelli, Vince, Gretchen, Mikey, and Gus. Gretchen was eating her lunch hurridly.

"Why you eatin so fast Gretch," TJ questioned.

"I have Student Council on the playground in ten minutes," she snorted between a mouthful of potatoes.

Things had changed with the playground government with the retirement of King Freddie. Principal Prickly had abolished the playground government at the end of last year, feeling that one student having that much power was unproductive. The students had been making plans over the summer though. Without a governing body the playground would surely fall into disorder. The playground was now ruled by a governing body known as the Student Council. Ten students would gather in council once a week to discuss matters relevant to the playground. They would be using the old fifth and sixth grader headquarters beneath the old royal jungle gym. Besides that they would also handle any matters requiring immediate judgement, such as the kings would have done in the past. Gretchen was on the council, and so was Guru Kid, Hustler Kid, Corn Chip Girl, the chief of the Kindergartners, Ashley A, Swinger Girl, Lawson, and Randall and Menlo by the Principal's insistence. TJ looked around the cafeteria and noticed the other members quickly finishing up. Gretchen stood up and left them. Mikey returned with seconds and resumed eating.

"The only reason Prickly instated that stupid council is because he knew Freedie'd make you king Teej," Spinelli said pointing at him with a spoonful of potato.

"I'm glad he did," TJ said honestly. "I wouldn't want to be king. By the way, did you notice Lawson failed?"

"Yeah," Vince said. "He isn't very happy I hear. We better steer clear of him awhile."

Lawson was sitting at a table in the corner by himself looking very sour indeed. His cronies had graduated without him, and now he had no one. TJ wasn't much happier then Lawson was. He had been hoping to have a year without Lawson making trouble for them. They all finished lunch and made for the playground. At least this place hadn't changed much, depending how you looked at it. The gang had grown up a bit. Gus was getting taller, and none of them hung out as much as they used to. They still ate lunch together.

"Hey Spinelli," Vince said. "Play ya in a game of dodgeball."

"You're on," Spinelli said running after him.

"Come on Gus," Mikey said. "Let's go find some wingerdingers."

And so, TJ was left by himself, just like Lawson. Speaking of Lawson, he seemed to be headed his way.

"Dettwieler, hey."

"Oh hey Lawson," TJ greeted.

"Look," Lawson said looking at the ground. "I know I've treated you kinda bad in the past. You wanna hang out?"

"Yeah why not," TJ said.

"Cool," Lawson replied placing has hand on TJ's shoulder.

Something about that thin yet firm hand on TJ's shoulder made his chest constrict slightly. Lawson removed it quickly.

"Never thought I'd be back here," Lawson said looking out over the playground. "I'm relieved in a way."

"I know what you mean," TJ said without meaning to. "I mean..."

"I know," Lawson said. "We have so many memories in this place."

"Yeah, we do. Seems like just yesterday King Bob was sitting on top of that jungle gym, barking orders, and sending some third grader to the dodgeball wall."

Lawson chuckled and stood up.

"Catcha later," he said walking away.

TJ couldn't stop his eyes from raking across Lawson's ass, as he went. He was confused, but his confusion was soon twice as strong. His eyes were drawn to somewhere across the playground where Ashley Q was liplocked with Vince. Wait a minute, Vince! He was kissing Ashley? Ew! His mind wandered briefly to that time almost two years ago when he and Spinelli had tried kissing. He had thought it was gross. Oh gosh! What if he was...? No! He couldn't be! How could he know what kissing a girl might be like now? He supposed he'd have to try it, and find out. There might be a chance Spinelli would kiss him again. He set off quickly to find her, wherever she might be. She was at the dodgeball wall throwing the ball against the wall and catching it. She didn't seem to be having very much fun.

"Hey Spinelli," TJ greeted. "Whatcha doin?"

"Oh hey Teej," Spinelli said in return. "What you up to?"

"I found something over by the dumpsters. You wanna come see?"

"It isn't a old cat with kittens is it," Spinelli asked grinning.

They both laughed at that.

"Sure," Spinelli said.

They reached the dumpsters. There was no one around of course. Spinelli shurgged.

"So TJ...," she began.

TJ grabbed her and slammed her softly against the dumpster kissing her firmly. This wasn't right, none of it. The smell of her perfume was neuseating, and her lips felt so wrong. TJ pulled back. Spinelli blushed a little and touched her cheek.

"Bleagh," TJ blurted. "Disgusting."

Spinelli shrugged. TJ had only one more thing to try. He went home and turned on his computer. He checked the internet for porn. A video of a guy sucking another guy's cock popped up on his screen. The guy on his knees was bobbling up and down on the head, while the guy getting sucked threw his head back and moaned. TJ felt himself hardening and felt the urge to touch himself. It only confirmed his confusions, he was gay.

To be continued

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