A Friend's Secret

Chapter Sixteen

Love at Last

Warning: Slash, m/m, etc.

TJ and Lawson exited the gymnasium holding hands. The dance had been a sucess. The two of them had shared every dance together. They seemed to have been a hit with the other students too. There was no telling the last time the sixth grade dance had a gay couple, if 's mother had the car waiting for them in front of the school. When the two of them got in she took off. Lawson and TJ found it hard to resist touching each other on the way home. Lawson put his hand on TJ's hand, but he was soon reaching for other areas. His hand slowly ran up TJ's arm, but he stopped when he saw Mrs. Dettwieler's expression in the mirror. They couldn't get home soon enough. The moment the two of them got into TJ's room, Lawson slammed TJ hard against the wall and kissed him hard. TJ moaned and spun Lawson around, taking control of the situation. He kissed Lawson until all the air was gone from him. Lawson slumped into TJ's arms weakly, feeling comfortable in his lover's embrace. TJ slowly brought Lawson over to the bed, stopping to strip him of his clothes, before removing his own. They had never been naked at the same time before. TJ got on the bed above Lawson and lowered himself, licking and nipping and Lawson's right nipple as their dicks ground against one another.

"Fuck," Lawson groaned in pleasure as his nipple hardened to a stiff bud. "Oh my God..."

TJ smirked at him and moved to the other nipple, making Lawson jerk up off the bed, his cock twitching against TJ's. TJ reached his hand down and began pumping their errections together. Lawson moaned loudly. The heat and friction was too much. He couldn't hold back anymore.

"Fuck me," Lawson shouted.

"What was that," TJ asked breathily.

"I want you to fuck me. Bury your dick in me!"

TJ growled and lifted up off of him. He went to his dresser and took out the bottle of Vaseline. He squirted some into his hand and coated his cock with the lubricant, shuddering as the cold lotion ticked the nerve endings of his cock. He got back on the bed, and Lawson got up. He directed TJ to lay down on his back. Lawson then positioned himself above TJ and lowered himself onto his greased up cock. TJ drew in a breath as the tightness sheathed his cock. Lawson winced and cried out in pain as he finally seated himself completely. TJ felt as though he would explode as Lawson moved up and down on his cock. TJ spread out his legs and gripped Lawson's buttocks, bucking up into him, as Lawson rode him.

"Uh," Lawson moaned in ecstasy. "Fuck!"

"Oh my God," TJ panted bucking up into his tight asshole. "This feels so hot."

Lawson gripped his balls and rode TJ's cock, moving back and forth on it. He threw his head back in ecstasy. TJ motioned him to get up and then bent him over the bed. He positioned himself before burying himself within Lawson once more. Lawson cried out as he was repenetrated. TJ began pounding into Lawson, making the sound of flesh slapping flesh fill the room.

"OH MY GOD," Lawson shouted out. "Yeah! Fuck..."

TJ began to slow his pace. He was so close. TJ dug his nails into Lawson's back and shuddered violently as he came. He then pulled out and massaged Lawson's pucker, making his muscle release the juices. Lawson moaned aloud jerking himself.

"Coming," Lawson cried out as he shot his load all over the bed. He slumped down into the bed, and TJ embraced him from behind.

"Oh God," Lawson said breathily. "I've never felt so open before."

TJ smiled and kissed the back of his neck. That had been incredible. They would have to do that again.

"Love you," TJ whispered into Lawson's neck.

"Love you too," Lawson said smiling.

The two of them fell asleep in each others arms, spent and content. The two of them would have many wonderful years together, and that's the story of how TJ and Lawson became lovers for life.


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