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Chapter 1


Looking out over the lake at the back of our house, I sigh reflecting on the past, the laughs we all shared and then the tragedy, so much lost.

My story is unusual to say the least, my name is Bella Swan and I was a normal human girl, I moved to Forks from Phoenix. I was living with my mother but made the decision to move back with my dad. I surprisingly met my mate after an accident, everyone thought it would be the amazing Edward Cullen who had saved me from being hit by a van but I had to defy logic… the moment I was taken to hospital and sitting on a bed and laid eyes on him, any thought of Edward was gone. Instead I was fascinated by his father Dr Cullen, a very young looking blonde doctor.

I remember watching him trying to devour his whole presence as he looked at my notes when he suddenly looked up with a raised eyebrow and amused smile as if he knew I had been staring at him, I blushed and turned my face away as he held my x-rays up to the light and studied them. "Your X-rays appear to be fine, I think you probably got more of a fright than anything all though you do have a nasty bump on the head. I would advise you to take it easy for a few days"

God his voice was like honey, I just wanted to wrap myself in it, I nodded and pushed off the bed, as I did I looked into his amber eyes, the emotions there unreadable but something about his gorgeous almost inhuman features threw me off balance and my knees began to shake, my hands shot out and grabbed the first thing I could, his coat. Gripping my forearms in his he helped steady me, his cinnamon woodsy smell hitting me, I closed my eyes and inhaled, opening them slowly he was smirking at me, he knew what I was doing. His hands ran down until he cupped my hands, he was freezing, a shiver ran through me although not from the cold, it was desire running through me he looked into my eyes smiling kindly "Are you ok Miss Swan?"

I nodded "I'm fine, I think I am just a little shaken and please call me Bella"

He laughed "Ok, please call me Carlisle then Bella and are you sure that is all that's wrong with you?"

My eyes widened, was he aware of the effect he was having on me? I began to stutter "oh…er…yes I am… fine"

He smiled at me again and gestured towards the door, he put a hand on my lower back and moved me forward, opening it I saw a frantic looking Edward, he rushed towards us a frightening look on his features "Bella are you ok? Carlisle is she ok?" he asked us both.

We nodded at the same time as I replied "Yes I am fine but I think I might head now" I smiled softly at Carlisle as I said "Take the doctor's advice and get some rest" he smiled down at me in return, I moved forward to head down the corridor when I felt a steel grip on my arm.

Looking around I saw Edward with his arm on me, an angry look on his face "Your not going on your own, I will be taking you home" my heart sank, all I wanted to do was go home and fall asleep for a while, maybe a little daydream about the dishy doctor in front of me, as I looked at Carlisle I saw him throw an angry almost possessive look at his son… what was that all about?

Edward gave Carlisle a confused but pissed of expression as he led me from the hospital. It didn't take very long to get to home and Edward helped me inside. "Do you want me to stay?" he asked hopefully as we saw my father was still at work.

"No its fine, you can go home" I said, nodding he gave me a disappointed look and left. I went to the airing cupboard in the hall and grabbed a few pillows and cover before going to lie down on the couch. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.

I was plagued with dreams of a extremely sexy Doctor Cullen, I imagined what his hands could do to me, in my dream he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me close to him, lowering his face to mine he captured my lips. His tongue caressing the inside of my mouth as his hands moved to cup my ass, squeezing it gently before trailing up over my hips and upwards to cup my breasts. I felt my knee's wobble from desire, my hands wrapping round his neck pulling him deeper into my mouth. Just as I got into my dream I was pulled from it by a knocking at the door, I sighed heavily and got up before stumbling to the door "This had better be good because I was having a very good dream" I muttered before flinging the door open.

I was shocked to my very core, standing right in front of me was the object of my dreams smirking at me, his eyes darkened with what looked like lust to me… it couldn't be, he would never lust after me. He was lounging against my doorframe casually, looking sinfully handsome when he spoke "Hello Bella, I was on my way home from work and just wanted to check in on you, may I come in?" I stood frozen to the spot unable to speak or move, his smirk got bigger as he leaned towards me "So are you going to invite me in or not Bella?"

I quickly pulled myself back to reality and blushed nodding, I moved out of the doorway to let him pass, as he did I felt his hand brush my hip, I looked up at him but he just stared straight ahead, must have been an accident, my heart was doing somersaults, he was here… I could do this, walking forward I went into the lounge with him following closely behind me.