A bit of an introduction...

The Twister City AU has pretty much eaten my life a a lot of my creative energies. I don't always have the time or focus to do full "episodes," but there are always scenes and drabbles and little moments that I'm forever tinkering with. This is where I'm going to be putting these works.

A note on "episode" designation: the first number is the season, the second is the episode number. So 1x01 is the first episode of the first season, 2x16 is the sixteenth of the second season, etc. Episode titles follow the numerical designation.

Now for something useful: the cast list! I've put clarifications for the non-obvious people in parentheses. There shall be shippiness and it will go like this: Cain/Ambrose, DG/Raw, Leona/Vy-Sor, Jeb/OFC, Tutor/OFC, and Az gets a couple pairings because she's that awesome. Keep in mind that it's an AU and so no one is exactly as they are in the mini:

Law & Order: Doink Doink - Cops and lawyers and judges, oh my!
Det. Wyatt Cain - Eight months after the murder of his wife, Cain sets out to rebuild his life in the big city. His small-town cop skills seem out of place on the mean streets of Topeka, but he quickly becomes a valuable asset on the force. His son, jaded emo teenager Jeb, seems awash in apathy but really knows more about what's going on than anyone else.

Det. Thomas Tudor - Cain's partner and a veteran of Topeka's homicide squad. Tudor is just trying to get his twenty and his pension, some might say by any means necessary. Rumor has it he's a dirty cop but a good detective, and so long as criminals are being put away the department will turn a blind eye.

Lt. Lionel Rawlins - Cain and Tudor's supervisor. A man of few words, but each and every one carries weight. Rawlins is intelligent and compassionate, and some make the mistake of seeing those qualities as weaknesses.

Elmer Gulch - Patrol officer. Holds department record for writing up speeding violations.

Peter Vue (Father Vue) - Receptionist for the department. Forever preoccupied with his iPhone.

Dorothy Gailman, assistant district attorney - One of the youngest ADA's in the city's history at 27. One might say her name is what got her the job, but there's tale she may have used her charm and... other assets to gain her position. Whatever happened, D.G. is one lawyer you don't want to mess with.

Gene Lonnot, defense lawyer (General Lonnot) - Once a close ally of the Gailman family, Lonnot finally got fed up with the perceived corruption and switched sides. Claims that he is simply embittered due to being passed over as mayoral legal counsel are brushed off.

The Right Honorable Judge Marvin Wayzard (the Mystic Man) - An eccentric, possibly an alcoholic, his decisions can be somewhat unconventional but usually always fair. Or not.

CSI: Topeka - Don't touch that, it's evidence!
Dr. Ambrose LeFevre, chief of forensics - Genius, and overgrown kid. LeFevre is a born and bred Topekan whose skills qualify him to work in a much larger city, something many colleagues wish he would do. He has an open and optimistic view on life despite his history of tragedy and melodrama.

Leona Praedlyn, CSI ("...a lovely lass named Leona") - Evacuated from Slidell just before Hurricane Katrina struck, Praedlyn moved in with her cousin Ambrose and somehow managed to never go home. The belle of the department, by turns morbid and sassy, she seems to have an answer for everything.

Dr. Igor Raynz, medical examiner - Creepy.

Hank and Emily Droiden, IT - Charming, cheerful, and ever-helpful with all things to do with technology. Hank can be bribed with peanut brittle, Emily (who ran the crime lab before LeFevre took over) prefers Glenfiddich.

The West Wing (of city hall) - Government inaction.
Mayor Lavender Gailman-Queenly - Has her eye on the governor's mansion, and hopes neither of her daughters try and kill anyone else in the meantime.

William "Omaha" Queenly - The mayor's husband. He's from Nebraska, no one likes him.

KAKE in Topeka - All the news that's fit to broadcast, and some that isn't.
Vyktor Sorrel (Vy-Sor) - News anchor. Waiting for a gig on Fox News.

Airianna Aufdae (Airofday) - News anchor. No one can place her accent.

Azkadelia "Katy" Gailman - Weather. Once tried to slice open a certain Washburn lab assistant's head while on a meth bender. Estranged from her mother (you know, the MAYOR) but close with her sister (you know, the ADA).

Redd Hattigan (Red Hat of the Eastern Guild) - Sports. Yes, sometimes he rhymes.

Xora Mobatille - Traffic. There never is any, but she enjoys the helicopter rides.

County Lock-up Break - Every cop show needs some bad guys.
Everett "Zero" Zevon - Gangland crime boss and cattle rustler. Also the guy that killed Cain's wife.

Antoine DeMilo - Operates a strip club despite community protests. Rumor has it he's also a pimp, but rumor has it he made up that rumor.

With that out of the way, on to the tales!