Rainie Yang as Qi Yue
Kingone Wang as Yuan Yi
Jiro Wang as Geng Lin
Ariel Lin as Yi Chen
Chun Wu as Wu Zun

Pained by suffocating memories of her childhood & burdened with accusations of murdering her own mother, a girl skirts the edges of suicide.

Two men hope to be her saviors - one that finds himself mysteriously bound to her as time & again they cross paths, leaving behind an array of scars & yet another whose undying love for her soon turns dangerously obsessive.

When these three lives intertwine, what will come of it? Will they find redemption or furthermore misery?

Take me, all of me;
And torch these hopes that make me up

You smolder my dreams, you smolder me
Scatter the blazing ashen in the withering wind
As you bid me a cold farewell

A/N: I am in fact the original author of this story & while I will continue to post this story on the other sites that I do (such as Winglin, AsianRendezvous, AsianFanatics & AsianFanfiction) using the real names of the Taiwanese actors who enacted this drama, this version of the story will include the names of the characters from drama instead.
Also note that while completely ignoring the existence of Ah Meng (played by Mike He) in this story, I have added extra characters of my own choice (for example: Jiro, Ariel, Chun, etc.)