Chapter 2 - Her Last Step To Freedom

"Stop!", he yelled out, but to no avail. She wasn't conscious of anything around her right now except that beam of light that was shining from off of the edge. In it she saw the only relief for her misery - death. Eager to take that last step before she found eternal relief, she closed her eyes as she muttered the words.

"Mother, I'm coming. Please, take me…….", was all that escaped her lips as the tears ceased.

She took a step ahead, her foot dangling mid-air. Her eyes dropped close. Her long hair swung joyfully in the wind, swirling to the same tune as the passing breeze, it's auburn shade gleaming brighter than ever under the sun's rays. The tears staining her face didn't live another second as they were soon drained of their worth in the wind, leaving unfinished trails of mascara down her fair skin. She spread her arms wide open.

He tore past the last few steps with all he had. Reaching an arm out, he was about to slide it around her slim waist, but all his arms caught were the wind. His eyes widened further as he stood leaning over the edge, only to see her body hit the ground. The red liquid that was running through her body a mere second ago, forming a dark crimson pool around her head, eventually staining the purity of her pristine dress.

Falling to his knees, he shut his eyes tight as his head dropped low. Struggling to catch his breath, he panted on purpose. His hands fell to the ground in an attempt to support his body. A tear slipped out from the corner of his eye.

Looking up at the sky, he let out a frustrated cry. Regret overrode his entire being. His cries of frustration resounded throughout the humongous length of the school building. With that one last step, she'd not only damned her own soul, but scarred another to irreparable lengths.

A/N: Unexpected? I know. I couldn't believe what I was writing myself but that's how it goes. Tragedy isn't bad, it's just reality knocking.
I'll be updating a couple more chapters too, so hang around :) No matter what it seems like, this isn't the end. There never really is an end, just the crack of the dawn of a new tomorrow. Okay, I'll quit with the philosophical crap.
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