The sound of busy streets invaded the young woman's senses, introducing a headache to her aching and stiff body. An involuntary groan of discomfort escaped her lips while she fought against the lure of sleep. Despite that, as she drew closer to consciousness, the overwhelming sensation of itchy skin and something pricking her skin forced her from her slumber. Her eyes fluttered but immediately closed to avoid small pieces of hay that threatened to poke her eyes. There she lay for a moment, fighting the ringing in her ears.

Fearing that she may pass out, the young woman shifted in the pile of hay, feeling the hard splintered wood beneath her, and leaned on her arm for support while the other brushed the hay away from her face. Pushing herself up, she squeezed her eyes shut to prevent any hay from poking her delicate eyes. Her hands searched her surroundings, finding the edges of the wooden cart that contained the hay and herself. After pushing her way through the haystack and brushing the remaining pieces of hay from her face, she leaned against the edge of the cart drained of energy.

Then the smell of body odor attacked her senses with enough strength to make her grimace and hide her nose in the crook of her arm. It smelt as if she had stuck her head in a trashcan for horse manure and dead rodents. It was enough to make her hold her breath for a moment before exhaling then gingerly sucking in small amounts of air to adjust to the air. Coughing into the crook of her arm, she lay against the old wooden cart with a weary expression. Her eyes gradually began to adjust to the harsh sunlight, sweat began to trickle down her face before she wiped it with her already drenched shirt. As her eyes adjusted, the corner of a stone wall began to take form, as well as the cart she resided in.

Staring at the old stone wall in a dazed state of mind, she dug through he mind for any clues of where she was or what might of happened to explain her current situation. However, nothing came to mind, the last thing she remembered was heating up dinner and then nothing, the rest was blank and fuzzy. For a moment, she wondered if she was dead, but that made no sense—although, neither did waking up in a haystack. Shifting her weight and picking up her heavy arm, she pinched the back of her hand, only to feel the pain in response. Rumor has it, that there's no pain in heaven, so that may rule out death.

So, the right question would be, where was she? To answer that, her only decision was to explore wherever she was. Fighting the ache of her muscles, the young blonde gripped the side of the wooden cart and shakily climbed out of the itchy hay. Her boots crunched as they collided with the dirt and stone beneath her. She gripped the side of the cart, steadying herself and watching her feet closely before letting go. Taking two steps away from the cart, she brushed off her shirt and blue jeans. She took extra care to fix her black tank top that resided underneath the white shirt that draped over her small form, it was a habit she had developed when she was younger. Picking stray pieces of hay from under her shirt and short hair, the young woman skimmed her surroundings.

The stone wall walls stood high above her head, crumbling due to lack of maintenance, and the dirt beneath her feet dusted her legs and black boots, leaving behind dirty streaks of brown. She took a deep breath, clearing her dry throat, and decided that the best course of action was to find someone who knew where she was. The architecture held a medieval look to it, which lead the woman to believe that she may be in some sort of Medieval Renaissance Fair, although that was unlikely. How could she just randomly wake up in a public fair?

Question after question invaded her thoughts, but no answers seemed to come to mind. Turning around, she wandered along the crumbling wall, running her hands through her unkept hair in an attempt to fix it the best she could. The sound of people grew louder as she wandered though the alleyway and soon came to light. The young woman stood bewildered as she watched people flood the medieval marketplace. The smell of the population's body odor was strong enough to force her to recoil in disgust. Holding her breath once more, she used her shirt to cover her nose before continuing to watch the crowd of peasants before her.

Merchants called and gestured to their stalls, hoping to sell their produce by the end of the day. Men and woman walked along the stands, surveying what was available to them. Today was a normal day for them, but not for the young woman. She stood in disbelief, wondering how someone could make this medieval fair look so realistic.