? ? ?


Ianto blinked bleary eyes up at the Doctor. He felt as though he'd been asleep with his eyes open, they were dry and gritty and his head was muzzy. "Hmmm."


The Doctor held the small mobile out to it and Ianto watched it as though it he'd never seen one before. The Doctor waved it slightly under his nose until Ianto reached out and took it with thick fingers.

"Hello?" his voice was raspy and unsure.


Jack's voice was water to a parched man and Ianto cradled the phone to him. "Jack? Oh God Jack I'm so sorry-"

"Hey, shh," Jack spoke slowly and soothingly, calming Ianto's spooked nerves. "You have nothing to apologise for."

"But, I screwed up Jack. I got caught."

"No. No, Ianto - you did nothing wrong. I am so proud of you."

Ianto felt the burn of tears in his eyes and his chest tightened. "You are?" he whispered.

"Hell yeah! Proud and unbelievably turned on. I just downloaded London's CCTV. I love the look," Jack leered.

It was so inappropriate, so unbelievably ill-time, that Ianto couldn't help but laugh. It was just so typically Jack. "Really Captain?"

"Oh yeah, hot spy Ianto - I think I've found a new kink! And was that a new suit?"

No-one should be able to make the word 'suit' sound dirty, but Jack managed it effortlessly.


"I'm hurt Mr. Jones. You bought a new suit for London and not one for me." Ianto could see Jack pouting. "Are you still wearing it?"

"Jack!" he hissed, scandalised. The Doctor was still in the room. He might have been all the way on the other side but if there was even a chance he could hear what they were saying...

"Oh, go on Ianto...Just think about it - trans-temporal phone sex! That's got to be a first!"

Ianto narrowed his eyes. "For me or you?"

"Both of us, unless you're not telling me something."

"You know all my secrets Jack."

There was a pause and Ianto felt his heart climb into his throat. He'd said the wrong thing.

"I thought I did."

He'd barely finished before Ianto was hurrying to reassure him, his eyes wide with worry. "You do. I promise you do."

"No, Ianto, I don't. 'Cos if I did - I'd have known you'd do this. You'd save the Doctor despite all your animosity to him. That you'd save him for me."

The tears flowed free.

"But I didn't know that Ianto and that's my fault." He laughed and Ianto smiled automatically at the sound. "I am actually jealous that the Doctor worked out how brilliant you are immediately but it took me months to see it. Months to see how clever you are, how loyal, how brave. And now the rest of the Universe is going to see it. And I am so jealous of them."

"I'm coming back!" Ianto hissed.

"Not for a while. It isn't safe," Jack insisted gently and Ianto felt lost.

He couldn't go home. It was the worst feeling in the world. His heart-wrenching grief over Lisa paled in comparison.

"Are you in a lot of trouble?"

"Nothing I can't handle," Jack breezily negated his concerns.

Ianto snivelled. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. I'm sorry I wasn't here for you." He paused and Ianto could hear him tapping his fingers against a whisky tumbler, the glass singing with every press of his fingers. "I'm sorry we didn't get our date."

"Were we going to go?"

Jack sucked in a breath. "Of course we were." He sounded hurt.

"I only meant - Torchwood isn't very forgiving of private lives. Perhaps I was wrong to want that."

"No. You should want that. You deserve it Ianto."

He found himself nodding along with the conviction in Jack's voice. "Rain check?"

Jack laughed. "In a few months Tosh will have cleared all your charges from the records and have altered their pictures of you." Ianto thought he could hear tears in Jack's voice. "And when that's done I'm going to call this phone and you are going to come back. You are going to answer that phone and get the Doctor to bring you back to me and we are going to have our date. And then we'll spend a whole weekend in bed - the Rift be damned! Do you understand me Ianto?"

Ianto nodded.

"It's an order."

"Yes sir," he said hoarsely.

"And in the meantime, you are going to see the Universe." The awe in his voice caused Ianto's breath to catch and his heart to race. "And you are going to love it."

"I'm going to miss you." There were tears dripped into his voice.

Jack's voice was choked. "Oh, Jones, Ianto Jones, you are the one that's going to be missed."

He hung up the phone and leaned back against the TARDIS.

"So?" Ianto looked up to see the Doctor, rocking on the balls of his feet. "Where to then?"

A/N... So that is it. It's done and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed! And before you all start whining, there will be a sequel - as soon as I am done with my uni exams I will start work on Tosh trying to clear Ianto and Ianto and the Doctor out in space. I have a feeling it will be mad.

Cheers x