"Let's have a baby"- Melinda

"You move between the worlds of life and death, sometimes you come back from one with a touch of the other"- The Watchers

"A touch?"- Melinda

"Of death. Be careful, it might brush off"- The Watchers

"On what?"- Melinda "On what you touch"- The Watchers

(Gunshots fire, camera turns to a shocked Melinda. Camera turns back to Jim, falling)

"I will always love you Melinda"- Jim

"No, not you. Please not you!"- Melinda

"No Jim Don't!" (Jim steps into Sam's body)

"Do I know you?"- Sam (Jim)

"Why do you keep doing that? Why do you keep calling me Sam?"- Jim

"What do you want me to call you?"- Melinda

"Just call me Jim, Mel. That's my name"- Jim

"Will you marry me... again?"- Jim

"Yes!"- Melinda

"Congratulations Mrs Gordon, your pregnant"- Nurse

"We're gonna have a little boy"- Jim

"My baby.. will he be able to do what I can do?"- Melinda

"No."- Unknown

"Oh, well thats a relief"- Melinda

"He'll be able to do much more"- Unknown

September 22nd;
Plot- Melinda & Delia are in "Same as it never was.. Antiques"

Delia: You know you really should be resting, you could go into labor any minute now and I wouldn't know what to do!"

Melinda: I am resting.

(Delia looks over at Melinda who is sitting in a chair at the counter)

Melinda: And I have 3 more days to go- maybe more. Oww! Ouch!

(Delia give Melinda a funny look and starts to approach her)

Melinda: I'm fine, i'm fine! He's just kicking, and moving around a lot.

Delia: Maybe he's tying to tell you that he wants out. Why don't we get you to the hospital so they can do that.

Melinda: Oh, relax. He's not coming out any time soon.

Delia: Hey- you should start eating Chinese food, I hear it quickens up labor!

Melinda: Why do want him out of me so badly?

Delia: I just don't like seeing you in pain, and your hormones are all over the place and I can't wait to see what he looks like!

Melinda: Shouldn't I be the one complaining? I mean sure it would be great to be able to find something nice that would actually fit me, and it

IS strange not being able to see my feet

when I look down. But I can balance things on him, wanna see?

(Melinda reaches for a wooden clown)

Delia: No I do not wanna see!... So have you come up with any names yet?

Melinda: Not really. Jim was thinking about naming him Paul you know after my father but I don't know.

Delia: No, that's sweet. Hey how about 'Casper'?

(Delia smiles and Melinda gives her a disapproving look)

Melinda: Not funny.

(Delia laughs uncontrollably)

Melinda: How did you come up with Ned?

Delia: Oh, umm... it was actually Charlie's idea.

(Delia smiles and looks up and goes into a daydream. After a minute Melinda coughs)

Delia: Oh, it's a long story.

Melinda: I'm sure it is...

(Jim enters)

Jim: Hi honey.. (He walks up and kisses Melinda, then kisses her belly).. Hi Paul.

(Melinda and Delia both look at each other and shake their heads. Jim notices and looks up)

Jim: Yeah, your right. I think he's gonna be nameless till he gets married.

Melinda: Noway! We'll find a name, we just have to think.

(Melinda reaches down and grabs the wooden clown again, she gets a vision)

Melinda is lying on a gurney in the hospital room, Jim is holding her hand and they are both looking at each other passionately.
A nurse comes over smiling "Congratulations Mrs Gordon, twins" she points to two other nurses who both have babies in their arms and are approaching Jim and Melinda. They both take a baby each and Melinda notices that one is wearing blue and the other is wearing pink. She stares at Jim. "One of each" he said with a smile...

(Melinda comes back into the present and starts laughing to herself)

Jim & Delia: What?

Melinda: Lets just say we should always have a backup name just in case...

Jim: In case of what? In case it's a girl because the ultrasound results were positive that its a boy and all the spirits are saying 'he' and-

Melinda: No, I mean like in case I have both.

Delia: Both?!

Jim: What?

Delia: Are you kidding me?

Jim: I'm still a little confus-


(Delia runs over to Melinda and hugs her, Jim is standing there smiling and shaking his head)

Jim: Twins, huh? Well thats one extra name to think of.

Delia: And one extra mouth to feed.

Jim: I don't care we're gonna have twins!

(Jim runs over to Melinda and kisses her)

Delia: Alright, alright. I know you two are madly in love but I'm still in the room and besides look were all that got you last time!

(Delia points to Melinda's stomach and laughs)

Jim: I gotta get back to work honey, but I'll come by later and pick you up.

(He kisses Mel one last time and her stomach)

Jim: Goodbye you.. two...

Jim: Bye Delia!

Delia: So... twins? Who knew there would be two of them in that tiny belly of yours.

Melinda: Yeah, gosh. Well I have a pretty good idea on a name for a girl but nothing so far on a boy.

Delia: So you planned for a girl?

Melinda: No, not really. I've just always thought about it and I'd like to name my daughter Andrea.

Delia: Oh, that's the nicest thing. I'm sure Andrea would appreciate it.

(Suddenly Melinda see's a ghost but it's too fussy and moving too fast)


(She immediately recognized the voice of the professor she longed to speak with)

TO BE CONTINUED............