Dirty Words

Ino had honestly though their intentions had been pure, and she scoffed at herself for thinking there was anything wholesome about those two anymore.

When Sakura had invited her to see the new apartment she had just moved into with her ex sensei turned current lover, she had accepted with the notion that the couple would show her around, and perhaps invite her to stay for dinner.

But upon arrival she was surprised to find the door unlocked, and even more unnerved when nobody answered her wary calls asking if anybody was home. However, nothing could compare with the astonishment she felt when she entered the apartment's only bedroom to find her pink haired friend and her lover on their recently purchased king sized bed without a scrap of clothing between them. She didn't even register that Kakashi was currently maskless because his face was buried in the juncture of Sakura's legs, and the way her green eyes were rolling back in her head and the breathless moans falling from her lips left little doubt of what he was currently doing to her.

Ino was speechless, perhaps for the first time in her life as the sight shocked her into silence.

She wasn't sure how long she watched, unable to look away from the erotic scene, noting that Kakashi seemed particularly skilled with his tongue considering how Sakura seemed to be gripping his silver hair desperately and moaning in low, sultry tones. Kakashi's bare ass was towards her, and she couldn't help but admire its firmness and definition. She'd love to have a pair of buns like that nestled against her palms, imagining how they'd feel as she squeezed them, kneaded them, and maybe even give them a light slap.

At last the gifted medic opened her eyes, hazy orbs gazing at her stunned friend and Ino was sure Sakura would realize she and Kakashi had been caught and go scrambling for their clothing. But she only smiled a lazy, sexy, smile before Kakashi did something particularly wondrous to her and her mouth fell open with a gasp.

"Mmm…Ka-Kakashi, she's here," she sighed, tugging his hair to gently pull him away from her core, even as her hips ground upwards restlessly.

The Jounin sat back on his heels, back towards their unintentional voyeur as he wiped a forearm unhurriedly across his mouth. The simple motion set the defined muscles of his back rippling and Ino felt her pulse quicken, trying very hard not to be jealous. She couldn't even remember the last time she'd been with a guy who was half decent in bed, and here was Sakura, with an older, experienced man who was rumored to be something of a sex god, so caught up in their intimate activities that they had seemed to have forgotten she was coming over…and couldn't even muster the decency to act embarrassed about it.

But then he looked over his shoulder and shot the blonde a smirk that instantly had butterflies dancing frantically in her gut as a warm burn began to flare a little lower in her body. Ino was now most definitely jealous of her best friend, for without the mask, Kakashi Hatake was sinfully good looking. His skin was smooth and unflawed, save for the scar bisecting his Sharingan eye, but that only served to make him sexier, more dangerous, even though the way he was looking at her was dangerous enough. He could probably charm the panties off just about any girl with a devastatingly attractive smirk like that, and he was all Sakura's. Life really was unfair.

And then he turned, swinging his legs onto the floor as he sat facing her, and life went from unfair to being completely unjust, for jutting proudly between Kakashi's thighs was the longest, most beautiful specimen of male anatomy that Ino had ever seen.

She stared, she couldn't help it, knowing that any moment now they would probably make a lame attempt at apologizing or politely ask her to leave.

But Kakashi did something completely unexpected. He crooked his finger at her as he uttered two husky words that had her whole body tingling.

"Come here."

She supposed she could have turned and fled, but it seemed her body had already made up its mind before her head could even sort out what was happening. She found herself standing in front of Kakashi's wonderfully naked form, not caring that he seemed to be appraising her, staring at her body as if he was examining it right through her clothing.

An then his arm was around her waist and he was pulling her close, his breath tickling over her cheek before his lips sealed over hers. She whimpered as his warm tongue stroked over her lower lip while nimble fingers massaged the base of her spine that her two piece purple outfit left exposed.

She felt the mattress shift, but was too distracted by the slick muscle sliding between her lips to pay attention until she felt a warm body pressed behind her and small hands slide around to begin undoing the buttons of her top.

She moaned as Kakashi's tongue entered her mouth and could taste the musky tang that had to be Sakura's taste. This was more than a kiss. Her mouth was being plundered, pillaged, and when he finally broke away, she found herself sandwiched between Kakashi and his pink haired lover, her body as naked as theirs thanks to Sakura's handiwork.

She didn't ask why, because it didn't seem to matter. She simply succumbed as Kakashi dominated her mouth again while Sakura reached around to pluck at pale pink nipples, cooing as the buds hardened against soft fingertips.

She was drowning in Kakashi, reveling in Sakura's caresses, moaning and whimpering and panting, and when Kakashi broke away to nibble at the juncture of her neck, she filled her lungs with air in greedy, shuddering gulps.

"Sakura tells me you have a dirty mouth," Kakashi ground out huskily against her ear, his voice making the liquid fire in her loins flare red hot. "I want to hear it."

Ino guessed her friend had found out this interesting fact about her after accompanying herself and Shikamaru while the two of them had been dating. They had stayed at an inn more than once, always getting separate rooms to spare Sakura from their rowdy lovemaking, but apparently the inn's walls hadn't been very thick.

Kakashi's hand wandered down her stomach, tickling her navel and brushing through the trim patch of blonde hair at her apex. And then he was stroking her and Ino couldn't help a wanton moan as her head tipped back, allowing Sakura to press hot kisses to the exposed column of her neck.

The skilled Jounin ran a single finger over her slit, humming in approval as he found her slick and ready for him.

"Mmm…oh yes…" Ino encouraged, rolling her hips forward, her body aching for him to fill her.

And then he was easing inside, her canal instantly squeezing him tight as he began to fuck her responsive body with a single finger.

"Oh yeah! Right there!" she moaned, turquoise eyes drifting closed as she savored the feeling of him inside her, unaware that Sakura had vacated her position and was now climbing back on the bed.

"You like it deep in your pussy?" Kakashi smirked, encouraging her to talk dirty as he massaged her inner walls.

"Yeah," Ino groaned clutching at his shoulders as her legs began to tremble. "I like it deep and hard. Give it to me hard!"

Kakashi chuckled, withdrawing his finger from her drenched sex.

"Not yet," he whispered. "Don't forget that Sakura was here before you and it's not nice to cut in line.

He pulled away, urging her to turn to find the pink haired woman sprawled on her back, a hand between her legs rubbing circles around her swollen clit.

Kakashi reached down to grab her wrist, halting her motions and brought her fingers to Ino's lips. The blonde began to suck obediently, climbing on top of her friend until she was straddling her narrow hips. Sakura's fingers were coated in the same musky essence she had tasted on Kakashi's tongue and Ino lapped hungrily at the slender digits until Sakura pulled her down for a kiss, kissing her in the same hungry, domineering way their mutual lover had.

Suddenly, the pink haired medic cried out into Ino's mouth as Kakashi entered her, thrusting into her tight hole with languid strokes of his hips. Ino moaned right back, loving the feeling of Kakashi behind her, and Sakura's body jarring beneath her as she was filled over and over.

"You like how he feels inside your hot little cunt?" Ino rasped, breaking the kiss to tug at a tender earlobe.

The kunoichi on the bottom moaned favorably and Ino smirked.

"You lucky bitch, I bet his big cock fills you up so good."

Sakura moaned again as Kakashi thrust a little harder, as aroused by the blonde's comments as Sakura was.

Ino braced herself on all fours, bringing bountiful breasts close to Sakura's lips, and her friend wasted no time in closing her lips around a pebbled nipple, suckling hungry and scraping the sensitive flesh with her teeth.

"Ohhh!" Ino moaned, back arching as she felt Sakura's tongue swirl around the tightened bud. Kakashi, unable to resist her perfect, heart shaped ass gave one toned cheek a hard smack with his palm.

She yelped in pained pleasure, looking over her shoulder at the offender, but Kakashi only grinned devilishly.

"You want more don't you?" he sneered. "You want me to slam my cock into your pussy and spank you hard while I fuck you."

"Fuck yeah," Ino agreed, waving her ass back and fourth provocatively. "Fuck my pussy."

Kakashi pulled out of Sakura with a wet squelch and guiding his slick shaft to Ino's quivering entrance. With one thrust he was lodged in her up to the hilt and groaned at her exquisite heat as the dirty woman let out a string of explicatives.

He pounded into her hard, bringing his hand down on her other ass cheek to leave a matching five fingered welt. The action only made Ino moan louder while Sakura squirmed beneath them, incredibly aroused and unfulfilled.

Kakashi crashed against her over and over, and then suddenly he was gone, leaving Ino empty and aching, but the cry from beneath her let Ino know exactly where his dick had gone.

Reaching a hand between her legs, Ino rubbed her clit frantically, trying to alleviate some of the pressure Kakashi had built it up while she watched her best friend get fucked hard.

Sakura was moaning, panting, arching upwards as Kakashi slammed into her brutally over and over. Her small breasts bounced enticingly and her short hair was fanned out over the white sheets in a rosy streak. Ino returned the favor and sucked at Sakura's swollen nipples as Kakashi filled her hard and deep. She stopped suckling only when Kakashi unexpectedly pulled out of his girlfriend to fill Ino's pussy instead.

Over and over he tortured them, bringing each woman to the pinnacle of bliss before leaving them behind to fill the other. Ino begged and pleaded to be fucked harder, longer, deeper, but no amount of dirty talk could convince Kakashi to finish her off until he was ready. But when he finally was ready, the blonde found herself forgetting how to breath. He slammed into her harder and faster than she had been ready for, his free hand circling around to rub her clit in time with his thrusts.

"Oh yeees!" she screamed, uncaring of any neighbors that might not approve of what they were doing. "Fuck me just like that! Oh please! That's so good! Pound my pussy! Yes! YES! Oh fuuuuuck!"

Her orgasm hit her even more violently than the jackhammer motions of his cock inside her. It was devastating, debilitating, and left her throat raw after screaming explicatives so graphic that Kakashi might have blushed had her pussy not been squeezing him deliciously in a vice like grip.

Ino collapsed, head cushioned against Sakura's jiggling breasts as Kakashi rocked against his pink haired lover once more, extracting moans and sobs and pleas until she too shattered in an overwhelming orgasm, Kakashi joining her in oblivion as he flooded her womb with his thick milky essence.

Sakura managed to roll Ino off of her and onto her side, snuggling in next to her as Kakashi settled in on the blonde's opposite side, keeping her warm and secure between them. Her dirty little mouth had resulted in some of the best sex any of them had ever had, and Kakashi and Sakura were both concocting other sinful ways to put said mouth to use.