The warm, wet slide of something pliant and foreign against her cheek roused Sakura from unconsciousness. She blinked groggily until the blurry figure before her came into focus and she was shocked at what she saw. The man practically on top of her, the one who had knocked her unconscious during their fight, was none other than Deidara of the Akatsuki.

"Welcome back, yeah," he said with a grin that the kunoichi thought bordered on maniacal. "It took you a while to wake up. I thought I might have done some permanent damage."

Immediately she tried to scramble away, only to find that both of her wrists were pinned down to the ground, keeping her flat on her back spread out into an X shape. She tried wriggling frantically, but her efforts did little more than cause the man hovering unnerving close over her to chuckle.

"Not even your superior strength can break those shackles, yeah. My clay is the stronger than steel if I want it to be."

Sakura narrowed her eyes at her captor, wondering why he had tied her down in what appeared to be a large cave. The only light was from the fire he had built and there appeared to be only a thin layer of fabric separating her body from the rocky floor beneath. She wondered if it was his red and black cloak, since he was currently wearing nothing more than a fishnet shirt and dark pants.

Frankly, she was a little surprised to be alive. She had been unable to avoid one of his explosive attacks, the force of it knocking her to the ground where she had assumed her life would end. Her left arm still stung with what was surely a second degree burn where she had gotten too close to the explosion, but the slight pressure around the wound made her realize it had been bandaged. Her green eyes widened when she came to another realization. That bandage was the only thing she was wearing.

"Where the hell are my clothes?" she spat, struggling against her bonds with renewed fervor.

Deidara smiled, leaning in closer as he swung a leg over her to straddle her hips. "You won't need them for what I have planned, yeah."

His face was so close to hers that she couldn't keep him in focus, and she jumped when she felt the warmth of his lips press to her cheek in a chaste kiss. At the same time, a calloused hand brushed over her neck, leaving behind a heated trail of moisture before the skin right above her jugular was pulled by a soft suction coming from his palm.

Sakura gasped at the sensation as she recognized the feeling to be the one that had initially awakened her. He was touching her with those freakish mouths on his hands!

"Stop it!" she hissed, trying to throw him off of her but having little luck since she was restrained by his clay shackles. Deidara chuckled, pulling away enough so that furious green eyes could meet amused blue.

"I'm curious about you, Sakura. Ever since you killed Sasori, I've wondered about that little pink-haired girl with the amazing strength and spirit. And now, years later, I come upon you all by yourself and see that you're not a little girl anymore, yeah."

His eyes traveled the length of her body, making it clear it was more than her age that made him view her as a woman.

"I could have killed you," he continued. "And while it would have been immensely satisfying, I want you to experience a different kind of explosion."

His words held the dark promise of a detonation that had nothing to do with his clay, and Sakura felt panic beginning to rise within her.

He leaned forward once more until his lips grazed the shell of her ear as he whispered, "Art is a bang after all, and you will be my masterpiece."

"You sick bastard!" she growled, still thrashing unsuccessfully in her restraints. "You keep me alive just so you can rape me?"

The blond clicked his tongue, shaking his head as if he were chastising her. "If the woman isn't enjoying it, it's not art, and I promise you that you will enjoy it. My bloodline limit can do things that past women have found very...persuasive."

"You're crazier than I thought," Sakura spat, her eyes burning angrily with green fire, staring at him with all the defiance she could muster.

Deidara found her spirit thrilling. Her will was strong and he could tell she was the kind to put a lot of heart and passion into everything she did. Those were the kind of women that always made the best kind of art when they finally submitted to him, and his captive would be radiant at the pinnacle of her explosion.

His hands fell to her body, smoothing over the soft skin of her shoulders and down her sides before coming back up to gently cup her breasts. They were just big enough to fit his hands, soft globes nestled into his palms for a perfect fit. He began to knead them, smirking at her poorly concealed gasp as twin tongues flicked over hardening nipples.

She was still squirming beneath him, fighting against the chakra infused clay. But he could see her struggling to smother the pleasured noises threatening to spill from her lips every time his hand mouths alternately licked and suckled her rosy peaks.

She watched him as he touched her, her eyes still furious and defiant, but he could see something darker begin to swirl in those translucent green depths, something he planned to fuel until it completely consumed her: the beginning of raw desire.

"S-stop it," she demanded, her angry tone wavering ever so slightly as his right hand sucked at her especially hard.

He chuckled softly as his dipped his head to nuzzle the tender flesh of her throat. He pressed his lips to her skin and could feel her pulse racing beneath the surface. He smiled as he wondered if her rapidly beating heart was attributed to fear, adrenaline, or the lust he was cultivating.

"Shh," he soothed. "Just relax, yeah."

He could feel her charka flaring as she tried with all her might to break free, but the clay held fast, frustrating her even more.

"Let me go you son of a bitch," she seethed, angry with her own body for betraying her as she felt something grow warmer and wetter within her with every lick of his skilled mouths.

He scattered kisses along her jaw line as his hands bit down gently on her tightened peaks, noting how her back arched just slightly, pressing her breasts into his touch.

Sakura could feel her resolve weakening, cursing how the trio of talented tongues knew exactly where and how to stimulate her nerve ending until they were on fire.

His left hand sucked her nipple hard, pulling away and stretching the soft tissue until her mouth parted in a gasp. It was then Deidara claimed her in a surprisingly gently but demanding kiss, his tongue tracing the fullness of her lower lip. She tried to turn her head away, but she had no where to go as his tongue slipped into her mouth.

The warmth in her core flared as if someone had poured kerosene on a pre-existing fire, and suddenly her head was spinning as his tongue massaged her own. Her busy schedule back home hadn't allowed her much time to spend with men, but in the handful of sexual encounters she's had, none of them had kissed her like this. Even though she wasn't participating and remaining still beneath him, the slide of his pliant muscle against her teeth, lips and tongue in combination with the suckling mouths on his hands was making it very hard to continue resisting him. Everything felt so damn good that it was beginning to become difficult to focus on anything else.

Without stopping his assault on her mouth, he let one hand stray from her breast and slowly decent down her stomach, kissing and licking as it went. She shivered when his tongue dipped inside her bellybutton before moving even lower to shower kisses over her hipbone.

He broke the kiss, allowing her to draw a shuddering breath into her oxygen deprived lungs, but the fresh air did little to clear her head. Every inch of her skin was tingling and her nipples were hard and distended, one still trapped in the warmth of his hand mouth while the other ached for equal treatment. Despite her feeble attempt at resisting him, she was wet and ready for him, her arousal plentiful enough to leak from her opening and to coat the outer lips of her sex. As his blue eyes met hers, she could tell he was well aware of the effects he was having on her, the smug triumph visible in the twist of his smirking lips. But something else resided in those cobalt depths, the once lucid orbs now clouded with the same desire she was feeling. As the fingers of his southbound hand found the soft thatch of pink hair between her thighs, his expression softened into something Sakura thought she recognized as adoration.

"You really are beautiful," he rasped, his voice husky and deep as his fingers combed through her candy colored curls.

Sakura said nothing, not even a request for him to stop as his second hand left her breast and cupped her cheek, thumb running over her jaw as his eyes traveled over her exposed skin. She knew she should be fighting him, but the intense desire within her had blotted out the will resist. Her skin burned for his touch, her core throbbing with liquid need as she stared up at him breathlessly, waiting for his next move.

His hand inched lower, lower, and the kunoichi had to fight the urge to buck up into his palm. She bit her lip, trying to deny her frustration and impatience and red hot need to be touched. She wondered if he was onto her as he met her gaze, but he didn't call her out. He merely groaned soft and low when he let a single finger trace her slit, finding her to already drenched.

And then he was inside her, his digit pushing gently into her wetness where feminine muscles immediately clamped down around him. His moan mingled with his captive's, her pleasured noises falling unbidden from her lips as her body welcomed the intrusion.

"I told you that you'd enjoy it, yeah," Deidara crooned, his voice equal parts reverence and smug satisfaction. "We've only just begun and you're already soaked."

Sakura's only response was a shuddering moan as he eased another finger inside her to slide along her slick inner walls as he slowly pumped in and out. Never had her body felt so heated, so desperate for a man's touch. She was still tugging at her restraints, only now it was because she was writhing mindlessly, hips undulating as she sought to push him deeper.

He had seduced her far too easily and she had hardly put up a fight, but it was so much easier to put all those thoughts aside and allow the wonderful sensations to wash over her.

His ministrations were making her even wetter, her juices leaking around his nimble fingers to drip onto her inner thighs and his cloak. She was squirming, mewling softly at the feelings that were so good, but not good enough. He was building her desire higher, making sure she wanted more but not ready to fulfill her. His face still hovered above hers, hand at her jaw in a tender gesture as his fingers twisted inside her wetness.

The kunoichi knew he was watching her every reaction and if she hadn't been so aroused, she would have been embarrassed by such scrutiny. Her sex throbbed and her core burned and she thought she might go mad from such a slow and unfulfilling touch when his fingers suddenly left her altogether.

Her whimpers of disappointment once again made Deidara smirk and he smoothed her damp bangs away from her forehead to press a soft kiss in their place.

"So eager," he chuckled, moving to nibble on her earlobe as his hand that had just been inside her smoothed along her inner thigh, his drenched digits leaving moist trails in their wake. "Have a little patience Sakura. I'm nowhere near through with you yet."

She could feel his hand move back between her legs and thought he was going to resume his sweet torture of her most sensitive place. But his hand moved farther back until his palm was centered over her second hole, the hole she had never allowed anyone to touch before.

"W-what are you..."

She interrupted herself with a gasp as something wet and warm drew a circle around the puckered skin, making her squirm for entirely different reasons. He wasn't really going to touch her there was he?

The blond man pulled back enough so he could see her, eyes fixated on her spread sex and the place where his hand rested just below.

Again she felt the tongue of his hand lick a circle around her ass, only this time, it dipped into the center and tried to push inside.

"Stop it," she panted, trying to wriggle away from him but his second hand pressing firmly on her hip kept her still.

"Relax," Deidara commanded again. His smirk revealed he was clearly amused by her embarrassment and fruitless struggle, but his eyes darkened with desire showed he had been serious about touching every inch of her, even the place she was currently trying to hide from him.

His tongue probed her again, pushing harder, until finally the flesh yielded and she felt the wet muscle slip inside. The sensation was foreign, but affected her deeply as he the muscles of her sex suddenly clenched in response.

"Oh!" she gasped in surprise as the slick organ inside her began to wriggle back and forth, in and out.

Deidara was suddenly captivated by place between her thighs. Her clit was swollen and red and directly below it, velvety pink folds were spread to reveal her entrance, the muscles visibly contracting in response to the tongue that was pleasing her from the other side.

He couldn't wait anymore. He had to taste her, had to sample the flavor that waited for him inside the tight little hole. But it was not a place his hands or his conventional mouth could reach.

He pulled away from her abruptly, hands going to the hem of his fishnet shirt to tug it over his head. Sakura watched through hooded eyes as hard, lean muscle was revealed. Like most shinobi, his body was perfect, every muscle sculpted to perfection through hard training. Combined with piercing blue eyes, long, pale hair and facial features that were slightly delicate, but still masculine, Sakura had to admit he was indeed quite handsome. That fact was currently making her ache for him to discard his pants and briefly reveal another part of himself before burying it inside her, but she noticed something strange about him before she could chastise herself for thinking such things about the enemy.

Over his left pectoral, was a seal she had never seen before in all her years of medical training. Through the center of it were what appeared to be stitches holding the skin together, stitches he was currently cutting through with a kunai. She watched in fascinated horror as the skin spread to reveal giant teeth unlike any she had seen before. Just how many mouths did this guy have anyway?

And then the stitched lips parted to reveal a tongue that would have been more at home in a horse mouth. It was long and thick and completely unnerving, especially when the mouth curved into a smile.

He could see the shock and fear in her eyes, but knew she would grow to appreciate this part of his bloodline limit quite quickly.

He didn't say a word as he positioned himself over her body, chin nestled in the valley of her breasts and chest pressed to the juncture of her legs. He watched her expression as his thick tongue slicked over her out lips, smirking as she gasped and shuddered beneath him.

Sakura couldn't look away from those impossibly blue eyes, their hazy depths holding her captive as she felt his tongue trace her slit. Her body was so heated and needy that her hips instantly bucked to meet his touch, even if it was from a strange part of his body that was both disturbing and a little frightening.

He teased her a little longer, enjoying her uncertain whimpers and fleeting expressions of pleasure as his tongue stroked up and down, parting satin flesh just enough for him to sample her sweet musk.

"You taste so good," he groaned, her juices making him want her even more. His hands cupped her breasts, thumbs rubbing over sensitive nipples as he at last allowed his tongue to slip inside her.

Sakura moaned, eyes drifting closed as she felt something thick and flexible enter her quivering body. It withdrew quickly, but returned, sliding in a little deeper, over and over until his tongue was fully inside. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. His muscle flexed and wriggled within her, rubbing against slick inner walls and spearing her deep. Heat flared within her as his squirming tongue thrust into her with slow strokes, his lips slurping at her opening as if he meant to devour every drop of her flavor.

"Mmm," Deidara groaned, burying his face in her cleavage and sucking hungrily at her soft flesh. He could feel her womanhood contracting tight around him as he ravaged her supple body. Her taste was delicious, driving him to push inside her even deeper and swirl his tongue around within. She was moaning for him now, all thoughts of resistance gone as he pleasured her juicy hole. Just as he had predicted, she was loving every minute, submitting to him as his bloodline limit explored her sacred place.

She was flushed and trembling, dizzy and on the edge of something huge. She could feel a tightness coiling low in her belly as feminine muscles contracted around his invading tongue. Her nipples burned as his mouth found them and latched on, sucking one and then the other as his hands molded yielding flesh, the tiny mouths in his palms nibbling at her as well. She was so close, brought to the brink by his inhuman tongue but she didn't care anymore that she was wanton and needy beneath a man who was supposed to be her mortal enemy.

She squeezed her eyes shut, waiting to come apart and surrender to the incredible pleasure that was sure to follow, but he was suddenly pulling away, depriving her of the heat and weight of his body and leaving her weeping sex empty and unfulfilled.

Her eyes snapped open to find him looking at her smugly, eyes admiring the reddened splotches on her skin and trembling muscles that were the results of his handy work.

He sat up, the giant tongue licking its lips before retreating back into his chest cavity as his hand went to the zipper of his dark pants.

She watched in frustration, biting her lip as Deidara unzipped his fly and pushed the material down over slender hips. His manhood sprung free of the confining material, thick and hard and ready for her. As he kicked his pants aside, his hand went to grasp his length, pumping it a few times in his fist before kneeling between her spread thighs.

The smooth head of his cock brushed over her drenched lips, sliding easily against the slick flesh. He traced her slit, up and down, pausing to grind his tip against her swollen clit, making her cry out and shudder beneath him.

She bucked up against him, trying to force him inside, but it seemed he was always just out of reach. He was purposely teasing her, the amusement visible on his face as he rubbed against her sensitive pearl and parted her nether lips, but never entered her. He was enjoying the way she thrashed against her bonds, but without any intent of getting away. He loved hearing her whimper and moan, loved feeling her tremble and quake. He had broken her, just like he had claimed he would, and now he was enjoying the wanton creature he had reduced her to.

"Look at you," he rasped, his low voice warm with both amusement and admiration. "You can't wait for me to fill you, can you?"

Sakura said nothing, merely bucking her hips fruitlessly beneath him.

Deidara chuckled again, hands going to her hips to hold her still.

"You can't wait to become my masterpiece and burst for me," he crooned. "You want me to make you explode while I'm deep inside."

Sakura didn't have to time to think about the numerous meanings behind his words. She had no idea if once he was done with her, he'd make the clay holding her detonate and blow her up for real. She might have been worried if he hadn't slid the head of his cock into her for one fleeting moment before retreating and leaving her more frustrated than ever.

"No," she whined at the loss of his length, eyes starting to tear as her sex throbbed painfully. Never had she been so lust crazed. She had never wanted a man, needed a man as badly as she did now.

The Akatsuki member could see how wild his teasing had made her, could hear the desperation in her voice as she pleaded for him. At last he relented, sliding into her incredibly slow so she could feel every inch of him filling her up. Immediately his length was caught in her vice-like grip as slick walls clamped down, pulsing, quivering and flexing around him. He tossed his head back and groaned, sending blond hair flying as her juicy sex squeezed him. She was so damn tight and absolutely drenched that he almost lost himself, but after a moment he was back in control and began to move inside her with long, slow thrusts, nearly pulling out of her before pushing back in.

The initial insertion was divine, making Sakura moan in ecstasy as he filled up the void within her, but when he began to slide within her at a snail's pace, she thought she would go mad. The friction of his cock within her felt so good, but his thrusts had no force behind them, serving only to tease her further and keep her completely unsatisfied.

"Please," she panted, looking up into the hazy blue eyes of her captor. "Give me more."

The way she begged for him made his cock throb within her. Her pouting lips, those eyes glittering with frustrated tears, she would do anything now to feel him pound into her. She wanted nothing more at this moment than to become his greatest work of art, a willing subject primed and ready to explode.

The next time he pulled out, he surged forward, crashing into her and extracting a scream of pleasure from the pink haired kunoichi.

"Is that what you want?" he whispered, his voice devilish and dark as he went back to his slow, measured thrusts. "Do you want me to pound into you hard?"

"Yes!" she practically sobbed, writhing beneath him as much as her restraints would allow.

Deidara leaned forward, bracing his hands on either side of her head until his nose was nearly touching hers. He gave another hard thrust and watching with satisfaction as her eyes lost focus and her mouth parted in another pleasured cry.

"Tell me how bad you want it," he rasped, rocking his hips against her slowly once more. "Tell me that you want me to make you scream."

"Please, I want it so bad!" Sakura cried. "I need it harder!"

His satisfied grin was the only warning she got before he slammed into her once more, only this time he didn't stop. He began to pound in and out of her, groaning as her slick body rippled around him. Sakura immediately screamed at the sudden stimulation, arching and moaning as he filled her up over and over.

"Yes, oh fuck yes!" she sobbed, closing her eyes against the burning sensations that raced through her entire body. Every time he slammed into her, sparks erupted along her nerve endings. She was dizzy and drunk on passion, her whole body on fire as her former enemy ravaged her.

Deidara watched her, trying to burn every moment into his memory as he sent her racing to completion. She was lovely beneath him, desperate for his touch and wholly submitted. The fact that she was such a powerful woman made this conquest even sweeter, and soon she would come for him, detonate and become a piece of beautiful, fleeting art.

The feel of his thick cock pounding into her, stretching her, impaling her deep was heavenly, and already she felt like she was at the brink. But just when she felt she would reach that wonderful place, he slowed down just a little and denied her the release she craved.

She longed to wrap her arms around him and hold on tight, to draw him into a passionate kiss, but the clay shackles held her down, forcing her to remain passive as he had his way with her.

"Please," she moaned incoherently, not even sure what it was she was asking for, but just knowing that she was so damn close to orgasm and the way he seemed to keep it just out of reach was making her crazy.

Deidara loved the way she begged for him, loved how wild and wanton she was. He wanted to draw out this blissful moment just a little longer and see how far he could push the pink haired kunoichi.

He slowed his thrusts down even more until he was once again sliding in and out of her languidly.

"No!" she moaned in frustration, her hips surging up against his as far as her restraints would allow, bucking against him wildly as she sought greater stimulation.

Even though it tested every ounce of his willpower, the Akatsuki man let his cock slide from her completely, morning the loss of her tight heat around him.

She was flushed and shivering and absolutely wild for him. He would make her come so easy now, her body primed and her fuse lit, ready to blow with just the right touch. He pressed a palm to her soaking center and let his tongue draw teasing circles around her engorged clit as he leaned down to once more scatter hot kisses over her neck and jaw.

Sakura thought she might die frustration as her sex throbbed painfully, demanding greater stimulation than the tongue licking at her lazily. She had been so close, her body strung taunt and ready, but he seemed to prefer torturing her. She supposed she should have expected that sort of thing from an S-class criminal.

Mind, hazy and thoughts blurred, she couldn't stop pleading for him, begging him for more.

His breath tickled her skin as he chuckled against her ear. The sensation made her shiver as he whispered, "What is it you want, kunoichi?"

He moved to hover above her so he could watch her response, see her break down and request what would send her over the edge.

"I want you back inside of me," she panted without hesitation. "I want you to fuck me hard and fast until I come."

Despite his own throbbing arousal, Deidara's face split into a grin at her vulgar request. He dipped a single finger back into her sex and began to pump it slowly, marveling at her tightness and heat and how unbelievably wet she was. She whimpered, the stimulation seeming paltry after being filled by his thick length.

"Are you sure?" he rasped, curling his finger inside her. "I could touch your body like this for hours."

It was a bluff of course. He didn't think he could hold out another five minutes without slamming back into her, but he could easily tell that his captive wouldn't even last that long.

"Yes!" she moaned, squirming and writhing as his digit slid along her inner walls. "I need you now! Please don't make me wait anymore!"

Satisfied by her begging, he withdrew his hand from her, bringing his soaked finger to her lips and watching her take him into her mouth. Her cheeks hollowed slightly as she began to suck her juices from him and the erotic sight might his cock twitch, eager to be back inside her.

Captivated by such a sexual display, he replaced his finger with her own lips, kissing her hard as he aligned his cock with her dripping entrance. His tongue pushed past her lips to plunder her mouth, tasting the sweet tang of her own juices as he thrust forward into her molten core, swallowing her moans and muffling his own as he filled her once more.

He tore away his mouth as he began to thrust, hips crashing against hers hard and fast as he fucked her just like she had requested. Every time he sunk into her, she cried out, calling his name, demanding more. She was hungry for him, her lust a savage creature after his teasing. She was without a doubt the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Sakura wasn't even aware of her own shrill voice. All she could focus on was the way his cock slammed into her over and over, the heated sensations singing throughout her entire body. She was close, oh so close, and she welcomed oblivion to overtake her.

His thrusts were vicious now, slamming into her abused hole with enough force to shake her entire body and still she called for more. Allowing her to finally transcend into the masterpiece he longed to create, he dipped a hand between her thighs to the place where they were joined and pinched her clit between her thumb and forefinger.

Immediately her back bowed as her lips parted in a silent scream. She was absolutely breathtakingly beautiful as her eyes squeezed shut and her body trembled violently beneath him. He could see toned abdominals flex in waves and actually see the powerful orgasm pass through her. Her toes curled and her nipples tightened, and then she finally found her voice, screaming a beautiful melody as he continued to pound into her and squeeze her swollen clit.

Sakura couldn't breath, couldn't think as wave after wave of intense pleasure assaulted her. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced, powerful and raw and bordering on painful. Colors danced across her vision, blended, melded to make new ones she had never seen, before mixing with black and erupting into showers of stars. It was too much, and how body couldn't take it.

Deidara groaned as her body clamped around him with powerful force, rippling around him in a way that he couldn't resist. At last he let his seed spill into her, gritting his teeth against the white hot pleasure streaking through him. Even so, he never closed his eyes, watching the woman beneath him shudder and convulse in the most brilliant artistic display he had ever created.

Even though Sakura opened her eyes, she couldn't see anything but blackness, the pleasure tunneling her vision until a dark void remained in front of her eyes. Her mind was blank, thought useless, as every cell of her being was awash in searing pleasure. Unable to process it all, her body shut down, her screams growing silent as she slipped into unconsciousness.

Deidara watched her pass out, giving one final thrust into her limp body before collapsing onto her. Her soft body cradled him as he caught his breath, chest heaving against perfect breasts as he replayed the sight of her orgasm in his mind. Never had there been an explosion so beautiful. Destroying entire cities couldn't compare to what he had just seen.

He rolled off of her, pulling out of her sex and watching the milky liquid of his own release flow from the reddened hole. His brow creased as his eyes roved over her naked form, wondering what he should do with her now. He had intended to kill her, to make a small clay ball and slip it inside that tight pussy of hers and watch as she blew apart in a very literal sense. But now, he couldn't help feeling that killing her now would be destroying something very precious. He would have liked to keep her with him, to seduce her over and over again, to make a new masterpiece with her every night. But that was impractical. He had already spent too much time with her and would have to explain himself to Akatsuki as it was. And yet, if there was even the slightest chance of fate bringing them together again for another session, then it was well worth it to let her live.

He watched her in the firelight, the chill of the cave starting to bite into his naked skin. It seemed she wasn't the only one to have been seduced. She seemed to have cast quite the spell over him as well.


Sakura awoke feeling cold and stiff. The rocky ground she lay on and the remains of a burnt out fire explained why. Her wrists ached from being cuffed, but all that remained of the confines was a powdery pile of dust. She found herself naked, her clothes scattered about the small cave, and immediately, thoughts of what had transpired between herself and the blond haired man returned to her.

Her cheeks flushed at the memory of how she had begged for him, submitted so easily to his touch.

She stood up, wincing at the pain between her legs. He had granted her requests all right, fucking her so hard that the trip back to Konoha would be a little difficult. Despite it all, her lips curved into a smile. She had never had such amazing sex and doubted she ever would again. She thought her captor would have killed her but since she was still alive, maybe he felt the same.

As she gathered her clothes, she couldn't help but think that if they met somewhere down the road, she just might let him do this to her all over again...only next time without the clay handcuffs.