Hey guys, I know you all hate these author's notes, but I just wanted to apologize for never updating. I can't update because I rarely ever get a chance to use the computer, so I'm forced to use my iTouch most of the time.

But anyways, I've got other fanfics written down in my notebooks such as an extremely stupid SWAC one called "Why Girls Wear High Heels" which I wrote down when I was bored and was inspired from how I my friend Jack kept giving me tips on how to make my kicks hurt even more. xD Thanks, Jack. I also have a SWAC/Harry Potter cross over that is currently title-less, but I'm working on it.

...And of course, my first fanfic that I made last year called "Haley Wright", a Hannah Montana multi-chapter. I'm gonna attempt to publish them to FF ASAP.

So yeah...

Again, sorry for the author's note, but I just wanted to tell you why I never update! Sorry!