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The last thing I remember before falling to the ground, gasping at the immense pain in my left shoulder was the sound of 4 guns firing, mine was not one of them. Why was mine not one of them? Why did I not fire my gun? If I would have then maybe now would I not lying on the ground feeling the warmth of the blood rushing over my cold skin.

The last thing I remember before I was taken by the darkness was trying to speak, trying to say "I love you". Looking into the eyes of a friend who is trying to save my life, screaming my name over and over, telling me to fight, telling me I will be okay. The only thing I can think of is that my last words will not be I love you, but will be talking about my temper. I scream it over and over in my head hoping I was able to speak those words, my desired last words to the person I have wanted to say it to for many years now; that was my last thought before everything went completely black.


"Morning boss" McGee says as he sees Gibbs step off the elevator with the ever-present cup of coffee in his hand.

Gibbs nods as he looks at his agent's desks, noticing Tony not sitting at his; he asks "where the hell is DiNozzo?" Ziva and McGee look away, both hoping that he doesn't ask them directly. "David?" Gibbs questions Ziva quickly turning to face her and staring straight into her eyes, hoping that he can catch her in a lie.

"I do not know Gibbs, I have tried calling him but he does not answer." Ziva says looking straight back at Gibbs knowing he is trying to intimidate her.

"Well then try him again David" Gibbs never breaking eye contact with Ziva even as she picks up the phone to dial the number she has long had committed to memory. Quickly turning around to face his other agent "McGee, trace'm"

"On it Boss!"

For a few seconds all that is heard is the clicking of McGee's computer, the faint ringing of Ziva's phone and the quick steps of Gibbs in the center of the Bull pen pacing.



"According to the trace, boss, Tony is here"

"What do you mean he is here? I sure as hell don't see him, do you Ziva?" Gibbs asks forcefully while still pacing in the middle of the room.

"The trace says Tony is.."

"Tony is where Probie?" A flustered Tony DiNozzo says as he stumbles off the elevator running over to the center of the bull pen, stopping when he reaches Gibbs. "Sorry Boss, you see what happened was…"

Gibbs takes one step closer to Tony and smacks him on the back of the head before saying "Don't apologize DiNozzo, it's a sign of weakness, just shut up and don't let it happen again."

"Yes Boss!" Tony says as he takes a deep breath in while watching Gibbs walk away. He quickly tenses back up when he realizes that someone is very close to him. He slowly turns around and sees Ziva right up next to him.

Ziva leans in even closer and softly whispers in his ear "why were you late Tony? You were with a woman, yes?" She finishes by leaning back a little so she can look in Tony's eyes and tilts her head to the side just a bit.

"I don't want to talk about it Zeevah" Tony hisses into her ear as he leans closer to her. Neither one of them wanting to admit defeat by backing down, they continue to stand there just staring at the other, daring the other to do something.

"DiNozzo! David! Stop screwing around! I know you both have paper work to do, or if you'd like we could always bring out some cold cases" Gibbs says without even looking up from his computer.

"She started it boss! She got in my space" Tony says defensively

"Well DiNozzo, I'm ending it"

All of the agents' heads popped up when they heard Gibbs' phone ring "Gibbs…okay…got an address…Okay, we will be there soon." Gibbs hangs up the phone and looks up seeing all three of his agents with their guns, badges, and bags. Smirking slightly before he starts handing out orders " DiNozzo, David gas the truck. McGee call Ducky and Abs. We got a dead sailor." Walking out of the bullpen he sticks a postit with the address on Ziva's shoulder and tosses the keys to Tony.

"On it Boss!" McGee shouts as the elevator closes and he picks up his phone to call the medical examiner and their forensic scientist.

"Meet us at the truck Probie" Tony says as he and Ziva walk to the elevator waiting to get on.

Ziva and Tony step onto the elevator and as they turn around to watch the doors shut Ziva says "I will drive Tony." Tony sees her smirk and he knows there is nothing he can do once the elevator doors shut, he is smarth enough to know that she, being an assassin and all, would be able to get the keys from him. He quickly decides to shove the keys deep into his pocket hoping to get her to stall just until they get to the garage. The elevator doors close and Ziva takes a step closer to Tony placing her hand on his hip with the tips of her fingers in his pocket and Tony shivers at her touch.
"You can not really think that would stop me?" Ziva questions while she looks him straight in the eyes, daring him to do something.

"Um no Ziva, but I will need both hands to fight you off with." Tony says never once looking away. He quickly and smoothly moves his hand by her wrist but before he can grab her she has grabbed him by the wrist, turned him and twisted his arm around and pushed his face up against the elevator wall. She now takes her hand and pushes it deep into his pocket to grab the key. Tony shivers again at her touch, but this time she can feel it.

"Do I scare you Tony?" Ziva whispers into his ear while pressing her self against him, making it harder for him to move. She pulls the keys out of his pocket and moves them up to the back of his neck, running them up and down the pressure slowly getting harder.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Right now you are just hurting me!"

"Good, now you will let me drive yes?" Ziva asks moving the keys from the back of his neck to the front.

"You have no idea how happy I am that those are just keys and not a knife." Tony says finally feeling the elevator stop, he waits just a second longer because he knows she wont kill him with witnesses, hearing the elevator open and then says, "and no Ziva you are still not driving."

"You know Tony, I could kill you with a paperclip, what makes you think that a key is less deadly?"

"Would you two just knock it off?!" Gibbs yells as Ziva quickly lets go of Tony taking the keys with her. "David, give Tony the keys back you're not driving this time."

"But…" Ziva starts getting cut off by Tony.

"That's what I was trying to…"

"DiNozzo, shut up, before I put you two back in the elevator and give Ziva a paperclip." Gibbs says while walking past Tony onto the elevator and slapping him on the back of the head. He sees Ziva smirk and smiles to himself before turning around in the elevator and saying "Meet me there. We don't have all day, and where the hell is McGee?"

"Don't know boss, haven't seen him" Tony says looking around

"Of course you haven't DiNozzo, David here had your face pressed up against the inside of the elevator." Gibbs says as the elevator doors shut.

"Tony, you go get the truck ready, I will find McGee." Ziva says as she pulls out her phone to call him and turning back towards the elevator. Tony runs over to the NCIS truck to get their gear loaded. Ziva pushes the button for the elevator when it dings and the doors open. "Found him!" she yells to Tony as McGee steps off the elevator.

"Sorry Ziva. Where's Boss?"

"He will meet us there." Ziva says walking over to help Tony finish loading the truck.

"Bout time Probie, help me finish this" Tony says as they finish getting the truck ready.

Ziva decides to try one more time and says "Tony, are you sure I cannot drive?"

"Ya, pretty sure" he says.

"I do not get why you will not let me drive, I will get us there the fastest."

"Probably because we need to get there alive too" Tony says getting into the truck and starting it up. The others follow as Ziva slides in the middle between Tony and McGee.

"Its true Ziva, we need to make it to the scene quickly, but we also need to make it there alive, and that makes you not the best choice." McGee says before getting a look from Ziva, "and now I'm shutting up."