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Bianca POV

I don't like Everlight.

I never liked Everlight.

I preferred not moving. I preferred staying at my old school, my old town, my old house.

But, nothing could really stop my parents' final decision.

They had decided that I was finally old enough to join them at Everlight.

My parents are teachers here. They told me that it would be a great opportunity to socialize with people like me, fairies.

Well, I wasn't exactly a fairy. I was a half fairy, a rare instance of nature… at times I even considered myself an accident.

Unlike vampires fairies can have babies… but my mom was barren.

So, they always considered me a miracle, but I knew better I could have easily been classified as an accident of nature, a freak.

I wasn't a full fairy… I never was, but eventually I would have to become one.

Now you might think of a fairy as a creepy little thing that flies, but the truth is we can live our lives as regular humans… well almost regular.

We morph into the creepy little things that fly. Well at least my parents can, I cannot fully do that yet. I mean, I can but it's a lot of work to stay in that position, so I prefer to stay human. When I'm a full fairy I don't have to worry about that.

I have been living at Evernight for about a month now. My parents and I shared a faculty apartment for the remainder of the summer. I got to say the school's a little weird.

The school is way too happy-go-lucky. The walls are bright white… the stable is freaking pink! And that's just the colors.

There are statues everywhere. Sometimes it seems as if they are watching our every move.

It just seems a little too happy. It's like the school is holding back a darker truth and history behind those pretty walls.

Now the day is finally coming when a few early students arrive. Yay… not.

My parents want me to hang out with fairies, and all the ones here are stuck-up snobs… not that I ever met one, because I haven't. But they just have a look to them, an I-am-so-better-than-you look.

It's pretty easy to tell humans from the fairies. The fairies were all covered in glitter (fairy dust).

When I was little I used to love the dust, thinking that it was glitter, but now that I have begun to grow up I have begun hating the dust, mainly because it looks like glitter.

When I was little my mom would put the dust in everything… she would sprinkle it on my clothes, put it in our hair supplies, and then if I was lucky she would apply some around my eyes, to give my eyes more sparkle.

As I grew up, I would need more and more glitter to suffice, but I hated the glitter, so my mom would lessen the dust… and hide it a little more. So instead of putting it on the outside of my clothes she would put it on the inside.

I never was fully happy, because all I really wanted was to be a normal HUMAN, not a fairy or other type of mythical creature.

Now that the students were coming I decided that it was time to make my move, I would run away.

I packed my bag with an insufficient amount of money, and dust.

I told my parents that I would go down stairs to talk to some of the students. But little did they know, was that I was doing the complete opposite. I was running away from them.

I ran out into the darkness, past the bushes, roses, and trees, into the darker part of the night. Fairies hated night, and since I was part fairy, so did I.

As I was running I had the strange feeling that I was being chased, watched. I ran faster, and so did the shape behind me. I wondered if I should morph, and hide, but I realized because of the lack of sun, I would be unable to morph (fairies need sun to morph).

I turned left and right, but he still followed.

Bam! He ran into me.

Ouch… that would hurt in the morning.

"Why were you running after me?" I said.

"I dunno, why were you running away?"

"I wanted to escape the school."

"Really? You don't look ready for that, I mean look at that crappy pack, does it have water, food, money, clothes?

"No, no, yes, no."

He laughed "How much money?"

"Why I definitely don't have enough for you to steal, unless you consider five dollars a considerable amount."

He laughed.

"No… not like that, but you're not ready to run away. What's your name?"

I whispered "Bianca."

"Well Bianca, my name is Lucas, how about I escort you back to school?"

"But I don't wanna."

"I know I don't wanna either, but let's go."

I followed this mysterious stranger, and as we parted to say good bye, I looked at him one last time. I noticed that he was actually really good looking and I wanted to just lean in and kiss him. I was about to to, when he said "Good night Bianca" and then we parted.

As I walked back to my parents apartment, I felt a longing for him to come back, to come back to me, so we could finish what we had started.

I couldn't believe it. Was I falling in love with a complete stranger that I didn't even know!

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