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So just so you know. Charlie and Renee had Bella and then just under 2 years later they had Jamie. Then Renee left Forks with both of them. 2 years ago, Bella and Jamie moved back to Forks to give Renee and Phil some space and Charlie has abused them ever since. He does it because he believes that it is their fault their Mum left him. Jamie moved up one year into Bella's year in school. There is only 1 school year between them because Bella is very old in her year and Jamie is very young, but clever.

Jamie PoV

I was just warming up the frying-pan. Then I put the cut up bacon into it. Suddenly I heard Charlie's cruiser pull up in the front drive.

Oh no! His dinner isn't ready yet!

I heard a rattling of keys and the door swung open. I heard his footsteps get closer but I tried to ignore them and scraped the cut up bacon into the carbonara sauce.

"JAMIE LIVVI SWAN! WHERE'S MY DINNER!!!" I must have jumped a foot in the air!

"It's coming Ch...Dad!" I stammered. I almost got myself into a bucket load of more trouble! Bella and I are not allowed to call him Charlie.

I turned around to see him standing in the doorway, his face was livid red. He came towards me, I smile forming on his sneering face.

"Why isn't it on the table, you ungrateful bitch!?!" he said in a forced calm voice. He was dangerous when he used this voice!

He grabbed me by the neck and flung me against the wall, next to the cooker. I screamed as I saw his fist come out of no-where and hit me in the face.

"Will you make this mistake again?" he said, almost shouting.

"!" I squeaked.

"You'd better not! And where's your ungrateful sister?"

Tears leaked out of my eyes and mixed in with the blood, already on my face. I was in so much pain. My arm was stuck between my back and the wall, in a way an arm is VERY painful to bend in.

"I..I...dunno!" I said quietly, and sadly. Bella was in for it now and I knew it. At this precise moment, Bella stepped through the door. I saw her white, frightened face.

"You're just in time to enjoy the fun, Isabella!" he said, still grinning at me.

He kicked me hard in the stomach and I heard the crunching of some of my ribs. The wind was blown out of me so fast my head span dangerously, and then I blacked out.

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