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Edward PoV

"Bella, do you want breakfast in bed?" I called from the kitchen. I had made her fried eggs, sunny side up, with toast.

I waited a few seconds for an answer. None came.

"Bella?" I asked.

There was still no answer. I couldn't even hear her, I mean; I could hear her heart beat, but not her moving or breathing, much! I got slightly alarmed and so I walked through to our bedroom and saw her kneeling on the floor, in front of her suitcase.

I pushed the door open, slowly, and walked across to her. "Bells, what's wrong?" I asked. Her face was very solemn and looked increasingly worried. Her hand was resting on her lap and a packet of tampons lay in front of her knees. I frowned.

"Bella, are you alright?" I asked, rubbing her back to try and arouse her from her 'trance'.

She looked round at me, slowly. I looked at her in the eyes. She mouthed something, but it wasn't a word that I knew.

"Bella, whatever it is, you'll be alright."

Before I'd quite finished speaking she whispered one word. Just one word and it made my breathing stop. What! Pregnant!

My vision became unfocussed. Please say Bella slept with someone else! She can't have a baby with me; a monster! Wait; do I seriously want her to have slept with another guy? NO! But she never will have! But what if this kills her?

"Edward!" Bella shrieked.

I re-focused and shifted my gaze to my angel. Concern was saturating her face.

"Edward?" Tears started to fill her eyes.

"Bella, we will get the next plane back to Forks and Carlisle can..." I started.

But, she cut me off. "I'm keeping the baby, Edward."

"But, Bella, it could kill you!" I leant forward and picked up her hand.

"Not 'It' Edward! He or she!" she moaned.

There was a pause where I watched her beautiful face.

"I want us to keep it, not me, us. Please Edward," she whispered the last two words.

I couldn't take away something...hold on...someone she wanted! I could never do that to her! It would be cruel.

"Well, we need to get back to Forks so Carlisle can check," I put emphasis on the word 'check', "that our baby is healthy, and human." I murmured the last two words.

"I don't care if he or she is human or not, she is..."

I cut her off, "I know. I will love her if she is or not."

Bella smiled slightly. "I'm scared," she whispered.

"I'll look after you, don't be scared." I was scared for her!

I lifted Bella up, gently, and placed her so she was resting on the bed. She looked faintly surprised that she was on the bed, but didn't say anything. She placed both her hands over her stomach, protectively. Now I looked, I noticed a small bump that had already developed.

It was real, it was growing; my baby.

I was going to give it a better life than I had had. I would protect my baby from any harm, so it wouldn't go through anything I went through. I also knew I would now protect Jamie from anything. She didn't deserve anything that had happened to her. And I knew Seth would protect her. If she and Seth wanted to get married, I would be more than happy. If they just wanted to spend the rest of their life together, I would also be supportive; I didn't care what they did. Even if they wanted to move away, I would be upset, but its Jamie's life and I've already taken too much away from her, over the past two years. If I'd told someone, she could have been saved from everything, but I hadn't done that, so she was hurt, harmed, and broken. But, she was strong, she would get through it, but I would never forgive myself. What I can do now, is to look after my baby, maybe, if I can make my baby have the happiest life it can have, then maybe my life can be worth something again. Maybe.

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