Randy Orton stood alone in one of the corners of the men's locker room, wrapping his wrist. His partners Cody and Ted were probably still back at their hotel room, fucking each others brains out, not caring that Randy was alone..... again.

"Hey baby" he heard a familiar voice say.

He didn't bother to turn around, he knew the voice wasn't talking to him.... he'd never hear that voice speaking to him again unless it was throwing insults his way.

The voice belonged to Triple H, Randy's former love of almost two years. He was talking to his new boyfriend Edge, who he'd begun to date six months ago. Never again would Hunter call Randy "baby" or let him know how much he loved him, those days were gone forever, they died a little over six months ago when Randy came home early and saw Hunter in bed with Edge, He'd never be able to get that image out of his head, never forget the words Hunter spoke to him, never forget the sight of his blood running down his tattooed arms.

Randy was all alone, even though he had Cody and Ted in his life, even though they were his best friends and his tag team partners, Randy was still alone.

Randy was all alone.... and that is never going to change.

John Cena stood across the locker room, watching Randy wrap his wrist. John had been watching Randy for many months now, ever since he came back after his suicide attempt and hospital stay.

John was the only one who saw Randy's pain. He knew that Cody and Ted didn't see it, all they saw was each other and championship gold.

He glared over at Triple H and Edge, who were oblivious to everyone else in the locker room. They were the reason Randy tried to kill himself, they were the reason Randy felt all alone, and John hated then for it.

John wished more then anything that he could just go over to Randy and take away all his pain and loneliness, replacing it with a feeling of being complete and happy, but Randy hid away from everyone. Even when John saw him with Cody and Ted he looked alone, out of place.... sad.

All John wanted to do was let Randy know that he's not alone.