3 months after Shawn and Hunter got married, John and Randy got married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas. A year later they adopted a 6 month old baby boy named Henry and a 3 month old baby girl named Jody. Both John and Randy are still wrestling in the WWE, John is still on Raw and Randy is now on Smackdown.

Adam sadly had to retire due to a life threatening injury. He is now a part time actor and a stay at home dad, raising his and Christian's two sons Samuel and Mason. Christian is still wrestling in the WWE on Smackdown.

Shawn is also retired and is now a stay at home dad raising his and Hunter's daughter Kimberly. Hunter is now the COO of the WWE.

The three couples have remained on good speaking terms, occasionally getting together for family vacations and family picnics.

All three couples are also still very happy and very much in love.

No one is alone and everyone is happy.

A perfect ending to a story that seemed like it wold end in disaster.

All is well that ends well.

Now this is the official end of Not Alone.

It was a looooong time coming.

Thanks to everyone who stuck by me and this fic and continued to give us both support.

Now as much as I know you guys would probably love a sequel for this fic, there won't be one.

So I hope you enjoyed Not Alone and will check out my other fanfics! There are still plenty more on their way :)