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This summer is going to be different for Sonny. She has to focus on earning money for college-so that means no sketches, no boys, and no fun this summer. It's work, work, work. Well, it's a good thing she already has a summer job-not to mention, it's her summer dream job too. Easy enough, right? Wrong.

What happens when her summer dream job isn't what it seems? What happens when it actually turns out to be a summer nightmare job? How will she ever get through this job and earn enough money for college? Well, she'll just have to work really, really hard. Then for sure she'll be able to earn enough money, right? Wrong.

Not when her job includes being surrounded by cute-no I mean, really cute-guys who seem to pop out every second wherever Sonny's around. How do you expect someone to work hard and concentrate with all those guys around? How can you not get distracted by them? Speaking of distractions, her coworker seems to be the biggest distraction of them all. He's amazingly cute, nice, funny, and smart-basically perfect! Best of all, he works next to Sonny all summer long everyday! It's a dream come true, right? Wrong.

It would be a dream come true…IF Chad didn't work at the same place Sonny did. Worst of all, he works close by to her as the job's General Manager. How the heck did he get that job? Now, not only is he going to be by her side annoying her everyday, but he also gets permission to do so! It seems like every time Sonny might be having a little bit of fun, Chad pops up and ruins it. He bosses her around like he's got nothing better to do, and annoys her to death. Ignoring him won't work. Fighting back doesn't work either. Ugh! Chad is so frustrating! Sonny absolutely hates him, right? Wrong.

No matter how much Sonny thinks she hates him, she also can't stay away from him either. How is she ever going to earn enough money with all these distractions? Well, one thing's for sure. This was going to be one tough summer.

A/N: Well, what'd you think? I, personally, am actually excited to start writing this story. If you're wondering where I got the title from, it's from the song, "Summer Fades to Fall" by Faber Drive. It's an awesome song, listen to it sometime. Anyways, review please!