As far as witches went, I was definitely different.

I was Hannah Potter. I was 14. My parents were deceased, killed by the most powerful dark wizard to walk the Earth, Voldemort. My brother and I had managed to take him out when we were children, barely a year old.

Neither of us recalled the event, except for the green light. And we had a reminder of it. The scars we both bore. I was lucky. My "X" shaped scar was on the back of my neck covered by my hair if I so chose, but my brother Harry wore his on his forehead where everyone could see. That made him easy to pick out of a crowd.

Despite our allegedly epic defeat of Voldemort, the man had managed to try to kill us twice since we'd started Hogwarts. During our third year he' left us alone essentially but I was sure that he wasn't dead, that he would come back, and he would try to kill us again.

Aside from Voldemort, I experienced a lot of angst. I'd learned during my third year that I was self, unkind, all about myself. I lost my friends for a time and was all alone.

Of course, one reason why I'd been alone was because I'd fallen in with the wrong crowd according to my friends. Draco Malfoy had spent our first two years of schooling teasing and taunting me, but last year, we'd manage to actually see we had a lot in common and at one point were the only friends we had in the world.

But I suspected that Draco never changed because he was still a git who talked about people I cared for and so I terminated out friendship.

That's why at the beginning of the summer, from my bedroom at Hogwarts where I resided year round I was surprised to receive a letter from him.

A large eagle owl landed on my window sill. I opened it up and it hopped inside.

"A letter from Malfoy?" I asked taking the letter from him. "I bet he's rigged it to explode." I looked at the owl holding up the letter. "Well I'll have you know that if it does cause me any harm he'll be hearing from Dumbledore."

The owl stared at me before flying out the open window.

*Look at yourself, having conversations with an owl.*

-When you talk to yourself you often learn a bit about yourself, did you know?-

*I think it's rather strange.*

I opened the letter, nothing exploded and there was no anthrax inside, so I assumed it was safe and I began to read it over:

Dear Potter,

I'm sure you probably think it's weird that I'm writing you and could honestly careless that you feel that way. I just wanted to say I heard that the Weasleys are letting you tag along on their little trip to the Quidditch World Cup. Just wanted to say I'll see you there.

Your friend,

Draco Malfoy

I scratched my head as I sat the letter down. It was strange for him to be writing me to be sure, but to expect me to meet up with? The boy was out of his mind.

I tossed the letter aside and sat down. I didn't know why he wanted to see me after we'd ended on such bad terms, but I guess I'd find out soon enough.