A/N: I haven't seen HBP yet (I know, everyone gasp) but I am this weekend. I haven't read in the book in quite sometime but I am basing this off of part of the trailer where Draco is in the bathroom and Luna walks in. His eyes are so powerful, so intense. I just had to write about them. Of course, as you all know, I do not own HP or any of the characters but I wouldn't mind having permission to claim Draco *grins mischeviously*

Monster in the Mirror

The swelling ocean of his eyes pulsated with agony as he stared with beams of daggers upon the devil, the monster in the glass. The reflection looked exactly like him – tortured eyes, lips downturned in malice – but despite the likeness, he knew that this person, the one in the glass portal, was different. He couldn't be that person in the mirror – the one with the life-drum of stone and ice. When had he changed? A once youthful composure was now calloused and worn by the hate of the world.

He could hardly recognize the face in the mirror nor did he want to stake claim to it. Such a face belonged to none but evil. Such a face did not deserve the honor of possession. However, just as the face was wretched with ice, with flame – strong, hard, unpenetrating, unyielding, and unextinguishable – so it was also weak, worn down, and lost.

He turned towards the reflection, unable to escape its inferno stare, and gripped the plaster basin of the sink. Who are you, he asked the prisoner, what possess you in such a way? But the prisoner only glared back with the same blank stare, questioning the one who was supposedly free – free from the glass cell. But he wasn't free and could never be.

He was prisoner to something far worse than a mirror. He was prisoner to a legacy. His name was a curse, a damnation. He had to continue the same legacy that his father had, and his father before him. Malfoy blood ran thick, rich within his veins; there should not be any difficulty in carrying out the Dark Lord's task – right?

He was a Malfoy, yes but could he ever amount to the standard of killer, of murderer? Could he really be responsible for taking the life of another? Even if he didn't like Dumbledore, it still didn't seem right to strip him of his life. The vibrant old man had been the lifeblood of Hogwarts and without him, the school wouldn't be the same.

As if a burst of sunshine during the tempest of his trials, the bathroom door swung open and Looney Lovegood stood at the entrance, her eyes hidden behind some sort of contraption. Draco considered yelling at her, telling her to get out and leave him alone but something inside of him wouldn't allow it. Luna also didn't say a single word, instead she stared past him, as if looking into the ocean where the waters, dark and murky, cruel and evil, dipped and slurped in violent waves.

Silently, she tilted her head to the side, as if asking why he was in there without really needing an answer. She knew Draco Malfoy just as anyone else did – as cruel and heartless – but she also knew him as something more. Luna had a gift, or so her father said, of seeing the souls of people and despite what Draco Malfoy wanted everyone to think, she knew his soul was good, pure, and lacking in any stain, impurity of hate except for himself.

Draco pleaded with her silently to leave. He was vulnerable and Draco Malfoy never lets his guard down. No one was supposed to see him like this. It was a side of him that had been hidden and tortured into reclusion thanks to his father's way of childrearing. Luna seemed to understand exactly what Draco was saying and bowed her head before leaving the restroom.

Draco watched her go, almost wishing that he could follow her. But then again, she was Looney Lovegood and he was Draco Malfoy – a monster.