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Chapter Eighteen: Mask Beginnings

The First Act: The Meeting

I was nervous about the meeting. What Hokage-sama was thinking, I didn't know. Let's see....I was about six years old when Hokage-sama introduced me to Pocky Eye. It was a 'training assignment' from Hokage-sama, to see if my stamina and stealth skills were Mask Level, for you see, I have been training for two years nonstop underneath the guidance of Hokage-sama.

--------------Change: PTPOV (Present Time Point Of View) -------------

"Mask Level?" Ducky asked me. He had pulled up a comfy chair that was usually for guests.

"Oh, sorry," I said. "It's jargon for ANBU Level."

"Oh....," Ducky said, but I could tell he had another question. "Jargon?"

This is going to be a long time before I complete this story....

"Jargon is kind of a 'word' that is slang for an official word," I explained.

Ducky frowned. He has another question, doesn't he? "When you said you have been training for two years nonstop, what exactly do you mean?" Oh, I guess he can get confused by that.

"Means just what I said, nonstop. I have no family, Ducky, no friends back then and no hobbies to keep my busy. I dedicated my early life into training and surviving in this world."

Ducky seemed to turn his frown into a thoughtful pose. "That's how you gained power then, from keeping everyone away," Ducky said with a.....creepy tone in his voice.

"No," I said, Ducky looking at me in shock. "I always had Hokage-sama in the beginning. When I was young I craved for attention, which was never given to me besides Hokage-sama."

"Still, you didn't have friends then, right? They would have weighed you down from being powerful," Ducky argued with me. What is wrong with this kid?

"Yes, I have friends, Mask friends, but friends none the less." I let out a small sigh at this. "Listen well, Ducky. No matter what you may think, Shinobi need friends. It's what keeps your sanity held together. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for a few close friends and Hokage-sama."

Ducky actually looked a bit angry at this.

"Besides," I continued, "Wouldn't you want a good friend fighting beside you then alone?"

"I suppose," Ducky said, crossing his arms. My words seemed to have permeated into him, good.

I cleared my throat, interrupting him when he opened his mouth, to ask another questions I assume. "Now, where was I?"

----------change: STPOV (Story Telling Point Of Veiw)-----------

Ah, yes, training assignment. You see, as I have told you already, Hokage-sama has been training me for two years now, nonstop for each single day of those years. Now, I know, he has that ungodly amount of paperwork, right? You might as well be asking yourself, "How the hell did Hokage-sama get away from all that paperwork?" Two words Ducky, Kage Bunshin. Though his reaction, when I voiced my opinion about it, to decrease paper loads, was very.....satisfying and enjoyable.

What was Hokage-samas reaction? I'm not going to tell.....don't give me that look, Ducky. Anyway, Hokage-sama brought me during early morning when the sun hasn't even risen and the fog was still out at a training ground to meet up with the Masks. I thought it was a bit cliché meeting the Masks this way.

I first met Dolphin. He was actually average looking man, though very talented. Despite how he looks, he was the heavy hitter of the group and tactician. You won't believe what kind of tricks he can pull out of his ass.

Dolphin always bows low to the ground for Hokage-sama when they meet. It's just some quirk he has. Anyway, I already know Inu-baka from....earlier introductions.

Such as saving my life several times.

He was our tacticion Mask and a Quick Hitter, meaning strike fast and get the hell out of there. All that was left was to meet your brother, Pocky Eye.

-----------change: CFPOV (Comedy Fox's Point Of View)-------------

This Dolphin guy is way too strict. Bowing so freaking low......I wonder if he has back problems.

Before I could dwell on that, a chilling voice was right behind me.

"Hello, Naruto-kun!" I jumped back and flung a kunai at the only person that could get the jump on me. Inu was once again twirling my thrown kunais with his fingers while reading, for lack of a better word for it.

"Inu-baka," I muttered, glaring at him. Hokage-jiji was chuckling at the whole thing.

"Ah, Hokage-sama, how are you today?" Inu said, still reading his accursed book while ignoring my remark, much to my ire. I heard Dolphin begin to sputter and cough.

"Inu-san! You should show more respect to Hokage-sama!" Dolphin said, more like demanded, at Inu-baka.

"I would agree with Dolphine-Low-Bow," I said, taking satisfaction by hearing Dolphin sputter again. "But then again who am I to say how a person shows respect, right, Hokage-jiji?"

My Old Man laughed heartily at my words. Dolphin slumped down a little while Inu-baka let out a perverted giggle, obviously reading something from his book.

"Where is Weasel?" Hokage-jiji asked.

"He had a....oh, never mind, he's here," Inu said, glancing up from his porn.

---------------------change: PTPOV------------------

"Pocky Eye was always one to make dramatic entrances, Ducky," I said to the star struck Ducky, who was hanging on to my words like it was a life line.

"Did he say why he was late?" Ducky asked me. I thought back and scoffed slightly.

"Actually, he did."

---------------------change: CFPOV------------------

"Forgive my lateness, Hokage-sama, my brother had a nightmare that required my immediate attention," Weasel said to Hokage-jiji, going to one knee and bowing his head once he appeared in front of him.

-------------change: PTPOV-------------------

Ducky promptly fell out of the chair at that one! Ha!

"M-my brother actually said that?!" Ducky said with a faint blush on his cheeks. Poor kid, must be embarrassed. "He didn't tell you what my dream was, right?" he asked nervously.

Hmm, should I tell him? Nah, same that black mail for later.

--------------------change: STPOV--------------------

"Oh? What was your brother's dream?" Hokage-jiji asked out of, I assume, curiosity.

Weasel stood up with a small chuckle. "Rampaging rabbits eating all his tomatoes."

It took only three second for me to burst out laughing at the ridiculous dream! Even though I couldn't smile, I couldn't hold back the laughter.

Once I was done, Weasel looked at me with the tilt of his head. Inu managed to drop his book in order to stare at me out of shock. Dolphin was shaking his head at the whole thing.

"Ah, sorry," I mumbled scratching the tip of my nose, slightly embarrassed at what I did. Hey, it was funny, screw anyone who wouldn't laugh at that!

--------------change: STPOV------------------

Although I didn't look it, your brother was an intimidating figure, no matter his young age, Ducky. He has this stoic posture that just screamed "come at me and die"! But, what he noticed about me right off the bat, not even a full minute when he was introduced, he saw what many others have failed to see.

That I couldn't smile.

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