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Stella fiddled with her hair nervously after Talon/Derek told her of his recent phone call to the detective, 'Guess I'm going to get everything over with in ONE night.'

The thought of that made the young girls stomach do summersaults.

"Miss Stella?" her eyes rested down at one of the children she had just recently befriended, "Do you like games?"


"One...two...three..." Stella counted allowed as she covered her eyes.

Meanwhile, the three children that were playing including the girl who had asked Stella to play all hid in different directions. The young girl known as Raye was orphaned at a young age and seemed to warm up to their new visiter i the labyrinth. Stella was happy somebody wanted to do something besides ignore her. Maggie and Derek had done nothing but have their petty arguments and Claw was not very talkative. (Still doesn't understand he's mute)

Stella's ears could pick up the bustling footsteps that were scurrying around the tunnels and easily pin-pointed a few directions she should check on, "Ready or not! Here I come!"

A few snickers could be heard as the teenager looked around for them, "Better keep quiet if you want me to-"

"AIIIEE!!!!" Stella spun her head around so fast she almost got whiplash, "RAYE?!"

All of the children came to Stella's side whimpering and asking what's happening, "Go back to the Labyrinth!" Stella commanded.

"No way!" a blonde boy with a red cap yelled, "I'm not afraid!"

"Dante!" Stella snipped at him before kneeling down to eye-level, "I need you to guide these...kids back to their families and get help." she then gave him a very warm smile, "I need a brave young man like you to do this job."

The boy slowly nodded his head and quickly turned from her and yelled to the rest of his friends to follow him.

Stella watched them leave before running over to where she heard Raye scream, "Raye! Are you okay?"

Suddenly, Stella felt her body go cold as she heard another scream from the child, "RAYE!!!" she waste no time in racing towards the direction of her scream. 'Please let her be okay!'

A faint sound of whimpering started to fill her ears, "Raye?" she then finally got the response she was desperately trying to hear, "Miss Stella?"

Stella quickly kneeled beside the child with tear stained green eyes, "What happened?"

Something wasn't right. Stella felt like someone was watching her intensively but she tried to ignore it.

"Did you fall?"

Raye was shaking like she was in below frozen temperatures, "Raye?"

Stella looked at the girl with worry. Something was really wrong.

That's when she noticed the girls eyes were fixated on something in front of them in the shadows. A bunch of sounds then bellowed through her brain. A swish noise. Raye's screaming cry. A sudden feeling of intense pain. A sick crack of bones. And finally nothing.


"What?" Maggie and Talon both said in unison at Dante's message.

"Raye and Stella need help!"


Talon and Maggie both grew wide eyed at the sudden appearance of their old friends. Elisa quickly ran over and embraced her brother with tears stinging her eyes. Goliath however re-asked the question.

"Who are you talking about?"

"It appears the girl I had mentioned and one of our (citizens?) a child is in trouble."

"Where were they last seen?" Goliath asked his bulk figure outstanding the rest.

"In the tunnels." Maggie answered feeling anxious, "The children told us that Stella made them to leave when Raye screamed."

Goliath and the others didn't need to ask who was who since it was easy to figure, "We must find them."

"Should we split up?" Broadway asked looking at their leader.

"Or we could ask Dante where he walked back from?" Lexington added in a technical way.

Brooklyn watched everyone talking of what they should do. It made him a little irritated but he knew a plan needed to be decided to help the girls.

Suddenly, the gargoyles eyes widened as he spotted a child running out of the tunnels in a sheer panic without a second thought he ran over to the child, "Are you-?" he didn't have time to finish when the young girl looked up at him with tears steaming down her cheeks, "Please! You have to save her!"

Something inside Brooklyn started to slowly roar to life but he quickly shook away his temper worrying it's affect would frighten the child, "What happened?"


'What the hell just hit me?' as Stella slowly forced her eyes open all she could see was double.


Stella heard a very heavy woman's voice echo in her mind. She tried to pin point the source but all she could make out was a bunch of red dots swirling around in her field of vision.

"You have something I want."

Stella tried again to focus on the figure but the sudden intense head-ache made her stop trying, "Have we met?"

Suddenly, a clawed hand reached for the girl by the collar of her shirt and slammed her against the wall. Stella let out a gasp of pain and tried to struggle from the woman's no, gargoyle's grip.

'I take that as a yes!' Stella thought with slight humor, as the gargoyles red eyes finally came into focus.

"Give me the talisman!" the woman hissed at her, "Now!"

Stella could feel the oxygen she needed starting to become harder to get, "I...I don't have it! I gave it away!" again her vision became blurry and she felt like sleeping.

'Not good!' she thought with gritted teeth, 'I'm going to pass out!!'

"Put her down, Demona!"

Both girls turned their attention to the newly arrived figure, "Brooklyn!" Demona's eyes then got brighter in rage, "Back off! The humans mine!"

Stella tried to get a better look at Brooklyn but the lack of oxygen and possible broken bones made it difficult. What she did notice was his glowing white eyes that got brighter every time this she-gargoyle named Demona refused.

"I'm not going to ask again."

An evil laugh was then echoing in the tunnel, "Really now, Brooklyn." she chuckled slightly, "Do really think YOU can take me?"

Stella wasn't sure what was the history between these two or who was bad or good. But she'd have to go with the one who didn't slam her against the wall. Quickly, Stella used every ounce of energy she had and was able to knee Demona in the stomach. The gargoyle yelled but released her grip on the human girl, who immediately took off over to Brooklyn.

"You better be a good guy," Stella told him as she collapsed to her knees.

Brooklyn gave her a small glance before he braced himself of the impact of Demona's kick that he easily blocked with his arms.

It was after a few minutes of kicking and punching that Brooklyn could finally ask, "Why are you after this human anyway?!"

"She has something I want!"

"Like what?!"

Demona didn't speak for awhile till after a couple of blows she answered, "I want the Phoenix gate!"

Brooklyn unconsciously looked over a the girl, 'She has the Phoenix gate?!'

Stella felt someone staring at her and glanced up just in time to see her savior get unexpectedly get slashed across the face.