Welcome to Z High!

Bulma parked her blue Mitubishi Eclipse in the senior parking lot. It was her first day at Z High. She looked herself over before getting out of her car. She had her long blue, curly hair in a pony tail. She wore a black tank top and blue jeans. She grabbed her flip flops from the passenger's seat and put them on. She opened her trunk and grabbed her back pack and headed for the school.

"I wonder if I'll meet up with someone I know," Bulma hoped.

Bulma lookd around the school grounds and sighed. Suddenly she heard someone call out her name and she looked around. Bulma's face lit up with happiness.

"Bulma is that you?" Chi Chi asked.

"Oh my god Chi Chi!" Bulma gave her a tight hug.

"I can't believe you go to this school," Chi Chi spoke.

"My Dad move the headquarters for the company here in West City. We have a house here and everything," Bulma explained.

"Oh so your family is the one that bought the mansion across from Vegeta," Chi Chi thought aloud.

"Who?" Bulma asked.

"Oh I'll introduce you. Follow me," Chi Chi grabbed Bulma and lead her to the fountain.

There were four people around the fountain. There was a beautiful blond standing by the edge kissing a short bald guy. There was this guy that looked familiar to Bulma that was stuffing his face (Guess who- lol :D), and a short guy with flame hair sitting on the fountain edge. This guy was sitting away from the others, but he was still apart of the group.

"Hey everyone," Chi Chi greeted.

Everyone waved a hello, except for Vegeta. Bulma stood behind Chi Chi.

"Everyone this is Bulma. Bulma this is 18 (the blond), her boyfriend Krillin (short bald guy), this is my boyfriend Goku (the one stuffing his face), and this is Vegeta," Chi Chi introduced.

"Woah Bulma, I thought you look familiar," Goku exclaimed.

"Yea I rememeber now," Bulma responded.

Goku gave her a giant bear hug and everyone looked confused.

"I didn't reconize you without your tail," Bulma spoke as she looked him over.

Everyone was shocked.

"How does she know about your tail Goku?!?" Krillin asked.

"Well I met her when I still had my tail," Goku answered.

"Yea we were five years old. I never met someone with a tail before," Bulma laughed.

"You were the first girl I met," Goku laughed also.

Everyone rolled their eyes and looked at Bulma.

"You know Vegeta, her family is the one that bought the house across from you," Chi Chi stated.

"Why do I care?" Vegeta asked as he crossed his arms.

"Jerk," Bulma lifted her nose in the air.

"Wench," Vegeta respoded.

"What did you call me?" Bulma yelled.

"You heard me wench," Vegeta replied.

The fire lit up inside Bulma. She walked right up to Vegeta and poked him in the chest.

"Listen here asshole. I'm no wench. So unless you want me to make you cry, I suggest you be more polite," Bulma threatened.

"I'd like to see you try," Vegeta mocked while chuckling.


Veget fell to his knees.

Goku and Krillin cringed. Chi Chi and 18 were stunned.

Bulma kicked Vegeta in the balls.

"Care to tempt me again," Bulma sarcastically asked.

No one ever has done that to Vegeta.

"I like her," 18 whispered to Bulma.

Vegeta looked up at Bulma. She had her hand out for him to take. Of course Vegeta being Vegeta didn't take it.

"If I were you I wouldn't do that again," Vegeta warned.

"I told you not to tempt me," Bulma responded.

Everyone laughed.

"Looks like Vegeta met his match," Goku laughed.

Vegeta shot him a death glare.

Bulma softly laughed.

Vegeta smirked.

'This could be better than I thought,' he thought.



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