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"We figured out what we're going to do for spring break," Chi Chi stated.

Bulma and Vegeta glanced at one another before looking back at their friends.

"What?" the couple asked.

"We are all going on a vacation!" Chi Chi exclaimed.

"What?" Bulma and Vegeta responded at the same time.

Both of them had an incredeculous look on their faces. Did they hear their pregnant friend right?

"And what did you have in mind Chi Chi?" Bulma asked with an eyebrow raised.

The grin on Chi Chi's face widened. She couldn't wait to find out her friends' reactions to her upcoming plans.

"Do you remember my Aunt Elisa?" she asked.

Bulma and Vegeta glanced at one another with baffled expressions on their faces. Bulma had no idea who Chi Chi was talking about. And judging the look on the flam-haired teen's face, Bulma guessed her boyfriend had no idea either.

"No Chi Chi, you're going to have to explain," the blue-haired beauty responded.

The raven-haired female rolled her eyes. Of course those two wouldn't remember. Then again, the couple was the poster models for self-centeredness.

"My Aunt Elisa has a lake house in North City," Chi Chi explained, "And she said if I ever wanted to use it all I had to do was ask."

Bulma raised an eyebrow. That idea did sound nice. Get away for the week and just spend time with the gang. They needed to spend all the time they could together since graduation was right around the cornor and the next stop was college. And college would seperate the tight group. And going away for the week really did sound like a lot of fun. The blue-eyed teen glanced at her boyfriend. Though it wasn't obvious, she could tell he was thinking the same thing. Plus the two of them still had some making up to do.

"Ok, I'm in," she caved.

Smiles broke out on the gangs' faces. They knew Bulma would agree on the trip. Soon their eyes turned onto the silent teen in the room. Vegeta had his arms crossed over his chest and an unreadable expression on his face. Bulma nudged her boyfriend on the shoulder. Their eyes briefly met before the flame-haired male rolled his ebony depths.

"Fine, whatever," he spoke.

A bright, wide grin broke out on Bulma's face. She leaned over and kissed her boyfriend's cheek. A small blush formed in response on Vegeta's face.

"So it's settled then," Krillin spoke.

"Chi Chi nodded her head. She could barely contain her excitement.

"Next week we are going away for spring break!" she exclaimed in excitement.

The week dragged on like any other week. They were all excited for spring break to start. Classes finished off the third grading period. There was one more left in the year. Everything went on like normally. Bulma and Vegeta were acting like their normal selves. They still argued, but it was their normal spars. Whenever they weren't fighting, they couldn't pull their lips off one another. Silently, the flame-haired male hoped that he could finally take the next step in their relationship when they went away. He figured that Bulma wanted their first time to be something special. Meanwhile, Chi Chi's pregancy has been coming along. She was very visible since she was just a few months away from being due. Goku did everything he could to make his lover happy. He even took her lashing temper without any complaint. Vegeta and Krillin would make fun of him for it, but Goku did not care. He loved Chi Chi and he wanted to see her smile. Krillin and 18 have been very happy. Ever since their annaversay, their relationship only got better. 18 was more open with Krillin about everything. The way she felt, what was on her mind, anything. Krillin felt like there was not other girl for him than the blond hair, ice blue eyed girl he was in love with.

Finally the week came to an end, and spring break began. Each couple decided to take a car. They would all meet up at their favorite burger joint and then follow Goku and Chi Chi since they knew where they were going. Bulma had decided to let Vegeta take his car. He was being really stubborn about it, and they fought about it on more than one occasion. Her boyfriend like being in control, so the bllue-haired beauty let him have this victory. Besides she loved riding in his car anyways.

Bulma double checked her bags to make sure she had everything. Once she was certain she didn't forget anything, she grabbed her suitcase and duffle and headed across the street. Vegeta was outside waiting for her, somewhat impatiently. He was leaning on his car with his arms crossed as usual, and he had a scowl on his handsome face. When he spotted his girlfirend crossing the street, he pused himself off the car.

"Finally," he spoke with a roll of his eyes.

Bulma rolled her eyes and stopped in front of him.

"Whatever," she responded.

He smirked then grabbed her bags and put them in the trunk. He closed the trunk, then turned back to his girlfriend. She wrapped her arms around him and softly kissed him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her in response and deepend the kiss. They broke away after a long moment.

"You ready?" he asked.

Bulma nodded her head enthusiastically.

"I think this is a trip that we won't forget," she stated.


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