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Hughes was sitting in a rather big office. Slightly bigger than that of the F├╝hrers. A red desk and a big chair. He was currently sitting on the visitor's chair, tempted to walk over and sit in the big chair, just to feel important. However, before he could do that, the door opened behind him.

He immediately got out of the chair to greet whomever came in. He got slightly surprised that it was an old man with a pipe, a weird hat and robes. Could this old man really be the leader of this village?

He bowed to the old man, stating his full name, assuring that he was no criminal.

"Please, relax, you don't have to be so formal." the Hokage said smiling. He could sense that this man, Hughes, was a good man. "I'm the 3rd Hokage. Nice to meet you."

Hughes looked at the Hokage and nodded, sitting down. Why did he feel so nervous?

"Well, first off, I would like to express my gratitude for saving Naruto yesterday." Naruto had been explaining beforehand, that's why he knew. "I dare not think about what might have happened if you were not there." The Hokage said looking into Hughes eyes, gratitude and at the same time anger in his eyes.

The anger, of course, wasn't directed at him, but the villagers who committed the crime.

"I will make sure that those fools will be punished accordingly." The Hokage informed.

"Why haven't anything been done before?" Hughes asked, irritated. "They've been doing this every year to Naruto. So why haven't anything been done? And WHY do they try to hurt him? Where's his parents? It seems to me like Naruto is abused really often!" Hughes breathed a little harder than usual. It took a lot of air to ask this question afterall.. He was kinda pissed too.

The Hokage sighed. This was going to take a while to explain.

"Alright. I'll tell you everything but DON'T interrupt me."

Hughes nodded.

"12 years ago, the 4th Hokage had a child. This child was, of course, Naruto. The very same night, this village was attacked by Kyuubi, a giant monster fox. A demon that is almost undefeatable. The 4th Hokage could not defeat it, so in order to save the village he sacrificed his own life and Naruto's chance for a normal life."

The Hokage paused and looked at Hughes who was making big eyes at the man. Hughes couldn't believe what this old man was saying. Demon? Well.. There DOES exist homunculus in his world, how can he shut out the chance of there being demons in this? He nodded for the Hokage to continue.

"He summoned the Shinigami, and pulled out Kyuubi's soul and sealed it in Naruto. His last wish was for Naruto to be viewed as a hero since he is the one containing Kyuubi." The Hokage sighed. "The 4th Hokage died because of the penalty of the Shinigami. If you summon it, your soul will get devoured by the Shinigami, and you shall forever suffer in its stomach. Naruto doesn't know anything about his parents, he doesn't know his father is the 4th Hokage so please, don't tell him that. You'll never know how he'll react to that, finding out that his father 'ruined' his life"

"Then what about his mother?" Hughes asked.

"She died at childbirth." He answered clearly saddened by the tragedy.

Hughes immediately thought of Gracia. "I see." He said, sadness evident in his words.

"I guess that no one respected the 4th Hokage's last wish?" Hughes then asked.

"No," The Hokage answered roughly "Some of the villagers are too simple-minded to understand that Naruto is in fact the container and not the demon itself. The reason Naruto is often abused is because of those villagers. Our jail isn't big enough for all of those criminals."

"So you just let him get beaten?" Hughes yelled. This was ridiculous! How can he let that happen?

"Please," The Hokage said "calm down. I send people out to look after him whenever I have enough men to spare. Unfortunately, I can't keep an eye on him every moment. I've tried having him in foster homes, but believe me, he's better off on his own."

Hughes was furious. How could these villagers be like that to a kid? He wanted to protect Naruto from those evil bastards in the village.

"I could take care of him." Hughes stated without thinking.

"Well, that would be good. I feel that you are trustworthy. However, we have some other things to sort out." The hokage said smiling.

Hughes looked at the Hokage, knowing exactly what he meant.

He sighed heavily and rubbed his still sore neck. "I guess it's my turn to have a big dialogue.." He sighed once again. "I'll tell you everything I know and think.. I don't really understand it myself." He said. The Hokage nodded understandingly.

Hughes took in a big mouthful of air and started "I'm a military officer in the state army of amestris. I specialize in investigation. Yesterday I found out the truth about the military and I had to get the hold of my best friend, Roy Mustang, to bring this information to him." He shut his eyes tightly as he thought about Roy. "I was ambushed by a creature called homunculus, a human like creature, made out of alchemy. I killed her, but she came back to life because of the homunculus extreme regeneration ability. However, I managed to get out of the building, get to a phone booth, but another homunculus killed me, in the form of.." He paused and forced his tears not to fall. "My wife." He said hoarsely.

The Hokage's mouth was agape. Amestris? Where was that? And how could he die, and yet be here? ... And just what is a phone?

"I believe that, I was killed, sent to this world and got revived. I have no idea how this happened, but I've been thinking about it ever since I got here, and have no other explanation."

"... This is... Confusing." The Hokage said. "Hughes, I don't think that you were brought to this world without some kind of purpose. After all, if someone got transferred from one world to another, they probably would have told about it. I think that someone made it happen." The Hokage said thoughtfully.

Hughes looked shocked. How could this man believe him so easily? It even sounded ridiculous to himself.

The Hokage and Hughes didn't talk for that much longer since the information Hughes had gotten a hold of, didn't matter to him, he didn't ask about that. He told Hughes that he would get a bigger apartment for him and Naruto and that he should probably talk to Naruto before they got the paper work done. He was also handed some money to get by until he found out what he should do for a living. Maybe he should try some ninja stuff?

Hughes saluted and went out of the office. The Hokage found himself to trust Hughes. He was a good man, indeed. Not to forget that he saved him from some paper work.

-x-x-x-x-WHY WON'T THIS LINE STICK? D:-x-x-x-x-

Envy went into the dimly lighted room to find Father reading a book.

"You know, reading a book in this darkness can be bad for your eyes." He said leaning against a wall. Father shut his eyes and sighed. He closed the book and looked directly at Envy.

"What do you want?" He asked with a bored tone.

"I want answers." Envy said simply "I don't get why you had to transfer that guy to another world. It's not like he was going to tell anyone about us if he were dead in this. Besides, keeping that link connected to him wears your body out. Why bother?" Envy asked irritated. He wouldn't admit it, but he was quiet worried about him. He already seemed weaker.

"Envy, I'm not sure your simple mind would understand." Father said. Envy was just about to protest when Father gave him a dangerous glare that speaks 'This conversation is over. Ask again and you'll be punished'.

Envy, pissed of for being looked down on turns around and heads for the chimera chamber. He felt like killing something. Why wouldn't Father let him know?

Why did he transfer Maes Hughes to another world?

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