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Runaway by Cascada

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Chapter One

[Kaoru POV | Kaoru, Miyako, Momoko at Kaoru's house.]

"Hey, Kaoru!! Come on!" Miyako kept trying to convince me to wear some stupid girly outfit to school.

"Not gonna happen," I said, just like every other time! Why would she expect a different answer?

"Please, Kaoru?? If not for Momoko or I, then for yourself! Just try it!!"

"No! Stop trying to convince me, Miyako."

"Come on, Kaoru," Momoko said. "You never know. You might even get some 'attention'," she smiled coyly at me.

"NO! I do not want attention from guys. I'm not looking for a relationship right now. When I am, I'll send you two an email." Me? Getting attention from guys?! No, thanks.

"Okay, okay," said Momoko, "so you don't like anybody now. But school's starting soon and maybe some new guys will enroll. Then you'll have to impress some guy you'll start to like and we'll be here!!"

"Yeah, and I can totally help you out on how to ask them!" added Miyako.

"No. Thanks," I replied.

"Fine," they both huffed, unsatisfied.

[Butch POV | RRB house.]

"Boys! Get down here, now! Mojo," commanded Mojo.

Brick, Boomer, and I stormed down the stairs, not too quickly because Mojo was a wimp. We still humored him, though.

"Now," continued Mojo, "You three will be attending school soon, so prepare yourselves, mojo."

"What?!" we exclaimed.

"What do you mean, 'attending school'?" asked Brick.

"You have to learn about things so you don't sound stupid in front of other villains, and so you have information when you can take over the world!! Also, you guys don't do anything here! At least you'll be out of my hair for a few hours a day, mojo."

"We have to go to school?" I repeated.


We just rolled our eyes, then left to our rooms.

I was kinda excited to go to school. Not for any of that boring "learning" stuff, but because I hoped to find someone there.

Mojo made us, the RowdyRuff Boys, to destroy his enemies, the PowerPuff Girls. They won the battle, but that was so long ago. Mojo made each one of us as counterparts for each of the PowerPuff Girls. He thought that, since boys are usually stronger and better at fighting than girls, we would win. Well, technically, we didn't win or lose, but to Mojo, it's a loss.

I was pretty sure my brothers were excited to be going to school. Maybe not excited, but anxious. See, we each fought our counterparts. My counterpart was Buttercup, since she and I were the toughest of our groups and both wore green. Brick has red while his counterpart, Blossom, has pink. Boomer is blue and his counter, Bubbles, is a lighter shade. We all match, I guess, and that might be why the following happened.

The girls might not have felt much fighting against us, but I think all us RowdyRuff Boys felt something. I happen to know that Brick, the leader of the RowdyRuff Boys, might've had a few feelings for the leader of the PowerPuff Girls, Blossom, even if they were coated with hate. Boomer must've felt something for Bubbles, and I certainly started thinking a bit more about Buttercup. She was fearless, and she wasn't like other girls. Normal girls blushed easily and giggled and needed guys around to protect them at times… But Buttercup didn't need anyone. There was just something about her…

We don't know who they are without the PowerPuff outfits on, but we do want to find out who they are. Since we're attending school, we'll need some cover names…

The last time we saw the PowerPuff Girls, they were thirteen and we were around ten. Since then, Mojo invented this machine to make us older¾which it did¾so we could fight the PowerPuff Girls officially, but we didn't want to listen to him and have to go fight the girls, even after we aged. Now, we are probably the same age as the girls, but we haven't seen them in three years. We're about sixteen now.

Even though they still fight monsters, Mojo won't let us watch because we might get hurt (we scoff at him whenever he says that, because we're the RowdyRuff Boys). So I haven't seen Buttercup for three years, but I still remember how she looked back then. None of us have seen them, so we just stay around the house playing video games.

"Butch, open the door," called Brick.

[Brick POV | Butch's room.]

"Dude, we're going to school. First, we can't go with our names. We need cover names," I said.

"Way ahead of you," said Butch.

"Right…What's your name?"

"My name will be Jiro. And what are yours?"

"I'm thinking of using Jiao," said Boomer.

I rolled my eyes. "And I'll have the cool name…once I think of it."

Boomer and Butch burst out laughing.

I scowled at them. "Okay, geniuses, then what do you suggest I use?"

Those two idiots just shrugged.

"Fine, then. How about we decide the day we start? There's still two weeks left," I suggested.

They both agreed to that…

"Alright, now let's talk about something a bit more interesting than names…" said Butch.

[Butch POV | Butch's room.]

"Remember the PowerPuffs we fought once?" I asked.

"That was three years ago…" said Boomer.

"What about you, Brick? Do you remember those PowerPuffs?"

"Well…I guess so," he answered.

I smirked. "Hey, Brick, which was your favorite PowerPuff?"

He glowered at me. "I don't have a favorite," Brick said through clenched teeth, "They were all pretty annoying."

Boomer and I couldn't resist chuckling at Brick's expression.

"Quit laughing, you morons!" he exclaimed. "Fine, then. So, Butch, which one was your favorite PowerPuff?" he teased.

I frowned.

"Come on, Butch, which one is it?" Boomer asked.

"I bet you guys already know. Anyways, we all feel the same. I know you guys do," I said. They said that they'll tell who their favorite was after I told mine.. So annoying… "Fine. My favorite was Buttercup, in case it wasn't obvious enough."

The two morons just burst into laughter.

"Right… Now, Boomer, Brick, who are your favorites?"

"Well, I'm afraid we can't tell you that. Mostly because we don't like any of the PowerPuff Girls," says Brick, but Boomer looks a bit uneasy…

[Momoko POV | First day of school.]

It's the first day of high school! I can't wait to see any new boys! And Miyako and I are definitely going to force Kaoru into a skirt!! I need to plan just how, though…

It's a quiet day, and all throughout summer there weren't too many monster attacks… I can tell Kaoru is kinda upset at that. She likes fighting crime, and she's the best at it. Without her, Bubbles and I wouldn't be able to defeat the strongest enemies we have defeated.

Mojo Jojo was one of the toughest enemies, mostly because he kept coming back! Even though he was more of an annoying enemy than a tough enemy, and his plans always failed, he still managed to come up with a plan that would momentarily set us back. That is, until we defeated him. The best, or should I say worst, plan he ever came up with was the creation of the RowdyRuff Boys.

The RowdyRuff Boys were male counterparts of the PowerPuff Girls Z. Mojo took some things from us and combined them with the chemical Z he stole from Professor Utonium to create the RowdyRuff Boys. Although they were created because Mojo thought boys were known stronger and better at fighting than girls, he messed up on one part.

The boys were younger. All three of us PowerPuff Girls were thirteen when we last, and first, saw them. They were all eight at the time. I'm not sure what happened to them, but I doubt that's the last we'll see of them. It's just taken three years for them to show up, and still counting.

I walked outside of school waiting for Miyako and Kaoru. For some reason, I just woke up today with "RowdyRuff" on the brain. I also felt something was going to happen, but I didn't know what…

Just then, I saw Miyako and Kaoru heading this way. "Hey, Momoko!"

[Kaoru POV | First day of school.]

"Hey, Momoko!"

There's Momoko, waiting for us. She looked like she was thinking deeply about something or another. It was probably about boys or something… But then again, she did look a bit worried, even though I didn't sense that she was.

"Momoko, what were you thinking about? I saw you and you looked worried," I said.

"Huh?" She was thinking again. "Oh, um… I was thinking about something… I'm not sure. It feels like something's gonna happen today, but I dunno what."

"You too?" I said. "Miyako and I were talking about that on the way here. We both felt weird. And guess what? We both woke up today thinking about the RowdyRuff Boys! And about all the things that happened three years ago, when we last saw them."

"Really? Me, too! I woke up just thinking about them…That's weird… Do you think it has anything to do with the feeling that something's gonna happen today?" Momoko was worried…

"I don't know, but you just got me worried," I said. "Eh, it's probably a coincidence."

"It's strange, though. We've all woken up thinking about the RowdyRuff Boys and feeling like something's going to happen today. Maybe it's connected, and maybe it's not, but this can't be a coincidence," said Miyako. "Something's going to happen. That's clear. But what's with the whole 'RowdyRuff' thinking? I don't know about you two, but I definitely had a dream involving the RowdyRuff Boys, and especially Boomer."

Momoko and I were speechless.

"Well, Brick did come into my mind a bit, but I didn't pay much attention…" said Momoko.

"And Butch did pop up once, but I don't care about those idiots. What was you're dream about Miyako?" I asked.

"I don't know," she said, "but I know it was about the RowdyRuff Boys…"

Something's up…This can't be a coincidence.

[Boomer POV | First day of school]

"We have to go to school??" asked Brick.

"I can't believe it! It's gonna be so boring," said Butch.

"You two ready yet? We have to be on time…" I was all done. They were slow…

"Fine, let's just go, then," said Brick.

I sighed. We left and now we're going to school. Fun. Sure. I had thought of a name to use, but I wasn't so sure… I was going to use Taiku Takahashi. We all had to use that last name but we came up with our own name.

I wonder what we're going to find at school…Even if the PowerPuff Girls do go to that school, how will we find them? Not that…we need to find them…but…

[Butch POV | First day of school.]

So bored.

We arrived at school. Now what? We were told it supposed to be our second year of high school…

I was going to go as Takai Takahashi. Brick was going to be known as Takeo Takahashi, and Boomer as Taiku Takahashi.


We picked up our schedules at the front offices and found out we have the same first period class.

I knew that we all felt bored and that this day was going to drag on and on…

A new thought interrupted my dull moment. Buttercup. That was right, she probably comes here for school. I hoped to see her… I know I probably would and not recognize her, but I think that, if I'm on the lookout, I would. I don't look too different from three years ago, just older.

Wait a minute…

Would that mean that she might recognize me? But if she did, she wouldn't say anything, because she doesn't want to reveal her identity… My hopes fell.

But then again, maybe I'd know who she was. Mojo made us, the RowdyRuff Boys, using a bit of their DNA… We'd definitely have the same hair color and probably both be wearing green; it's our favorite color. My eyes were dark green, hers were light green and that unmistakable, since normal people barely had odd-colored eyes.

We headed over to the class early, wanting to get good seats, but there were three girls there first. They all looked up at us when we arrived, and they all were analyzing us from afar.

What are they doing? What did we do?

One of the girls, the red-head, approached us warily. "Excuse me, are you new here? I don't remember seeing you guys last year…" she said.

Brick, as leader, answered. "Yeah, we're new to this school. I'm Takeo and these are my brothers, Taiku and Takai."

The girl quickly analyzed us, still wary. What did we do to make her feel defensive?

"Well, I'm Momoko," she said, as one of her friends came to stand next to her, "and this is Miyako. My friend over there is Kaoru. It's nice to meet you…"

She was still careful, and Brick noticed that. "Looks like we all have the same first period class. Why don't we all become," he was going to say it…"friends."

The girl in the back--Kaoru, I believe--was still staring out the window. I could see her face very well, but I knew she was pretty. I could also tell by her clothes that she didn't show many people that.

The bell rang so we picked our seats quickly. The girl, Kaoru, was sitting near the window and Momoko was sitting next to her. Miyako was sitting in front of her. I settled for sitting in back of her and Brick next to me, while we practically forced Boomer to sit next to Miyako.

I think it's time I start thinking of my brothers with their cover names so I won't forget…

Takeo was playing with his pencil, rolling it across the desk. Taiku had to sit next to Miyako, so they were talking. The first five minutes and he's already got a girlfriend. Technically, Boomer--I mean, Taiku--wouldn't like it if I said that, even jokingly, in front of her. He already had a new friend.

Meanwhile, Kaoru was sitting in front of me and staring out the window still. She had black hair, the same shade as mine, and she was, by the look of it, a tomboy. That still didn't take my attention away. For some reason, she fascinated me. Why? I'm not sure.

The bell rang and she looked to the front, adjusting her position. I couldn't see the side of her face anymore, so I didn't know what she looked like…

But I wanted so much to know who she was.